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Bod question, gimme a reason to keep playing...

Discussion in 'UO Craftsman' started by SLACK, May 11, 2011.

  1. SLACK

    SLACK Guest

    So, barbed kits are obviously worth squat and the only other thing I've seen selling from Bod rewards is POF so is there really any reason presently to actively pusue the acquisition of Bods?
    Please tell me there is because it is really the only reason I have held onto my accounts for the last 3 years to be quite honest.
    Otherwise can anyone give me a reason for a lone crafter to keep playing our little game? I played LA since its creation and have dabbled in other shards (most recently ATL which I like quite a bit) but haven't really played AT ALL for almost two months.
    I need a reason to keep my UO alive! Can anyone get me fired up about anything again???
    Thanks in advance for any insight.
  2. LoL/Sonoma

    LoL/Sonoma Guest

    I hope someone comes up with something for you ... i quit doing BODs around the time of AOS. I miss when the game was more crafter-centric, but change is what keeps the game interesting i guess.

    I just keep hoping that the pendulum will swing back the other way and my crafters will come back out of retirement. =)
  3. aarons6

    aarons6 Certifiable
    Stratics Veteran

    Oct 14, 2007
    Likes Received:
    im guessing your only talking about tailor bods?

    the only good tailor bod rewards atm are bless deeds and ive seen those for sale as low as 250k on my shard..

    tailor bods need rework bad.. tailors need pof. they also need a huge bump in the rinics. make a barbed = to a val hammer or something, bump up the min from 50% to 85%. the same goes for carpentry and fletching..

    now for smith bods,
    POF is nice, same with DC, shadow and copper hammers.. those sell for quite a bit because people burn 100s of them to get 100% elemental weapons.
  4. popps

    popps Always Present
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    Feb 27, 2004
    Likes Received:

    IMBUING !!!

    There is a whole lot to do with imbuing.
    Learning how it works, gathering the ingredients and the system is not too easy meaning that it can be intriguing to a player who enjoys crafting.

    On top of it, good imbued weapons/armor can sell well.

    Besides, as an imbuer, you will still have a reason to do BODs : Powder of Fortification.....

    Once you get a good weapon or armor piece to imbue, to bring it to 255 durability quite a bit of PoF is needed.......

    Try it.
  5. Exeter

    Exeter Guest

    I agree with popps.

    I am not an experienced Imbuer yet, but I can already see how just this one skill can consume a large amount of time in UO right now. Making the perfect piece of armor/weapon (let alone an entire suit) requires a huge amount of time, resources, and creativity. Even the kits and hammers can have a use here. You can burn through a LOT of them just trying to craft a great base item to imbue (especially if you want to try to enhance after the imbue process.)

    Once that perfect suit is made, it will sell for a pretty penny. :)

    I do agree, however, that the BOD system is broken for the reasons mentioned and others. No one seems to sell or trade anymore, and you are right in that of the rewards currently offered there are maybe 5% that are really useful.
  6. SLACK

    SLACK Guest

    Well thank you for the replies.
    I've read some about imbuing but I am still a bit unclear as to the best path for raising the skill. Can anyone provide a link and/or advice as to where to begin?
    Thanks again!
  7. Exeter

    Exeter Guest




    Some of this info is out of date, but I found all 3 posts very useful.

    Again, I am no where near as experienced in imbuing as many on this board, but I can share what I am personally working on at the moment.

    Used Unraveling of magical loot to get to upper 50's and obtain a nice supply of Magical Residue. Visit Gypsies or Mine for gems.

    Working Blacksmithing and Imbuing in tandem (102.0/59.0 respectively)
    Make a salvage bag full of Boomerangs
    Imbue the Exceptionals with Hit Dispel (keeping imbue in the 55-65% success range)

    The other thing that was very useful to me was going on Test Shard and creating imbuer. Playing around with the Imbuing gump and various types of imbues was a great learning technique.
  8. Basara

    Basara UO Forum Moderator
    Moderator Professional Governor Stratics Veteran Wiki Moderator Stratics Legend Campaign Supporter

    Jul 16, 2003
    Likes Received:
    Look in the Craftsman's Data Chest subforum....

    A quick summary would be:

    0-75: Unravel stuff for gains, be it junk loot or runic rejects. Save all the residue for the next step. Exeter's boomerang suggestion is good for supplying yourself with gains, in the 60s & 70s, if you start running low on junk loot to unravel, and are training smith. If you've already got smith to 120, then Daggers will work just as well as boomerangs for half the metal use.

    75-120: make exceptional iron jingasa (SE helmets - the particular subtype doesn't matter, it just has to be iron and exceptional). These start out with Mage Armor from being exceptional.
    Once you get 20 of these, imbue 89 or 90 luck on each of them once successfully, then either LRC or RPD on them 19 times, at a skill level where your success chance is between 40 & 60% (the lower, the better). As you gain skill, raise the amount imbued to keep it in that range.
    When you run out of items, unravel these, and make 20 more.

    When you get to the point to where 90% intensity on that LRC or RPD gets to be 55-60%, just imbue it once instead of 19 times, then imbue the other property 18 times, at a level the puts you back towards the low end of the good range for training.

    For example
    Early on: 90 luck, and LRC (plus the mage armor the item got for free from being exceptional counts, but doesn't have to be imbued). the luck is 1 successful imbue, LRC gets repeated until you get the message that the chance to gain is reduced (19 successes)

    When Mage armor, 90 luck and 18 LRC result in the LRC imbue having between a 55% & 60% chance of success, stop imbuing the LRC after one success. For the remaining 18 successful attempts, add RPD as a 4th property, starting at 1% or 2% (or more), keeping the success chance for the RPD in the high 40s or low 50s.

    Again, once all your items are imbued 20 times, unravel, and make 20 more.

    I did this method, and it took me less than 150 jingasa to go from 75 to 120.
  9. SLACK

    SLACK Guest

    Thanks for the responses guys! I'll give it a try!