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BRE miner revolt!

Discussion in 'UO Craftsman' started by White Wolf, Sep 25, 2007.

  1. White Wolf

    White Wolf Guest

    I think it's time for a little revolution. All the miners that don't want to be harassed by BREs go to the anti virtue dungeons and mine away. Lets spread the wealth here.

    This post was also posted @ UOHall. Go give it a bump!

    If everyone thinks it's so great for miners to have to run from these things lets see how the people farming arties likes them.
  2. Karyn XX

    Karyn XX Guest

    'You know.. it would be only fair if my spawned blackrock friend killed a quester with an artifact.. that it would pop into my miner's backpack!!

    "For your invaluable assistance in clearing the dungeon quickly, you have been awarded an artifact." I'm not asking for much!!!'

    Makes sense to me. [​IMG]

    At least I don't get murder counts for killing with 'em. [​IMG]

    Peers at corpse.
    "Who me? Kill that guy? How could i do that? I'm just a miner. " [giggles]
  3. Jhym

    Jhym Guest

    Well something was up for me tonight, did some garg pick mining and got eight different elementals without even half the axe gone. Extra ingots, yay!

    Btw, Mage bows are veddy nice, yes.
  4. Lilac Crypt

    Lilac Crypt Guest

    You got EIGHT eles from one pick?

    Now I know who's been stealing mine. I've been lucky to get two per pick lately.

  5. Lokibee

    Lokibee Guest

    I REALLY like this idea hehe
    Want a Attended scripter on ya'll ele spawning team? Viva La Revelucion!!
  6. Jhym

    Jhym Guest

    In TRAMMEL no less. My girl just loves them now, though tonight she got none, so I guess that means none for the next month.

    I had some odd idea they were really tough, I must have been thinking of BREs instead. She takes care of them pretty handily so far.

    Or perhaps I was thinking of the wild ones in Ilshenar. Fighting four or five at once tended to be a bit exciting.
  7. Ava Reese

    Ava Reese Guest

    Only do it in Ish that way you can have a chance of a para spawning with hopes of getting a rare Ellie chest off it. So far i have gotten DC, shadow, and Verite chest off paras.
  8. JRedbeard

    JRedbeard Guest

    Just reactivated my account... whats the deal with these elementals? Do they spawn during normal mining or do you have to be using one of those ore enhancement tools?

    Thanks for the info, just want to know if im going to spawn an elemental and get ganked, lol.
  9. JRedbeard

    JRedbeard Guest

    Thanks for the response.. if they show up, GTFO eh as theyll kill me?

  10. Ava Reese

    Ava Reese Guest

    Best defence against a BRE is a fast mount.!!!!!!! And a quick recall!
  11. What is an anit virtue mine? I do find a lot of bre in the malas mines. And how do gargoyle pickaxse, help with mining if any thing. Just trying to learn more about mining or crafting in general. Ive been gone for a long while and now that im back it seems that the crafting industery is in big trouble.
  12. 5% Luck

    5% Luck Guest

    Ive been doping this in the ettin spawn in despize but im worried it will be considered a griefing tactic?
  13. Lilac Crypt

    Lilac Crypt Guest

    How could it be? It's not like you can MAKE it happen.. it just does.

    A tamer releasing a dragon.. that's deliberate. A blackrock elemental that just pops up with the miner as the target? Not so much.

    Last I knew mining was legal anywhere there were rocks.

    Unforeseen consequences are not the player's fault. Besides, the miner is busy running for his/her life.