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Bravo! the Angle Baby system

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by ctrlshiftblair, Jun 11, 2008.

  1. i am playing angels online. Here is my littel adivice for everyone here dreaming quick levelup.days ago, i was struggling for the sluggish levelup but now i quite enjoy it.

    I am a warrior and made a new character who is priest to team with. And then i logged into two characters at the same time, opened their angel baby windows and completed necessary settings. After that, i found it easy to play and fight with the help of priest. I don't need to sit down to recover my HP. I drag monsters from nerby enemy list into target enemy list to start auto kill and tick keep away from the boss to avoid being attacked by boss. Besides, the experience got by killing monsters will be shared by my two characters.

    The Angel Baby system is a very helpful tool for players to level up fast. You guys may give it a shot.:thumbup1:
  2. snoopydog

    snoopydog Guest

    the best convienence it offers me is the funtion of finding neaby monsters automatically. i hate wandering around to find something to kill by myself.:danceb:
  3. scubactrl

    scubactrl Guest

    does anyone can tell me how to use it?