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[Selling] Breastplate of the Berserker (tinker leg equiv for gargs)

Discussion in 'UO Pacific Trade' started by Xen Rel Nox, Sep 21, 2010.

  1. Xen Rel Nox

    Xen Rel Nox Guest

    Selling the Breastplate of the Berserker, which is something like an overpowered Gargoyle equivalent of the Animated Legs of the Insane Tinker in that they have 10% swing speed, 15% damage increase (rather than the tinker's 10) and other solid dexxer mods.

    Make your throwing samp/whammy today!

    Serious offers only please. You may respond here, PM me, or ICQ me at 67117832.

    Thanks. :eyes: