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Buddy keys?

Discussion in 'PoTBS General Discussion' started by Chaucer of TS, Aug 14, 2008.

  1. I was curious to see if any buddy keys had been give out for PotBS yet?

    If they have, or if anybody know of any other trial available in the US, I was hoping someone might be willing to send me one.

    Chaucer of TS. :D
  2. Greetings, Chaucer. Good to see you here :)

    Let me rummage around and see if I've any left - if so, you're welcome to one. On the off chance that I'm out, Rusty had some (new) free trials in the works, that should be unveiled soon(!)

    I'll go look now :)
  3. Aight, I found one! Hehe...I changed comps since I got them, so I didn't have high hopes :p

    Here's a handy link that you will need: Buddy Key Info
    A CAVEAT: Please use the link below for downloading and installation, instead of the one listed in the Buddy Keys! post:


    It is the Station Launcher (rather than the Launchpad), and will save you hours of frustrating grief. Launchpad is due to be phased out, as it is mind-numbingly s l o w. (24-hour downloads are not uncommon with Launchpad, sorry to say) *twitches*

    Meanwhile, please check yer privates :)
  4. Thank you so very much Dor. I'm really looking forward to giving PotBS a try.

    Can you recommend a server to log onto once I get up and running?
  5. Each server has its drawbacks and/or advantages, depending upon your situation (and which nation you choose to play).

    Might I suggest that you consult the 'Sail into IRC' stickied post above, and join us in #burningsea if you can?

    *looks around*

    I suspect that you'll get a lot more feedback there, than here. ;-)