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Discussion in 'EA Land/The Sims Online Stratics Forums' started by independent117, Mar 21, 2008.

  1. ok so im trying to come up with ways to get ppl to enjoy skilling and making money with out payouts and blah blah blah. so i had a few ideas. remember back in the days when we used to do skill till you drop contests and drink until you pee and all those weird ones. i beileve those were the highlights of when i played because everyoen would IM ppl and it would be a BIG deal. they had those all the time.

    so i was wondering if you guys have any ideas on how we could bring that stuff back. i know its hard with out payouts but we did it before. any ideas?
  2. smplyslpng

    smplyslpng Guest

    Actually there are several lots that do have those contests and the owners offer prizes to the winners. They are alot of fun and very successful. They just aren't common right now becuz everyone is suffering from lack of funds due to low payouts. The owners that take time to work however seem to be able to hold them more often. But they are sacraficing open lot time to work for money to have contests.... anyhow thats what i've noticed.
  3. really well thanks for speaking up about that, i didnt know that there were other ppl out there that did that : )
  4. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Theres always room for more contests!

    With the lower funds these days why not give away a cool CC item as a prize? Less expensive and displayable!
  5. <blockquote><hr>

    Theres always room for more contests!

    With the lower funds these days why not give away a cool CC item as a prize? Less expensive and displayable!

    [/ QUOTE ]

    Great idea Nikki! I might have do this [​IMG]
  6. wow lol why didnt i think of that .THANKS HUN : )
  7. what can you do besides contests to get ppl on the map if your new
  8. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Plan an event and announce it on the event forum here on Stratics.

    Go out and about, make friends, friends are more likely to help you get your house going, and its alot more fun that way.

    Get a spotlight.

    Find some roomies to help you keep the house open more often.

    ...just off the top of my head.
  9. I like contests! More contests equals more fun! I also like it when people/hosts play games with the visitors like would you rather or trivia. Makes the time go by, its fun, and cute [​IMG]
  10. see i tried doing that but i couldnt get it to work because i was too new and when I IM ppl to let them know im planning it they said its rude to spam. i was like well back int he day we used to IM ppl and give them heads up and all the ppl i used to im SHOWED up lol. see i dont like the fact that everyone thinks that spamming is something that is bad. there is good spam ya know. like contests. there are ppl out there that dont know abt this site, or dont wanna use it. whats your advice for those ppl. wat wait around for them to get on the map? that could take hrs i mean lke 3plus hrs depending on how busy it is. and then ppl said IM close friends....well what if you knew and you IM the little friends you have and they are too busy skiling or something lol. then what?
  11. i wish more people posted events for EA Land on the forums and more people viewed them as well, it would make events easier to plan.
  12. no kidding but what can ya do. idk think enough ppl know abt this site. but if he IM ppl and tell them IT WOULD BE SPAMMING ROFL i'll never get that lol
  13. Guest

    Guest Guest

    I remember those contest. They were fun to watch, even if not to enter. It got crazy with all those people actually talking instead of afk skilling. I think reviving them is a great idea, and I'm glad its still in action.
  14. i agree i remember when no mater what you were doing you'd stop it and come on over to that house that was doing it. i think thats what brough so many ppl togther. and back then yeah we had our ppl who were still scammers but for the most part, it was just good clean fun, god i miss those days : ( and payouts, oh those were good........

    how many of you think we should have payouts again. not as much like, 100per case and we should set a limit and have it be only at a certain time of the day. SO WE DONT MAKE SO MUCH THAT WE ARE MILLION AIRS AGAIN LOL