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Bonded pet question: how did I lose my beetle?

Discussion in 'UO Tamer' started by Guest, Dec 9, 2007.

  1. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Last night i went to doom with my archer with no taming on him at all.

    I used the beetle to carry supplies he was bonded though I never fed my beetle in about five years (didn't think I needed to) or day one that beetles came out I forgot when that was.

    I came back after every gauntlet run around after the last dark father died to make sure I was stocked so i seen the beetle often about ever 10 minutes.
    The last time I seen him before he lost his bonding was actually about 2 minutes because I forgot to reload my arrows on the last restock.

    When i came back I found him unbounded but i was able to re-tame him very easily but he lost all his supplies.

    How did I lose my bonding of the pet beetle?

    thank you
  2. Guest

    Guest Guest

    I'm sorry for your loss, OxAO.

    All being well, when pets lose line of sight with their owners, they slowly lose loyalty. Feeding them renews this loyalty, taking it to maximum again, however, the owner leaving its line of sight again results in slow loss of loyalty.

    Without knowing what your beetle's loyalty level was when you took him into Gauntlet, it's difficult to guess why it went wild. Perhaps someone elses' pet went wild and attacked it, thus further reducing its loyalty. Truthfully, I can only speculate since I wasn't there, hadn't lored it, wasn't present and didn't see what happened.

    Like you, a number of players have thought it was a good idea to take a blue beetle loaded with supplies or empty ready to fill with monster loot into the Gauntlet.

    After a few weeks now, a fair few players have now shared with me some weirdities most occurring specifically in the area in & around Nix's Shop there.

    One is pets rapidly losing loyalty once stashed in Nix's Shop. Excelerated loyalty loss stinks - It can happen to Legendary Tamers as easily as those with no taming skills and there's just no way of knowing how, when, where or if one's pet will be affected. Lore pets often if you don't want to lose them.

    Another oddity which has cropped up more than once now is bonded beetles (both loaded & empty) simply disappearing when the owner enters Nix's Shop. No ghost, no dropped pack, not showing as using a follower slot, just gone. I suspect it may be something to do with the teleport pads since the tunnel was sealed during recent decorations, though that's nothing more than a guess.

    Yet another example of Gauntlet weirdness I'm aware of involves a blue beetle which was killed by undead spawn outside Nix's Shop. While the pet ghost dutifully followed & successfully made it into Nix's Shop, it remained unressable with the "beneficial acts" message though the owner is neither faction nor warring. We tried all sorts of things, including attempting to res it in Felucca, and asking one of his own guild tamers to attempt to res it - all received the "beneficial acts" message and a GM had to reset the beetle.

    I've suggested to my friends & guildmates that it might not be a great idea to take pets into Nix's Shop at this point at least until we have a better idea of what might be behind or causing random pet & pet ghost deletions.

    Good luck & good hunting.
  3. Guest

    Guest Guest

    I only lost supplies really wasn't a 'big loss' other then the fact i can not use my archer down there until I get a bonded beetle again.

    The archer/healer needs a lot of supplies. There is no way my archer can stay down there for more then maybe 20 minutes tops without restocking.

    My archer is an elf and has no animal lore at all so I can not see how he is doing.

    I suspect those beetles that have died disappeared lost their bond and some monster got into the room and killed it.
    I have seen ghouls and skeletons in the room before. Other then restocking that is why I checked on my beetle after the last dark farther dies.

    After my beetle is rebounded next week I will try again but this time I will keep feeding him every time I restock or every 10 minutes.

    Thank you.
  4. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Although I use no pack animals, my chiv/bush/archer resides in the Gauntlet and emerges, oh, roughly once every two weeks for repairs & to bank any arties she's scored.

    With the sole exception of repairs, everything you need is easily found right there in the Gauntlet.

    The secret of self-sufficiency in the Gauntlet is simply to loot enough gold to purchase your arrows/bolts/bandages from Nix. I don't use bolts, so those I loot are sold to Nix at his own obscenely high prirces - if everyone did this, prices would be lower *winks*. Oh, be sure to loot the scrolls from the DF's, too, since Nix pays particularly well for those.

    I might miss one room now & then while I'm nabbing the gold others have left on the room boss corpses, but it also means I don't need to leave gauntlet until such time as my armour or bows need some repairs and I don't need to rely on a pack animal that may very well go wild or be deleted on me.

    There's often more than one way to skin a cat. [​IMG]
  5. never forget that doom is a corrupt place.

    as such this could be the norm rather than the exception.

    probably not though, but i like the story line