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BOS Stinks...so train pack horses

Discussion in 'UO Tamer' started by JoyousGard, Nov 28, 2007.

  1. JoyousGard

    JoyousGard Guest

    Is there a market in this? Trained pack horses?

    How many pack horses can a non tamer resource gatherer have out and keep in stables?
  2. Luvan

    Luvan Guest

    Non tamer can have 5 out same as a tamer.
    Can only stable 2.
  3. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Why trained? I thought 1600 stones was it, even if their str was higher?

    Anyway, I could see where this would be a viable idea if you owned 2 accounts. One could sit outside with 5 empty packies (for those really long adventures) and wait for you to fill them with gold and the like. :\
  4. ylide

    ylide Guest

    My tamer trains my beetles to 100 in skills, (anatomy is just under 100) they can easily kill anything that I come across while mining. Even my swamp dragons are GM in all skills. This allows them to survive a fight where other animal would be long dead. In fact pre AoS beetles used to kill reds for me while I mined in fel, post AoS they can only handle trolls, orcs etc.

    The beetles are capable of dishing out some real damage, the swamp dragons have high hit points, do the pack horses have either of the two?
  5. JoyousGard

    JoyousGard Guest

    Jeez, only two? Well it might not be a bad idea. Two bonded packhorses is a lot of carrying capacity.

    But it is the same old problems of having to put them somewhere safe and then you'll be running back and forth to them pretty much the same as to the bank.
  6. My Miners packhorse is fully trained. I used it to kill the dark wisps during that little event. That took vetting. But for the miner it is a good bodyguard. It can take out most overland spawn without me having to worry about it. If I'm in need of bones I take it out to spirituality and have it carry the bones as well as kill the shadow wisps. It also does fine against lizardmen if I need hides.

    I noticed that the higher the pets dex that they seem to follow faster. I know the trained packy can mostly keep up with me running where as the half trained one falls behind and I have to wait for it.

    I take two packies out with me mining to carry the stone and ingots.