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Breaking out on Belsavis! [Planet Reveal 12/03/2010]

Discussion in 'Holonet Chat' started by Darth Derriphan, Mar 12, 2010.

  1. Breaking out on Belsavis!


    This week we see a new planet revealed for Star Wars the Old Republic and it's a relatively obscure one... Belsavis! Some of you may remember this frozen planet from the Barbara Hambly novel Children of the Jedi.
    Once a prison world for the Rakatan and their Dark Side fueled Infinite Empire, Belsavis now serves a similar purpose for a much different culture. The Republic have taken advantage of the advanced Rakatan technology to house some of it's more powerful enemies as well as some ancient alien horrors still imprisoned from the days of the Rakatan Empire.


    Even so the Republic, fully aware of the constant threat that the Rakatan force fields for this maximum security prison - dubbed 'The Tomb' - could simple deplete one day, would rapidly continue to fill it's cells and at the height of the Great War would see Mandalorians warriors, Sith Lords and Sithspawn added to its ever increasing population.

    The Empire, obviously not sitting back and letting some of it's most dangerous creations rot in a Republic prison, sent out it's agent in search of the world and on discovery of it orchestrate a mass break out, freeing not only their own but other violent offenders.


    Just like many other worlds Belsavis is now a battleground, the Republic try in vain to restore order whilst the Empire attempt to remove their own from the carnage. What this means for us the player I can only assume will be some epic dungeon crawls as we venture deep within The Tomb encountering the worst criminals and creatures the galaxy has ever seen!

    For more Information on this planet and to see the update in full please visit the Official SWTOR websites Holonet.