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Bloodbath...Part 3 (RP Story) *Warning, not for the faint of heart*

Discussion in 'UO Sonoma' started by Kylathew, Apr 5, 2002.

  1. Kylathew

    Kylathew Guest

    Slowly ascending from the floor, he winced in pain, holding his hands to the left side of his abdomen. Inching his fingers along the side of his lower torso, he grunted as he located the bruised rib. Before he could bandage his side, his concentration was broken as a chorus of eerie cackles and giggles filled the room with their phantasmal tone. His eyes slowly rising distally from his abdomen, they fell upon the very image that he had conceived from Lilith hours before. Seven severely emaciated and cadaverous women stood shackled to the wall, revolting smirks of pleasure spread across the rotting lips of their bony skulls.

    “Who are you women?” he softly muttered to himself, unable to draw his eyes away from their ghastly visages.

    “We are the daughters of the dark master” they all chimed together in a sickening chorus.

    “The dark master?” he replied quizzically.

    “Yesss…” one of them hissed, and continued...
    “Our master is the lord of the night. While your kind sleeps and wastes away in taverns, our master walks amongst their shadows, gradually eradicating your weak race one by one.”

    “My kind…?” He chuckled to himself softly.
    “My race?”
    Raising his head to the level of the wraith that had spoken to him, his lips curled into a merciless grin, his two ivory fangs protruding from his upper gums. Slowly running his tongue across the two daggers that resided within his mouth, he laughed out loud as he saw fear and confusion spreading across the faces of the seven sisters.

    “Who are you !?” one of them exclaimed as she tugged at her chains, trying to break free from the steel shackles that bound her to the wall.

    Raising an eyebrow, he looked her in the eye. “What is your name m’lady?”

    Stuttering she replied “A..A..Ari…Ariadne”

    Smiling, he kept his eyes locked into hers as he spoke again.
    “Would you like some help out of those restraints Ariadne? It is not fitting for a vampiress such as yourself to be locked against your will, unable to defend thyself...”
    Continuing to smile and talk softly, he slowly approached her, his hands gently folded together behind the small of his back.
    “Well? Would you like help out….?”

    The terrified look slowly beginning to disappear from her face, a slight smile appeared at the corner of her mouth as she replied.
    “Y…Y..Yes, please let me out, I haven’t done anything. My sisters are the ones who wanted to destroy her, yet our father would not let them.”
    The other sisters began to scream and curse at the traitor, letting loose strings of obscenities at the one who betrayed them.

    His smile instantly disappearing from his face, his voice lowered into a somber tone.
    “Are you unaware of the price that must be paid for betraying your family?”
    As the word “family” left his lips, his broadsword was already drawn and slicing through the air.
    The massive blade arced through the air and swiftly connected with Ariadne’s wrist. The razor sharp steel severed her hand from her wrist instantly, the flesh and bone succumbing to the blade like a hot knife through a stick of a butter. As she screamed in pain, she lifted her dismembered wrist to eye level, watching as her blood spurted out in thin red streams onto the stone floor. The blood began to bubble and froth, slowly calcifying into a large scabrous wound. Unable to comprehend why her wound did not heal, Ariadne looked up at him, the crimson teardrops streaking down her cheekbones. He slowly lifted his sword up to her face, resting the point of the blade on her cheek. Her eyes ran up and down the length of the sword, watching the silvery streams of liquid float throughout the blade as she realized the inevitable. With a skilled flick of his wrist, he separated her head from her body in one swift movement. There was a faint scream as her discombobulated soul slowly floated down into the stony floor, beginning it’s descent into the depths of whatever hell there may be. Ariadne’s corpse lay lifeless on the floor, as her six sisters looked on, frozen in terror.

    “My name is Xander Caerlyne Kylathew, you need not know the slightest bit more.”
    “You all will meet the same fate as your sister, whether it be this very moment, or a century from now. This is not an empty threat, nor an attempt to frighten you, this is a promise and a debt I will fulfill.”

    Advancing to the next emaciated vampiress, he did not utter a single sound as he effortlessly cleaved his broadsword through her torso in one powerful stroke, the blade making a sickening crunch as it sliced through her rib cage and severed her vertebrae. The torment remained on her face as the bottom half of her body crumpled to the floor in a grotesque heap. The upper half of her torso dangled against the wall, her now taut wrists supporting what was left of her mangled body. Kneeling down, Xander picked up a large splinter of wood lying atop the stone pavers and in one deft movement, plunged it into the chest of the next vampiress. With a deafening howl, her eyes rolled back in her head and her head slumped forward as her deceased body relaxed itself against the chains that held it. Struggling against her restraints, the next sister screamed and spat at Xander, flailing her body against the wall. Reaching around to the backside of his belt, he removed one of the wooden stakes from its sleeve. Holding it in the palm of his hand, he walked up to the screaming vampiress and grabbed her hair, yanking her head back against the wall. Sinking his fangs into her throat, he drank from her, the vibrations of her screams echoing up her throat and against his teeth. Upon finishing, he clamped his teeth around the soft skin of her throat and jerked his head back, tearing her throat open. Her scream was quelled by the gurgle of blood that rapidly filled her exposed trachea and gushed out in a wide red torrent down the front of her white gown. Driving the stake into her heart, Xander watched as her body became rigid, then quietly fell to the floor, the rattle of her chains subsiding as they broke her fall. Just as the others, her spirit drifted away from her body, and then slowly sank into the floor of the chamber.

    “Three more of you….”
    “Which one of you would like to join your sisters first?”

    The three sisters shook their heads wildly side to side; their mouths gaped open, unable to emit a sound. As Xander began his approach towards them, he heard a slight shuffling sound, and a few grains of dust and wood particles landed on his shoulder. Brushing them off, he turned and looked up into the rafters.

    "Oh hell." He thought to himself...

    (To be continued)
  2. Wow the story gets more interesting, Xander is my kind of vampire

    A note Delekhan has been part vampire since Lord Vecna was at his peek in this realm, so he has a thirst and only a thirst for blood thats he only thing he has with a slight curve to his canines