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Boss Suit Parts

Discussion in 'Toontown General Discussion' started by Sally Bumblefoot, Jul 26, 2008.

  1. I am working on my boss suit for Precious and just finished the boss cogs. For Sally, I would go see Shep Ahoy with a completed task, run to HQ, then back to Shep. I tried to get another task from Shep after turning it in but couldnt. Tonight I realized that all I had to do is run accross the street to a shop!! I am probably the only one on this site that didnt think of that, but just thought in case there was someone else, I would pass it on. It saved me a lot of time!! If anyone needs to get their suit, please let me know. Since the tooncott, not many of us need options and it would be more fun to go cog golfing with a friend!!
  2. Sally,

    I don't need stocks but my brother is close to where precious is. he is working on his cash bot suit already. I would be happy to get you together with him. I know I will probably be the one helping him with his suit.

    If you ever need any help don't hesitate to ask.

    P.S. Save the asking til after I het my Hollywood suit this weekend. LOL
  3. Flippers

    Flippers Guest

    wellll Mister Stinky wouldnt mind, but it would be to work up his smelly sound. I dont think anyone would welcome that. But he does have an organic bday cake for any right side 11 in the second set, knows most of the mazes, kicks butt in the pop n drop and whack a mole...

    I found that 2 people can do the CGC front three easily, so if someone shares that opinion and welcomes mister stinky as a 3rd or 4th attendee, please let me know and whisper a code by PM
  4. Thanks Joe!! I will keep that in mind. I am not planning on working CJ or CEO with Precious until Sally is maxed in them but she needs the bean and small toon tasks desparately. She obviously cant get them til she has her suit. I will also use her to run when Sally needs options or notices. Sally hasn't been able to CJ for a month because of notices (man I hate that DA) and now I can bring Precious instead!!! Maybe by the time it gets impossible for Precious to CJ because of the notice factor Bella will be ready!!! LOL!! I will certainly wait til after you get your Hollywood suit and in fact, I will be gone for about a week and a half myself starting on Tuesday. I do want to get the suit ASAP (I was hoping before I left but it isnt gonna happen). Then Sally and her notices will be my priority (YUCK!!!!) because Precious will be "finished".:sad3: Is there a boarding school or foster care for poor toons whose owners wont take them into the DA?

    Flippers, I agree that the front 3 is very doable with 2 and since I wont need invasion it can be done anywhere random free!! I have even done the middle 6 with 2 and it wasnt bad but it just takes forever. But I love 3 sound and one drop (or throw) the 2.0 concept. Sally is full but Precious has a ton of room on her friends list (she probably still has the toon she friended for the make a friend task when she was 15 laff)!!
  5. Stubby

    Stubby Guest

    Joe, Fancy just started working on her cashbot suit. I keep putting it off cause some of the tasks are SOOOOOO boring, especially if you are alone. I would be interested in some mutual help if your brother would be interested. If so, let me know, or just pm me a code for fancy. I think she has 3 or 4 parts so far. :thumbsup:
  6. sally and sandy,

    I will talk to him, I am sure he would be happy to help out, also for that matter my wife JUST started doing her tasks to build her Cashbot suit and would also be happy to help or have help. If I can get a few code I will put you on her toon also. As for my brother next time he is on I will try and get us together to share codes. He has had alot of fun getting to know all of MY stratics friends(too bad he can't make his own*grumble grumble*).

    In all fairness my brother is one of my best friends. If you read this mike kiss my Money Maker.

    OOH BTW.

    As of this post I am now a MR. HOLLYWOOD!!!!!:danceb:

    Yeah BABY!
  7. Trish

    Trish Certifiable
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    Oct 31, 2003
    Likes Received:
  8. Wow- big blue letters! Congrats!! :D :thumbsup:
    Oh by the way- was someone else playing Winky? Because he left Thunderhead's friends list...
  9. lol, wife is Winky. She isnt used to the whisper conversation and didn't realize who you were. She thought you were some toon she friended short term. All the whispers kind of threw her off. She said sorry for deleting you.

    I only use Ugly wrinkleflip and Bonkers. Rarely bonkers.
  10. Oh LOL, it's no problem at all! I didn't know it was your wife! :blushing: I was trying to congratulate you for getting drop on Winky, and for maxing drop on Ugly, all in one stream of whispers :D
  11. We both say thanks for the congrat's. It was alot of work. For both of us. My wife is working so hard with her toon. I on the other hand wasn't even trying to max drop. It kinda just happened as I was fighting for my Mr. Hollywood suit.
  12. Lol, I'm so off topic but...congrats on the HW suit too!!
  13. Stubby

    Stubby Guest


    But look out, I am right behind ya!!! Two more vps should give me Mr H too. But THAT IS AWESOME!!

    I will send u some codes as soon as i get some from both toons.
  14. craze49

    craze49 Journeyman
    Stratics Veteran

    Jul 10, 2008
    Likes Received:
    Nice Job
    How did you get Hollywood suit so fast?! I can rarely beat VP with randoms.
  15. Flippers

    Flippers Guest

    wtg wrinkleflip!

    Sally if it's not a red district there's no problem arranging to meet up with a group :) I've had to do that with some XD friends.

    The front 3 took about 15 min with 2 ppl when I did it. Helped abby do her suit parts that way after friends helped me do mine that way :) I think the main factor is how well people can pop n drop and whether those who have the extra gags hold back and let the others win more rounds.
  16. EXACTLY!!! That is so funny because I have golfed with someone who so rocks at the pop n drag that he would win 3 to my 1!! I never got gags!! Then he had mercy on me when we could no longer sound!! It was pretty funny. I am good at the pop N drop but lag is so much a factor for me! I will get you a couple codes for precious and we can see who we can draft!!! Thanks!!:thumbup1:
  17. What is this? The ToonTOwn Army? Is it wartime? Sheesh I guess not that my toon is all grown up I have to regisher with the toon secret service. I can't belkive Toontown is Resorting to a draft now.

  18. Desparate times call for desparate measures! This IS war baby!!! Who said TT was just a game? I am looking for a quick and decisive victory here. You are on my list of potential draftees. You are temporarily excluded from my draft because you are on a different front but we will fight til our mission is accomplished........as soon as we can figure out exactly what that is!! LOL:lol:

    HMMM........wonder who the general is?
  19. Of course this is war! Where has your head been all this time??
    Are you a monkey, or a mouse?! (Or both? lol)
    I was laughing really hard when I read these posts...oh boy.
  20. Actually, I'm the mouse and he is the monkey!! And the fight has changed fronts once again. We both left our mutual endeavors to help Ginger get her 8900 bucks. I was lucky enough to find Jellyroll Kookyzilla and get 2 suit parts this morning. One with randoms (what a joke....now that was an interesting adventure) and one that went well except for the fact that jelly lost connection JUST before the supervisor on the middle 6. Do you believe that???? Jelly is having a bad morning!! Unfortunately, the fight is over for me for a couple of weeks. The suit will have to wait!!:)
  21. Yeah i was mad, it hasnt lost connection in a long time!:mad:
  22. LOL I had no idea you were Jellyroll!!! I just knew the name from all the stratics runs!! Wow. Learn something knew everyday!! It was great playing with you!
  23. I felt bad that i lost connection, but at least yall made it through. That front 3 was insane with those dogs.
  24. Well, I felt bad that you lost connection!! We went back to look for you thinking you might be stuck but you weren't there. Then your name disappeared. To make it that far and then lose it is just wrong! If it is any consolation (which it isn't I'm sure) we had to wait at least 10 mins before an invasion started. I won 2 fog horns in that last game and they both missed in the last fight. It was nuts. Those dogs on the front 3 were really something. I had mercy on them and tuned them that once. I was really sorry I did at the end. That was so mean of them!! I think that one at the end was truly shocked when he threw that wedding cake and they all died but came back as skelecogs. He really thought he was going to take our points by killing them before we got up there!! He was laughing until they showed up!! Oh well, I got my 2.0, but I'm sorry you didnt get your options because of them.:(
  25. Sally,

    I guess the front is going to change yet again. You will understand in the very near future. :D

    Let the FUN begin!!!!!!!!!!!!!:stir:
  26. Well THAT'S ominous...*cowers*
  27. HMMMM..........ok Joe, now I'm scared!! Should I be worried? You will have fun because from what I understand, I will be staying at a rustic campsite somewhere in Kentucky for a while!! (I think that means no internet connection!!!) But I always rise to a challenge and can usually hold my own! Bring it on!!!:thumbup1: LOL:lol:

    Does this mean you are ready to help me with my boss suit??:thumbup1: LOL
  28. I did two front 3's afterwards, one was smooth, and the last i finished the last floor by myself. I did a ceo and had to x out because they were awful and i went sad! Its going to take some time to get the those 7's back.
  29. You are brave to even try it!! I won't go back until they fix it. You X'd out and still went sad? Wow, that stinks. I hate losing my level 7s but they are always back before I know it. I just hate the thought of starting over again. I'm glad you were able to get your options, though. Were you with those dogs again on your second run? LOL!!
  30. Yes that means I am available to help. If after tomorrow you will let me help that is. LOL.

    I'ma BaaaaAAAAAAaaaaaD Toooon!!!!!

    Hope you enjoy.

    When are you going rustic?
  31. Uhmm.....I think I am leaving NOW!! LOL. What is happening tomorrow??? There are no runs or anything. I am actually leaving early Tuesday morning and I just found out that I have to be back by Monday so will be traveling home next Sunday or early Monday morning. I was hoping to drag it out a little longer but I found out that my neice and nephew will be coming and staying with me for a week on Monday (I will be heading back to Kentucky when they leave). BUT....I will have very limited playing time before I leave and wont be able to make the runs tonight. I will probably be at the beanfest, though, just in case your conscience starts bugging you and you want to repent. I will peek in every now and then before I leave and make sure you arent on...I mean garden but not much else!! So whatever you are planning will have to wait!! HA HA!! This camping idea is sounding better and better!! Just remember what they say about paybacks and the fact that I am good at drafting people to help me!!:lick:

    Oh, and I figured out who the general is but I am still looking for that boarding school!!
  32. Ok Joe, this is war. Just remembered you started it!! LOL I don't know how, when, or where, but I will get you back.......it will just take a little bit of thought. And just in case you thought this was a one front war, you are mistaken......Precious has joined the battle too!! I am also not too proud to recruit help in this endeavor. Be warned!!! :twak::stretcher: And yes, you are still drafted to help me with my suit when I get back or if that McDonald's thing works out!! See you guys soon!!


    PS....Blue skies smiling at me!!!!:lick:
  33. I'm Skeered. Shaking in my boots. Wait I dont wear any boots, or shoes for that matter. I guess I am shaking in my crayon. Bring it on. I love this game.

    Hope the McDonalds thing works out for ya. Hate to see your shrubbery die off. Your gonna need it when u get back.

    And in case you didn't notice I can't be drafted as my toon is only 14 weeks old and I hear a toon can only be drafter once he hit's 24 weeks. So sorry for your loss. Undraftable. Neener neener neener.:lick:
  34. :fight:Well, you really should be scared. I am still thinking about it but have a few ideas. I have NEVER heard of any such toon age rule for being drafted. At least that is not MY draft rule. Maybe you are thinking dog years or something. Ugly is certainly old enough!! (he knows journey and boston so ya know....)!! Who knows, lunchtime at McDonalds may bring your military days to a head before you planned but I did drown my trees tonight just in case it doesnt work out. They have already died once this month and still dont have Sally's level 7 back yet. We shall see. Watch out with that shaking crayon, it can make quite a mess!!:mf_prop:

    PS.....tut, tut, looks like rain!!!:sad3::fight:
  35. YAY!!!!!! Thanks to the help of some very nice (well Joe helped too!!! LOL) toons, I just finished my boss suit!! Thunderhead and I got the last 2 this afternoon after waiting an eternity to get on the cart!!! I can't believe she waited like that to help me!! She then went to Flippy while I turned in the last task to Shep and enjoyed the victory with me!! I owe Joe and Deb big time for all the help. ALMOST makes me want to reconsider my revenge Joe......ALMOST!!!!:lick:
  36. congrats on the suit. WTG.

    How's the weather?:danceb:
  37. :D Happy to help! Love hanging out with ya ;) I couldn't believe it when we went to Kooky Grove's BBHQ to find other people there! :coco:
    And that kart shuffle in NR was crazy, to boot. Too risky for me, indeed! *hmphs*
    If you do, I'll take over :p
    But please don't, he deserves a good "getting back at!"
    "Just you wait, 'enry 'iggins, just you wait!"
  38. Well, we are back to tut, tut, looks like rain so thank you very much 'enry 'iggins. I know it wasnt exactly your intent but your splendid gift will come in handy!! And yes, Deb, just you wait 'enry!!

    LOL........but it made it more of a challenge for your low laff, putting others at risk toon!!!! Man I wish I could remember that toons name!! He is probably still waiting to get on the cart!! Not good enough for his party indeed!!!

    And I don't have the heart to disappoint Joe so I will get him back. But it seems to me that you need to get him too so count me in!! Maybe we will both be off the hook of helping him with merits and bucks in a short while, aye 'enry?:lick:
  39. Scuze me! I spend 30 minutes having the same toon 'risky' me, just so you can get your last suit part, and this is what I get! :talktothehand:

    Aye, 'as roight, mate!
  40. Think of it this way, Deb, if you hadnt spent that wonderful 30 minutes with me you would never have had a chance to get to know that particular toon. He would have been bored to tears because he would have had one less toon to stink. You also provided him with another toon to vent his obvious frustration that the CGC so amply provides these days possibly saving another toon from the grief. Also, you got the extreme joy and satisfaction of seeing Flippy hand me the last suit part. So it is all good!!!! That toon reminded me of a quote from a link Josh sent me this morning from Despair, Inc.:

    Idiocy: Never underestimate the power of stupid people in large groups.:thumbup1:

    This one will make you think of me, and possibly one other previously mentioned toon:

    Destiny: You were meant for me. Perhaps as a punishment.:blushing: