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BlizzCon: Class Panel

Discussion in 'WoW Stratics Announcements' started by WoWNews, Oct 10, 2008.

  1. WoWNews

    WoWNews RSS Feed
    RSS Feed Stratics Veteran

    Jul 17, 2008
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    Class Panel

    DK Talent Trees: Blood (Melee/Healing),
    Frost (Burst/Control), Unholy (Disease/Minions)


    • Pet overhaul: talent trees,
      training, stable slots

    • Clean up shot rotations

    • Disengage

    • Freezing Shot


    • Let Shadow do dps

    • Let Discipline heal a raid, make
      disc viable for raiding

    • Mind Sear; no racials


    • Frostfire Bolt

    • Mirror Image

    • 3 (or 4?) DPS Specs


    • Balance: real CC and DPS, no more

    • Resto: Nourish (flash heal) and
      Wild Growth (AE)

    • Feral: cat or bear or hybrid

    • Out of combat res


    • Totem consolidation

    • Lava burst, Riptide

    • Hex


    • AE: Fan of Knives

    • Valid Sap Targets

    • Return of poisons

    • Return of the dagger


    • Protection: more toys, fewer
      mitigation stats

    • Arms: Overpower, Bladestorm,
      Sudden Death

    • Fury: Titan's Grip


    • Pet diversity

    • More interesting rotations

    • Demonic Circle

    • Metamorphosis


    • Seal and Judgement overhaul

    • Protection: needs to care about
      tank gear

    • Holy: needs heals for movement and

    • Retribution: needs dps, mana and
      got replenishment

    30 specs but 25 raid spots

    • More viable specs and death
      knights, but no room

    Buffs felt out of control

    • Complex, inconsistent, stacking

    • Curse of Shadows – GG Mages

    • Bloodlust Rotations

    • Jimmy can't come -> No WF - >
      Cancel the raid

    Buff and Debuff overhaul

    • Most buffs affect the entire raid

    • Multiple ways to get the same

    • But no slacking

    • Plenty of room to bring who you

    • Bring the player, not the class

    • Everyone buffs, everyone does DPS!

    • Downplay consumables

      • Potion cooldown, gg drums

    • Gear and skill >> Buffs and

    • Just bring good players

    • More Shared Gear

      • eg, spell power, healers might
        not need second gear sets

    • Four main tank classes

      • Overlap niches

      • Healing and coordination >>

    • Dual specs are coming – MORE
      FLEXIBILITY, not a whole lot of running back into town can switch
      specs in a raid


    Some dual gear utilities may come into
    the UI.

    Affliction will be coming back into

    Infernals/doomguards, want to get rid
    of randomness of holding onto it, you get it for a duration and you
    have it for that time.

    Trying to repurpose pets systems.

    More bosses to be affected by poisons,
    don't feel compled to use WF over poisons.

    Mage is more damage avoidance class
    rather than recovering from damage.

    Enhance Shaman, possibly removing WF
    cooldown; as long as they can get people to use FT on the OH