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(Player Event) Black Rock Gokem by Guard Post at WBB! (its dead)

Discussion in 'UO Baja' started by Zanthes[EcZ], Aug 15, 2010.

  1. Zanthes[EcZ]

    Zanthes[EcZ] Guest


    (Sorry about the Topic Heading, this was DEFINITELY NOT a player event! we cannot create these to my understanding! Elevere)

    Just got a report from Glinmiali Zanthes that a Black Rock Golem appeared next to the Guard Shack by the West Britain Bank! A group of 6 or 7 brave fighters and some pets (dragons and cu's, etc.) vanquished it after a prolonged battle. Odd, she reported it did not move, just stood in one place. No more have been seen.

    She did not have any pictures as she was busy shooting almost an entire quiver of bolts into the creature, but we would surely like to thank those that got together to kill this threat, and to heal the pets and warriors alike.
    Any ideas why one and only one would show up like this?!?

    ** Be Vigilant **

    Elevere Zanthes
    Queen, Elf Clan Zanthes
  2. siyeng0

    siyeng0 Guest


    For anybody who's curious, I've also found a couple of blackrock golems wandering around over the past few days.

    The one by the guard tower was up on the peninsula for quite a while; obviously, it's gone now.

    I also found another just off the track on the road between Britain and Trinsic, closer to Britain, in the woods. I'm not sure if anybody's found it yet. They don't seem to wander far, so I'm guessing that if it hasn't been killed, it may still be there.

    Finally, there's a third that I lured into a small mountain passage up near Despise. There's the road that runs through the Spine to where Wind and Despise are located. Just east of this road, on the Britain side, there is a short track leading to a circular clearing in the mountain. That is where I lured the blackrock golem (I'm sorry; it was late at night, nobody was online, it was chasing me and I was on a non-combative character). Again, I'm not sure if it's still there.

    If you go looking for them, good luck!
  3. Zanthes[EcZ]

    Zanthes[EcZ] Guest

    Ah Ha! So they may be just holdovers from the last event. Makes more sense than one just wandering into town for a Sunday evening stroll!

    Thank you. And no, I do not think we will go looking for them, just yet - although it would be a fun REAL Player Event if someone wanted to organize a hunt to get the last 2!

    Any takers? hehe

    Elevere Zanthes
    Queen, Elf Clan Zanthes