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Budget Sampire build

Discussion in 'UO Warrior' started by BadManiac, Jul 18, 2010.

  1. BadManiac

    BadManiac Guest

    As an exercise for stratics, and for ****s and giggles, I want to make a Sampire build with some strict limitations. Crafted gear and marties only, and no more than 110 in any skill. Think of it as a Sampire build that a new player could conceivably achieve in a realistic time frame. The goal is to be able to solo Miasma. I think that's a reasonable target, that opens up most of the game for a new player to enjoy.

    So for starters, what stats? We assume 225 max stats as a new char/player.

    Secondly, skill distribution. 700 total max skills.
    Swords, Fencing or Mace?

    And lastly, of course, equipment. Crafted and martys only.
  2. Reinzeld

    Reinzeld Seasoned Veteran
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    Aug 11, 2004
    Likes Received:
    Poor player here, watching eagerly.

    (I have access to 720 skills, 240 (I think) stats, and I already have fey legs, heart of the lion, and aegis of grace, but I'm very interested to see the rest of this stuff play out.)
  3. [JD]

    [JD] Guest

    The key to an inexpensive build is using faster weapons. So like fencing, or radiant scimitar in swords, etc. Which will allow you not to require a suit with +32 STA or expensive/rare artifacts or crafted stuff like turquoise ring. Instead you get to use inexpensive common artifacts like Fey Legs, RBC, etc.

    I'd say out of all the skills which need to be 120 (or 115), it's swords. But, since I was killing miasma at 102 swords then your goal of 110 is more than sufficient with the proper setup.

    This is the setup I was using to kill her

    120 swords (needed more training, was only at 102)
    100 tac
    100 anat
    99 nec
    90 healing
    120 bush (needed more training, was only at 100)
    Rest in Chiv.

    Used a double axe, 30 ssi, 45 di, 55 hml, 44 hsl, hit area. Not an optimum weapon, it was my spawning double axe. But it worked. If I had to redesign it I might add scorp slayer to it for her only. But remember, double axe requires 35 sta and a bunch of STA. Goal for this build is cheap suit, so I would redesign with a radiant scimmy for ww, or daisho, or leafblade if you're fencing.

    Process was: clear anything that could add onto me, so clear all minos and reptalons. Then pull her from grassy area and kill. Eoo, honor, consecrate, double strike, ls, ls, double strike til dead. Easy peasy

    I'm still in an unfinished suit, ill let someone else handle the suit portion. Using the inexpensive arties it should be easy enough to make a 45 hci/dci suit, and you'll probably have around 130+ dex. Which with the 30 ssi on your weapon should be more than enough to swing a 2.75 at cap
  4. Gorbs

    Gorbs Sage
    Stratics Veteran

    Nov 5, 2009
    Likes Received:
    I first started killing Miasma at
    230 stat cap (100/100/30) Human
    110 fencing and Tactics
    100 Bushido, Anat, and Healing
    99 Necro
    65ish Chiv

    Used a scorpion slayer kryss (with 36% DI and 12% Dispel)
    Suit was Ancient Samurai helm + gm barbed leather + imbues to get resists to 70/70/60/70/68 after vamp form, but that's overkill for Miasma. Jewelry was all non-relic required imbues (DI, stats, +10 physical resist).

    I rarely had a problem with him. Reptalons and/or Minotaurs in addition to Miasma were too much for me to handle without any mana leach on my weapon. My imbuer was at roughly 80 skill at the time, so I threw on probably +3 dex/stam or str/hp to pieces after the resist imbues.