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Brand New Player to UO. A Few Questions

Discussion in 'UHall' started by Trias, Mar 30, 2009.

  1. Trias

    Trias Guest

    Hey there. I dabbled in UO when it was at its 3rd age (Installment?) and I loved it. However at the time I didn't have a credit card and all that boring stuff :p. So right now I'm eager to return but have a few questions first.

    1) I was looking to play on Siege. However the character I want to play is a Thief (who maybe at times dabbles in pvp) is Siege mainly a Pvp shard?

    2) As I said I want to play as a thief. But I want to roleplay one as well. I enjoy RP just as much as playing the game itself. Is Siege a good shard to play on with this in mind.

    3)I'm alittle confused with the templates. The templates have 100 in a certain amount of slots but could I have 25 in musician (for example) decide I dont want that and then change?

    4) Is there a solid Thief community in Siege? So I can nip down to a tavern and ask any questions that need asking?

    5) I'm also a European player (England to be precise) and can play usually around 9.00pm GMT. Is Siege an American only shard and will I have trouble finding the RP and community I desire on this shard? If so, what shard would it be best to play on instead?
  2. RichDC

    RichDC Guest

    First of let me say welcome.

    Then ill go a little more into it, im in UK as well and play on Siege and Great lakes, I have thieves on both possibly one of the best templates out there!!

    Siege will offer the most opportunities for the would be thief (no insurance), but also the most risk..it is a PvP shard...PvP is allowed anywhere, except in towns where the guards are.

    There is a guild of thieves out there whom do sorta RP, check out the website

    The population on siege is smaller than most other shards but as i was told, they wont congregate in one area for large amounts of time (freely attackable), so there is alot more hunting of marks required.

    In regards to your skills, Siege as a ROT sytem (read the sticky on the siege board for full details)as such i would suggest raising your core skills (stealing, snooping, hiding, stealth) and think about what other skills you want.

    In general...you want 100in the skill to make it effective(you can go higher or lower in some skills, youll pick that up as you go though dont want to daunt you :)),remember you have 700points to spend and think about what kind of thief you want to be...

    Do you want to be a thief who kills,
    Do you want to be a thief whos runs like a girl (my preffered).

    Dont rush in though...on siege you only have one char slot...maybe play around on the TC1 shard (test shard) with skills to see what suits your play style.

    Or ask and people can offer suggestions :)
  3. Mook Chessy

    Mook Chessy Certifiable
    Stratics Veteran

    Oct 16, 2007
    Likes Received:
    Post this on the Siege board and people will pm you offering help!

    alas...I have not ever played a thief!!

    g luck!
  4. Trias

    Trias Guest

    Thanks for the speedy response guys :)

    I'll certainly make enquiries on the Siege forum and have already been looking at the possibility to joining NEW.

    Currently waiting for the client to patch itself...ugh...
  5. eolsunder

    eolsunder Guest

    You can change your skill points to what ever you want, if you don't like a skill you can drop it down while raising another skill. of course, the higher the skill the more time it takes to train it, so dropping 50 music isn't hard, but if you work your skill up to 100 music, dropping it is not perfered, but using a soulstone to save that skill in case you want it later is better.
  6. Good to see you posting over there. :)

    You can make good use of the patching wait by reading the stickied posts there - they are full of useful information!

    Oh, and yes...there is a pretty decent contingent of European players on Siege.
  7. jack flash uk

    jack flash uk Crazed Zealot
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    Oct 21, 2006
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    *waits for Rico's input*

    He should have been here by now



  8. Trias

    Trias Guest

    Ahh superb advice, I'll have a read through now. Thanks alot all, your help is vastly appreciated :)