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Brand Spanking New: Organized BoD List

Discussion in 'UO Craftsman' started by FatherGanja, Jul 14, 2002.

  1. FatherGanja

    FatherGanja Guest

    [Spined]Exceptional\10\Leather Leggings>>FireLight Cloth
  2. nasferatu

    nasferatu Guest

    20 exceptional wizard hats also go me firelight cloth
  3. <font color=008B00>First off, there seems to be a discrepancy between rewards. This looks as though it is only happening in the LBOD's so it may just be different rewards. A special thanks to the efforts of</font color=008B00><font color=68228B> slavegirl </font color=68228B><font color=008B00>for compiling a list on her website(I did borrow some of the additional LBOD rewards from your site hehe). Feenicks wanted one for here and I was bored and decided what the hay. I will try and update multiple times a day so leave any BOD info you get here. If you have an alternate reward, go ahead and post that too! Once Publish 16 hits all remaining shards I suspect there will be much BOD info to be had. I know I already made a newbie on LS to try and some BoDs /php-bin/shared/images/icons/smile.gif Here is the list! Only took me...2 hours of Tabbing in between lines!</font color=008B00>

    <font color=4682B4>Hats:</font color=4682B4>
    <font color=blue>Exceptional\20\Wizard&gt;&gt;Firelight Cloth\Darkness
    Exceptional\20\StrawHats&gt;&gt;Darkness Cloth
    Exceptional\20\Bonnet&gt;&gt;Purple Cloth
    Exceptional\15\TallStraw&gt;&gt;Firelight Cloth
    Exceptional\10\Wide Brim&gt;&gt;Neon Pink Cloth
    Exceptional\10\Tricorne&gt;&gt;Icy Cloth
    Exceptional\10\Jester&gt;&gt;Brownlight Cloth

    Normal\20\TallStraw&gt;&gt;Dark Purple Cloth
    Normal\20\Floppy&gt;&gt;Dark Red Cloth
    Normal\20\Wizard&gt;&gt;Deep Purple Cloth
    Normal\20\SkullCap&gt;&gt;Darkness Cloth\Blood Red Cloth

    Normal\15\Straw&gt;&gt;Midnight Blue Cloth

    Normal\10\Skull Cap&gt;&gt;Ice Hue 4</font color=blue>

    <font color=4682B4>Shirts:</font color=4682B4>
    <font color=8B0000>Exceptional\20\Tunic&gt;&gt;Greenlight Cloth
    Exceptional\20\Shirt&gt;&gt;BlueRed Cloth
    Exceptional\20\Cloak&gt;&gt;Blue Red Cloth

    Normal\20\JesterSuits&gt;&gt;Purple Blue Cloth
    Normal\20\Fancy Dress&gt;&gt;Ice Blue Cloth\DarkPurple
    Normal\20\Plain Dress&gt;&gt;Blood Red Cloth
    Normal\20\Robe&gt;&gt;Very Dark Red Cloth

    15\Normal\Shirt&gt;&gt;Dark BlueGreen Cloth

    Normal\10\Robe&gt;&gt;Bluegreen Cloth
    Normal\10\Tunic&gt;&gt;Dark Green Cloth
    Normal\10\BodySash&gt;&gt;GreenBlue Cloth</font color=8B0000>
    Normal\10\Dress&gt;&gt;GreenHighlight Cloth 200 Gold

    <font color=4682B4>Pants:</font color=4682B4>
    <font color=orange>Normal\20\LongPants&gt;&gt;BlueGreen Cloth
    Normal\20\ShortPants&gt;&gt;Purple Cloth
    Normal\10\Short Pants&gt;&gt;Dark BlueGreen Cloth
    Normal\10\Kilt&gt;&gt;Bluegreen Cloth</font color=orange>

    <font color=4682B4>Miscellaneous:</font color=4682B4>
    <font color=red>Normal\10\FullApron&gt;&gt;Dark Bluegreen Cloth</font color=red>

    <font color=4682B4>Footwear:</font color=4682B4>
    <font color=27408B>[Spined]Normal\20\Shoes&gt;&gt;DarkRed Cloth 220 gold
    [Spined]Normal\15\Sandals&gt;&gt;Dark Purple Cloth
    Normal\20\Sandals&gt;&gt;Blue DarkBlue</font color=27408B>
    Normal\15\Boots&gt;&gt; Dark bluegreen Cloth
    Normal\10\Sandals&gt;&gt;Bluegreen cloth

    <font color=4682B4>Leather Armor:</font color=4682B4>
    <font color=8B7500>[Horned]Exceptional\20\Tunic&gt;&gt;NeonGreen Cloth
    [Spined]Exceptional\15\Gloves&gt;&gt;Sandy Yellow Cloth
    [Spined]Exceptional\10\Leggings&gt;&gt;FireLight Cloth
    Normal\10\Cap&gt;&gt;Ice Light Cloth</font color=8B7500>

    <font color=4682B4>Studded Armor:</font color=4682B4>
    <font color=FF8C00>[Horned]Exceptional\20\Tunic&gt;&gt;Bluered cloth
    [Horned]Exceptional\15\Tunic&gt;&gt;Neon Pink Cloth 1260 gold
    [Spined]Exceptional\20\Gloves&gt;&gt;BlueRed Cloth
    Exceptional\20\Tunic&gt;&gt;Firelight Cloth
    Normal\20\Tunic&gt;&gt;PurpleBlue Cloth 1.12k Gold
    [Horned]Normal\15\Sleaves&gt;&gt;DarkGreen 612 Gold
    Normal\15\Gloves&gt;&gt;Brightblue Cloth
    Normal\15\Leggings&gt;&gt;GreenHighlite Cloth</font color=FF8C00>

    <font color=4682B4>Female Armor:</font color=4682B4>
    <font color=008B8B>[Spined]Exceptional\20\Female Leather&gt;&gt;Charcoal Cloth 100 gold
    [Spined]Exceptional\15\Leather Bustier&gt;&gt;Neon Pink Cloth
    [Spined]Normal\15\Studded Tunic&gt;&gt;Dark Green Cloth</font color=008B8B>

    <font color=4682B4>Bone Armor</font color=4682B4>
    <font color=blue>Exceptional\20\Leggings&gt;&gt;Greenlight Cloth 1.7k Gold
    [Spined]Exceptional\10\Helm&gt;&gt;IceLight Cloth\Brownlight Cloth
    Exceptional\10\Helmet&gt;&gt;Dark Blue Cloth
    [Barbed]Normal\20\Arms&gt;&gt;Deep Purple Cloth 1k Gold
    Normal\20\Helm&gt;&gt;DarkPurple Cloth</font color=blue>

    <font color=4682B4>Large BODs</font color=4682B4>
    <font color=8B7E66>[Spined]20\Normal\LeatherSkirt\LeatherBustier\LeatherShorts\FemaleLeather(?)\StuddedBustier\StuddedArmor&gt;&gt;Ice Hue 3 Cloth 10k gp

    20\Normal\Bandana\Skirt\Shirt\ThighBoots&gt;&gt;Greenlight Cloth 6k Gold
    20\Normal\FeatheredHat\Surcoat\Fancyshirt\Shortpants\ThighBoots&gt;&gt;Ice Cloth 8k Gold\Tailoring Scroll of Power(+5) 8k Gold
    20\Normal\FloppyHat\FullApron\PlainDress\Sandals&gt;&gt;Dark Charcoal Cloth 6k Gold
    20\Normal\FullFemaleSuit&gt;&gt;Medium Stretched Hide Facing South
    20\Normal\FullLeatherSuit&gt;&gt;Tailoring Scroll of Power +10 7.5k Gold

    15\Normal\SkullCap\Doublet\Kilt\Shoes&gt;&gt;Dark Blue Cloth 4.5k Gold\Green Light Cloth 4.5k Gold
    15\Normal\JesterHat\JesterSuit\LongPants\Shoes&gt;&gt;Ice Sandals(Unconfirmed)
    15\Normal\StrawHat\Boots\Longpants\Tunic&gt;&gt;Blaze Sandles 4k Gold
    15\Normal\JesterHat\JesterSuit\Cloak\Shoes&gt;&gt;4.5k Red Cloth W/Blue Highlights 4.5k Gold
    15\Normal\FeatheredHat\Surcoat\FancyShirt\ShortPants\ThighBoots&gt;&gt;Ice Hue Sandals
    15\Normal\Bandana\Shirt\Skirt\Thigh Boots&gt;&gt;Midnight Blue Cloth 4.5k Gold
    15\Normal\Bonnet\HalfApron\FancyDress\Sandals&gt;&gt;Dark Charcoal Cloth 4.5k Gold
    15\Normal\TricorneHat\Cap\WidebrimHat\TallStrawHat&gt;&gt;Dark Charcoal Cloth 4.5k Gold

    10\Normal\Bonnet\HalfApron\FancyDress\Sandals&gt;&gt; White Sandals 3k Gold(Said to be a fluke)\Blue Red Cloth 3000 gold\Light Green Cloth 3k gold
    10\Normal\FeatheredHat\Surcoat\FancyShirt\ShortPants\ThighBoots&gt;&gt;Tailoring Scroll of Power(+5)4000 gold\Greenlight Sandals 4k gold</font color=8B7E66>

    Here is a picture of all the hues for Sandals/Clothing [Thank you Trevelyan!]

    I will try and update, just give me material!

    Chocolate Ice

    Great Lakes Shard
  4. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Wonderful List. Im Just waiting for PB16 to come to europa now that i have GM:ed Tailoring. I thank thee.

    //Darkshade - Europa.
  5. Dazen

    Dazen Guest

    Normal/20/Plain Dress&gt;&gt;Blood Red Cloth
  6. Duc De Morte

    Duc De Morte Guest

    15/normal leather/studed/gloves = 100 yards of brightblue and some gold 20/exceptional cloth/Tunics= Nightmare cloth
  7. Dazen

    Dazen Guest

    normal/10/sandals&gt;&gt; bluegreen cloth
    normal/10/kilt&gt;&gt; bluegreen cloth
    normal/10/full apron&gt;&gt; dark bluegreen cloth
  8. Feenicks

    Feenicks Seasoned Veteran
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    Aug 1, 2000
    Likes Received:
    Top stuff &amp; thanks Chocolate ice.

    You will note ive made this sticky now.
  9. 20/Exceptional/Shirts: Blue red cloth
    20/Normal/Reg. Leather/bone helm: dark purple
  10. 20 Except bone helmet, horned leather = dark blue cloth,check 1690

    the same reward as the 10 except. qty you already have listed! like wtf!

    What a bummer is all I have to say. I'm not a GM tailor yet, so this took me an hour to complete, at 95 skill! Okay, okay I gained like crazy doing it, but I burned through almost 500 of the new hides and 250 bones! (good thing I do have a GM Fisher!) I also have like 109 regular helmets sitting on one of my ships since they cannot be recycled, or sold to NPCs. At this rate I'll need another fleet of seven ships for material storage.

    I got another 20 except bone helmet regular leather this time, but I'm saving it till I can get more bones, and maybe a LBOD for bone, not sure yet.

    On another note, I got a deed I can't do yet, not enough skill it says. I don't remember getting that with smith deeds...

    ...I think (feel?) OSI needs to adjust rewards up a bit, especially for BODs that require two material types, and give me ones I can at least work on too!
  11. Cerradwyn

    Cerradwyn Guest

    *likes to give credit where credit is due*

    Well done Slavegirl. Compiling that must have taken quite a while...something I wouldn't want to do myself.

    Chocolate, good job with the Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V buttons.

    The pictures seem to be a bit odd though...there are only 20 colors of reward cloth.
  12. <font color=blue>[spined]exceptional\15\studded gorget = brownlight
  13. that one guy

    that one guy Guest

    normal/15/thigh boots&gt;&gt;Bluegreen
  14. FatherGanja

    FatherGanja Guest

    10\Normal\Wizards Hat\Robe\Sash\Boots(normal leather)&gt;&gt; BlueRed cloth
    15\Normal\Wizards Hat\Robe\Sash\Boots(normal leather)&gt;&gt;
    Whatever the hell colored sandals are in the below picture, plus 4.5k gold and some fame.
    Also in the picture, is the BlueRed cloth(which might I add, has been in HIGH demand)
    I know, I know. Almost the exact same Lbod one after the other. Freaked me out too :/
  15. FatherGanja

    FatherGanja Guest

    10\Exceptional\Spined Leather\Bone Helms&gt;&gt;IceLight cloth
  16. Guest

    Guest Guest

    blue red is a GREAT color, i got it for a 20 exceptional spined studded gloves bod and man o man everybody wanted some of it.

    I was selling robes for 20k each.
  17. Namor

    Namor Guest

    20 exceptional wizards hats &gt; "darkness" cloth
  18. Pathagiris

    Pathagiris Always Present
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    Feb 25, 2004
    Likes Received:
    20/normal/studed tunics ( regular leather ) - purple blue cloth and 1120 gold
  19. joshua

    joshua Guest

    20 Normal Spined Leather Shoes

    Reward: 220 gp, dark red cloth
  20. FatherGanja

    FatherGanja Guest

    [Normal Leather]15\Normal\Cap\Gorget\Gloves\Sleeves\Leggings\Tunic&gt;&gt;Tailoring Scroll of Power(+10, woot!), 7.5k check
  21. Harabec_LS

    Harabec_LS Journeyman
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    Feb 25, 2004
    Likes Received:
    Just got Medium Stretched Hide Facing South from 120 Female Leather Armor (Norm) /php-bin/shared/images/icons/smile.gif. Whats the price on one of these you think?
  22. Guest

    Guest Guest

    [Spined]Normal\15\Studded Leggings&gt;&gt;green highlight cloth + unknown amount of gold (sorry 'bout that).
  23. Guest

    Guest Guest


    20 Exceptionel / Bandana / Shirt / Skirt / Thigh Boots - hard to complete /php-bin/shared/images/icons/frown.gif

    Im gonna do it soon and ill post what i get :) (Anyone get these bods on EU ?)
  24. Puppy

    Puppy Guest

    Great list! Here's some of the ones I've kept a record of. I don't always remember to check how much gold I get, sorry.

    15 normal shirts = dark bluegreen cloth
    20 normal long pants = bluegreen cloth
    10 exceptional jester's caps = brownlight cloth
    10 exceptional spined bone helms - brownlight cloth and 847 gold
    15 exceptional tall straw hats = firelight cloth and 207 gold
    10 normal plain dresses = green highlight cloth and 200 gold
    20 normal plain dresses = either dark purple or purpleblue, I can't tell which it is, and 400 gold
    20 normal short pants = same shade of purple as above and 190 gold
    20 exceptional tunics = greenlight cloth and about 300 gold
    20 exceptional horned studded leggings = 1365 gold and blue red cloth

    I still have only gotten one LBOD and can't fill it yet.
  25. 20 exceptional straw hats - darkness cloth

    I was pretty excited about that. It's the only cloth/sandal color I was looking for, to use for my evil mage (grey just isn't cutting it, I hate true black, and I never wanted to pay an insane amount for nightmare cloth). /php-bin/shared/images/icons/smile.gif
  26. Guest

    Guest Guest

    20 Exceptionel Horned Leather Tunics - Really Neon Green and 1.2k
    15 Normal Horned Studded Sleeves - Dark Green and 614gp
  27. Cicada

    Cicada Guest



    20 Exceptionel / Bandana / Shirt / Skirt / Thigh Boots - hard to complete

    Im gonna do it soon and ill post what i get :) (Anyone get these bods on EU ?)


    i did that same bod, but it wasnt exceptional, and i got 6k and GreenLight cloth. of course oyurs is except so you may get a level 5 color.
  28. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Thanks for the info. I have only gotten the Skirt Bod. So hard to complete this one. Well. Hope its a reward thats worth it.
  29. Guest

    Guest Guest

    15 normal-bandana
    15 normal-skirt
    15 normal-shirt
    15 normal-thigh boots

    reward-100 pieces of GreenLight cloth+4.5k+fame
  30. LBOD
    10/normal/thigh boots
    <font color=red>Blue red sandals and 3k gold
  31. Cicada

    Cicada Guest

    has anyone gotten true blaze anything yet? if so, what from? ive see na lot of people that mistake blaze for the fire colour.
  32. NightLight

    NightLight Guest

    Lbod Normal 20 caps = Medium Stretched Hide Deed, LBOD 20 bonnets = Ice Green cloth
    Finally something other than TEAL!
  33. Latest from Catskills.....

    Normal\10\Thigh Boot - Dark Bluegreen +225gp
    Normal\15\Thigh Boot - Bright Bluegreen +337gp
    Normal\20\Thigh Boot - Dark Red +450gp

    Normal\15\Fancy Shirt - Bluegreen +277gp

    Normal\15\Long Pants - Bluegreen +225gp

    Normal\10\Cloak - Bright Bluegreen +200gp
    Normal\15\Cloak - Greenblue +322gp
    Normal\20\Cloak - Dark Purple +420gp

    I shall continue to burn through my deeds and let ya know what I find. Also, I can confirm that the 10/Normal/Feather Hat/Surcoat etc etc etc LBOD give the +5 Scroll of power.

    Durnik - Catskill Crafter
  34. axle

    axle Guest

    LBOD = 15/Norm - Tricorne/Cap/Wide-Brim/Tall Straw = Dark Blue 4.5K
    LBOD = 15/Norm - Floppy Hat/Full Apron/Plain Dress/Sandles = Lime Green 4.5K
    LBOD = 10/Norm - Jester Hat/Jester Suit/Cloak/Shoes = Charcoal 3K
    LBOD = 10/Norm -Straw Hat/Tunic/Long Pants/Boots = Dark Blue 4K
  35. MarissaBlade

    MarissaBlade Guest

    Here is my latest tailor bod info from Lake Superior shard!
    LBOD= 10 Feathered hat, surcoats,fancy shirts, short pants, thigh boots (normal)
    reward= Group 5 colour cloth (Ice White) and 4k gp!
  36. joshua

    joshua Guest


    20/normal/strawhat ==&gt; 240gp &amp; 100 Rusty Dark Red
  37. it Sucks... It seems some of the Normal LBODs are what exceptional 20 Deeds do heh /php-bin/shared/images/icons/frown.gif
  38. Dazen

    Dazen Guest

    20/normal/sandals/shoes/boots/thigh boots=greenlight cloth, 6k check, and a good amount of fame
  39. Slave Girl: Do you think you could take over this thread? I am going to Paris for a month(w00t maybe BoDs are there too? :p) and when I get back am gonna start working more.

    Sorry for only updating it for a week I was being absent minded when I thought I could actually maintain it. If not Slave Girl then someone else can update it?

    Once again sorry guys...take care be back in a month!
  40. Jithero

    Jithero Guest

    20/normal/straw hat/tunics/long pants/boots LBOD= 6k+Blue red cloth
  41. joshua

    joshua Guest

    15 exceptional leather shoes

    Pink cloth
  42. Dazen

    Dazen Guest

    20/n/bandana/shirt/skirt/thigh boots=darkblue cloth and 6k check
  43. Atheryn

    Atheryn Grand Inquisitor
    Stratics Veteran

    Feb 25, 2004
    Likes Received:

    I have a strong feeling that the BOD reward system is random - there is no set reward associated with each BOD or LBOD. An example I've noticed is this - in an earlier post by FatherGanja, it was reported that
    10\Exceptional\Spined Leather\Bone Helms gave IceLight cloth

    However, Puppy later reported that
    10 exceptional spined bone helms gave brownlight cloth and 847.

    Personally I'd expect that the entire system is random - the only factor involved is that different rewards are made available for tailors of different skill. Some of the more difficult BOD's may offer a higher probability of getting particular high-end rewards, but I'd expect that it is still random to an extent.

    Atheryn, Grandmaster Fisherman of Catskills.
  44. Guest

    Guest Guest

    [Horned]Exceptional\20\Leggings &gt;&gt; Darkness cloth
  45. Guest

    Guest Guest

    it is a level based system, and inbetween levels it is random.

    So you arent going to get blaze sandals for a small bod, and you wont get ****ty cloth for LBOD 20 bone horned suit.
  46. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Well that is the same bod, and both rewards are in the same category of rewards, so I see no evidence in your claim to give it any legitimancy..
  47. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Well, I shall be keeping my chart updated, but since it is not a sticky chart, the only way I can help is if you pm the mods and ask them to make mine sticky instead of yours... Otherwise I'll have to make several chart posts, and people wont know which thread to report their rewards in, and it would just become plain madness for me to try to update as an unsticky post... But as I said, I shall be keeping mine updated, so it's up to you /php-bin/shared/images/icons/smile.gif
  48. slavegirl

    slavegirl Guest

    There is a reward submission form on my website. Besides the submitted rewards I get, I am still scouring every place imaginable and updating my list of bod rewards twice daily.

    I can not update your thread since I do not have access to it.
    Anyone can gladly continue to use my site to look up rewards.

    BOD Reward Database &amp; Reward Submission Form