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@$*#&@ Black wisps TP

Discussion in 'UO Siege Perilous' started by imported_Bluebottle, Jun 20, 2005.

  1. I guess SP has more than it's share of dark wisps :)

    Can't seem to wander about and craft inside my private cabin without a Dark Wisp teleporting inside and flatlining my crafter. I have to log my other acct on, kill the wisp, res the crafter but 5-10 minutes later another wisp spawns and goes walkabout!

    I'm forced to keep my crafter hidden pretty much all the time and make a mad dash for town whenever I need supplies. It's not a huge problem not to mention that wisps carry some decent loot - it's just a slight irritant. Releasing some hired rangers on the upstairs balcony seems to help but eventually they run out of arrows and get themselves killed

    I'd heard Reapers were doing this too. Anyone else having these problems? I've not seen as many dark wisps in the regular lands on standard production shards - only SP. Any news of a fix?
  2. Rion(FPS)

    Rion(FPS) Guest

    ive had it happen on occasion with both black wisps and reapers and the odd wandering healer after i rot on em. i just run out of house and back in once its outside again if im on a char that cant kill em. ive only see it happen evrey now and then aso its never been much of an issue for me
  3. Guest

    Guest Guest

    It's not Dark Wisps, It's black Wisps.
    When did you start here, me seen half of U_Hall is coming :)

    Forgot to say welcome [​IMG]
  4. Mandolin

    Mandolin Guest

    Heh.. took me a couple of months to shake that habit of ignoring the melodic tune of a whisp when I first came to Siege. Only took a couple of times before I dreaded that little twinkly tune of thiers much like the cackle of a lich lord. *laugh*
  5. Rion(FPS)

    Rion(FPS) Guest


    half of U_Hall is coming :)

    [/ QUOTE ]

    Half of uohall.......

    Please no [​IMG]
  6. Apologies - Black Wisps - it just seems that their intent is "Dark" certainly when it comes to my crafters.

    Mayhaps it was myself as a 1999 Sieger who forgot to say "Welcome" as I close into nearly 6 years of playing a couple of hermits on Ocllo Island :)

    As to when I started on Siege ... ahem, Cynewulf, Aria Ironsong, Zharkov the Tailor and my characters - Lister and Arnold Rimmer have been there from the beginning back in 1999. We had no houses for the first couple of months just a small fleet of boats parked in Ocllo harbor.

    I placed our first house on Magincia beach a few months later when Arnold and Lister joined the Remnant guild -R- sadly all long since departed. in 2000 we placed a second house close to the NW of Ocllo town and used our boats to ferry between the two locations.

    We would spend a fair amount of time battling the undead along with guilds like the Ta'keir family or paying "Tribute" to UDL so we could hunt on Ice Island Arnold became GM+ Archer/Tamer/Mage while lister became a GM Town Thief Hiding/Stealthing/Picker/Untrapper with some Combat Mace/Tactics/Resist thrown in.

    An exploit was used to steal 3 of our 4 boats right before the price of boats skyrocketed making inter-island travel for non-mages too difficult so we departed from Magincia and the -R- guild.

    We placed a small house on the Island near Ocllo city and struck up a friendship with other local inhabitants such as Belganon or Man-O-Wares where we had a good resource exchange going. About 5 years ago we made our permanent home on Ocllo placing 4 more houses there and forming our usual Knights of the Twisted Pair - (KXX) guild.

    Obviously we are not excessively active on Siege - although Lister did travel about (with the gate assistance of Arnold) quite extensively stealthing and picking chests though even if other folk did see him he would undoubtedly have a disguise kit active :)

    Soooo - despite being on Siege for a long time, we don't get off the island much these days despite the best efforts of these darned Black Wisps to do so :)

  7. Luckily we don't have any Reapers just the Black Wisps - hmmm seems a little unfair that we can't TP out of the house to attack - seems these critters are cheating a little in the LOS area :p
  8. Guest

    Guest Guest

    I have been flattened many, many times by dark wisps, which live near my house, so I feel your pain. (And I personally think dark is a better term for the nasty little sprites with their falsely cheerful jingling). I once had one port inside my house, when it was private, and couldn't remove it, and it toasted me with flamestrike...so the cookies I was making got more than a bit scorched. [​IMG]

  9. Ariath2k

    Ariath2k Guest

    I believe that saying "remove thyself" and then targeting will eject monsters temporarily, although "I ban thee" doesn't work on monsters anymore.

    However I don't think they should ever have changed it so its impossible for monsters (or players) to walk on your house tiles if you simply declare your house 'private' in the first place!

    Hardly realistic and perilous!
  10. Yes the darned things are hard to target especially in my cabin, there's a spot partway up the loft ladder they can get to where they can shoot me and I don't have a line of sight :p

    I was also on dialup in a hotel at the time so I was a little slow on the response worse still, "I ban thee" and "Remove Thyself" don't seem to apply when you are speaking in OoOoooOo language :)

    They also seem to have an ungodly amount of mana and a serious ability to not get interrupted as they heal themselves - At one point, I had 4 tamed Grizzly's attacking one while my GM archer hit it repeatedly plus I was applying bandaids to my pets as fast as I could. The darned wisp was down to all red 4 times refusing to die instead killing all my Grizzlies and then me using (I counted most of them) 4 Curse 3 Poison 7 EBolts 11 Flamestrikes and 8 G-Heals in the course of the battle. I had to run out to a healer, res, pick up enough reagents to heal up and summon a couple of earth elementals to finish the wisp off!

  11. Guest

    Guest Guest

    They are mean they are vile they are SPEEDIE. Most of my deaths when I first came to Siege was via those nasty beings. They are on my perma kos list ! HAHA

    I *THOUGHT* that the first ones I saw on Siege were just the shadow wisps that we all know ! NOT !! Only Siege to my knowledge has the Dark Wisps.

    I can go on chesapeake to go check my house and if i hear a normal white bright wisp I GRINGE cuz ..now I know their vile cousins all to well here on Siege and will never trust that lil singing song of any wisps again. HAHA My third home had so many of em flying around and IN my home non stop like every dark wisp on siege knew I logged in and hit that home so.. I moved ! haha

    Anyhow here is the Stratics Hunters Guide write up on the "Siege only" variety of nasty Dark Wisp of the wisp family.

  12. wavace

    wavace Guest

    Actually bluebottle all Remnant is not gone ... im still here, icq me sometime if u need some help 48215693. I took over as GM of -R- when the original GM got tired of it, after the guild folded I joined KGB. Look forward to hearing from you.:)
  13. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Replying to last post for convenience

    I positively hate wisps!

    Oh well... I guess that is hardly news on Siege :) How do you target them? i have tried next target, but somehow my attack last target seems to fail every now and again. UOA ... any suggestions?

    Kind regards
  14. Cool, I'm glad to see a memorable name - Knights of Glory &amp; Beer - excellent and fun guild to hang with - we managed a couple of outings with those guys wwwway back.

    12403465 is my ICQ too
  15. Even worse the I'm sure those darned things are using a Wisp-speak version of Trash-Talking to my ghost after they have flatlined me :p

    Yes KOS for sure - I rustle up a couple of earthies and go after em :)
  16. Zarn

    Zarn Guest

    they also seem able to enter towns with impunity. Guards ignore them unless called by another npc.
  17. Ugh, I noticed that last night! There was one parked right by the bank that took a shot at me before it got whacked!
  18. "Remove thyself" does work so long as you quickly hide or the darned Wisp is back at you faster than you can blink! Hmmm - that raises a question (wishing I'd tried this), as you can 100% hide in your private house with 0 hiding - does that change when there's a hostile critter that shouldn't be there in the private house with you - can you still hide or does the hostile's LOS take precedence?
  19. Argyle

    Argyle Guest

    LOS supercedes the 100% hide in house.
  20. Dang - thanks for the confirmation though