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Bug that cost me a soulstone

Discussion in 'UHall' started by Walkerboh77, Jan 12, 2011.

  1. Walkerboh77

    Walkerboh77 Guest

    It seems my 120 ninjitsu soul stone on Atlantic disappeared from my house sometime jan 11th to what i can only assume was some sort of bug....as no one has access to my home and it's been sitting in the same place for some time so it wasn't unlocked...

    i heard Atl had a significant amount of downtime today....

    what are the odds of getting it replaced on an appeal?
  2. Nyses

    Nyses Lore Keeper
    Stratics Veteran

    Jun 10, 2008
    Likes Received:
    Sadly, there is no chance. :( It was not on a Tower wing where gypsies might spawn was it?
  3. Walkerboh77

    Walkerboh77 Guest

    no not in a tower wing....just on the second floor of a 18x18(?) house in malas :( ...unless a polar bear snatched it :mad:

    thanks for the reply. I feared as much. This was the straw that broke the camel's back i think. I think i will unload the account and be done with this bug ridden game. I cannot abide by wasting time/money to have it stripped away even while logged off due to some bug where the company will not at least admit fault and replace the lost items.

    thanks again for the reply
  4. Babble

    Babble Guest

    Chances are it was because you were over the item limit when the account server was down and you moved the soulstoone or something.
    Chances are if it happened to many people that there then might be a revert.
  5. Walkerboh77

    Walkerboh77 Guest

    i wasn't logged in all day...and as i said...the stone hasn't been moved in months....

    and if u mean item limit in my home...im no where near that

    i will throw out an appeal and see if can get a response...i won't hold my breath
  6. Babble

    Babble Guest

    Problem is EA has no data over individual items. So they cannot say if you had a soulstone or not.
  7. maremmano

    maremmano Adventurer
    Stratics Veteran

    May 21, 2008
    Likes Received:
    disappeared two secure chests in mine tower first floor
    it costed me a lot.. europa
  8. Babble

    Babble Guest

    Try to get a bug report in, if enough people lost stuff they might do a revert
  9. Beer_Cayse

    Beer_Cayse Guest

    wow! I'm wondering if I reactivate if any of my characters and stuff still be banked or at the inn or what? I dismantled the house before closing down but if private dwellings can all of a sudden lose stuff what can happen to bankboxes?
  10. Arabella

    Arabella Lore Keeper
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    Apr 8, 2004
    Likes Received:
    I lose a secure bag on the top of my keep. Basically the same story but I am on Great Lakes, locked down and secure and poof this morning it is gone. Another weird thing, is 3 of my plants fell through the roof to the second floor steps, they were still locked down.
  11. Vaelix

    Vaelix Guest

    Question.. based on that Last post.

    If an item falls though a house and manages to hit ground level (Under the 1st floor), will the item no longer be considered "In" The house, Unlock/Unsecure, then decay normally?
  12. Babble

    Babble Guest

    Bankboxes always were more secure than houses. EA stated so uhm ..since the beginning to bank important stuff. Players these days are just used that housing is safe and wonder when a bug hits them.
  13. Babble

    Babble Guest

  14. Vaelix

    Vaelix Guest

    My next question would be... Is there anything that randomly generates "Dynamic" Tiles throughout the world?

    And if so, If one of these tiles accidentally happened to "Build" at server up under a house, would all tiles above said tile be considered "Invalid" thus allowing items to pass or "Fall" through them?

    ( I like figuring stuff out )
  15. Babble

    Babble Guest

    Gypsy, Orc and Brigand camps do such a thing with their campfires and other statics.

    Check out other threads for the problems they introduced.
  16. Vaelix

    Vaelix Guest

    Im aware, thats where I am coming from..

    So its the Statics and Not the Dynamics that Cause the problem?

    (Note for those arnt aware.. )

    * Static stuff was stuff that we didn’t expect to change. It was trees, it was the terrain, it was the water features. It was the buildings in the cities, and the furnishings in the buildings.
    * Dynamic stuff was simulated by the server, and in fact, we simulated quite a lot. Every creature, every item someone crafted, every invisible object used by the simulation (spawners, for example)

    (We is used because this was taken from an Old Dev on "How Rares were born")
  17. Babble

    Babble Guest

    Yes, should be the statics producing the problem and also as they get deleted when the camp despawns stuff with it may get deleted.

    Not sure what dynamics except the mobiles get spawned with those, but they normally should not make any troubles.

    Would have once before when npcs and so could destroy furniture and stuff in houses

  18. Vaelix

    Vaelix Guest

    Going off of that Logic, is it safe to assume that somehow Static tiles are spawning randomly under houses and due to their nature as "Solids" they are making all tiles or objects above them invalid?

    Which goes to further the question of, Is the Item falling though the house because the Tiles are invalid, or because the Item is? (If the assumption is correct in the first place)
  19. Babble

    Babble Guest

    They should not spawn inside housing zones. Code should properly check for that.
    Also not sure if items fall under the house or get deleted.
    The guess why items fall under stuff is that their z axis gets pushed over a limit and is then set to the lowest which is under the house then.

    Either by placing a static below them or by deleting a static below them.

    In short, don't assume anything in your house is safe and just have fun.
  20. Vaelix

    Vaelix Guest


    So another question... Is it safe to assume that..

    When a Gypsy Camp spawns, all Dynamic Objects that stack on any Static tile that comes with them, is converted to a Static that gets deleted when they despawn because its then considered Part of the Camp?

    (Otherwise We'd see tiles missing, if they affected Non Dynamic objects, correct?)
  21. Babble

    Babble Guest

    No, the items are not converted to statics. What probably happens is that wiping the gypsy tent it more like deleting not exact spots x,y,z but a bit more above and below and so it seems that some other items fall under the delete option.
  22. Warpig Inc

    Warpig Inc Babbling Loonie
    Stratics Veteran

    Jul 2, 2008
    Likes Received:
    A soutstone that had been locked down at my keep second floor above the enterance just vannished all sudden. Not sure when. Just got noticed when went to use it and not found. This was years ago.

    Point being they preach that UO is nothing more then pixels we do not own. Our monthly fee is just rent at their discretion. But now they sell item that are not some reward or gift. If they are not going to insure that items are safer then they are to date. They need find a better way to fleece our pockets. Higher monthly fee option with more/different reward system. Possible none skill related gaming insentives. Hell 5x7 tent that acts like a house but has a decay/refresh of a boat. Security like a boat, so nohiding but a secure area for you stuff. So camping an area would have a meaning.

    Just when they sell something without some ownership, character tagged ID. Way to search if an item is truely gone that a player has proof of puchase charged to a card. Could just add a sign/icon to the log in window. "NO support on duty - play at your own risk".

    I refuse to pay for anything that is not account related upgrade. If there is one rule they stand by strongly. We do not own the pixels even if you paid for them.
  23. Gal

    Gal Guest

    This is a long shot but it might work, try to claim your house's moving box, some times because of changes to your house design things move over to the moving box.
    It might be the case for you because you said its a 18x18 not so much for the people with the castles and keeps but worth a try nothing to lose other then what has already been lost.
  24. Babble

    Babble Guest

    In no common mmo you own the pixels. EA's way of saving things is just so old that recovering items is very hard. They could bind 'soulstones' to the account - not as item but as slot you could never lose
  25. Smoot

    Smoot Grand Poobah
    Stratics Veteran

    Nov 17, 2009
    Likes Received:
    Ive lost things to reverts, ive lost stuff in my house to bugs, and i have lost a few boxes of armor that were In the bank box (one was a complete assassin armor suit set)

    So, nothing in UO is "safe" ... sad but it does take one step away from UO being a totally "item based game"... becuase any item at any time does have the small chance to Poof So... is that i good thing? hrmmm...
  26. ingsmsico

    ingsmsico Visitor

    Oct 17, 2009
    Likes Received:
    as I have said before. you can post on Stratics and complain all day long all it will do is cause you stress and all this game is ever going to do is make you stressed out. just cancel your account and forget about it.



    because they DO NOT CARE.
  27. a slave girl

    Stratics Veteran

    Aug 14, 2008
    Likes Received:

    Soulstones should ALWAYS be kept in your char's bank, ALWAYS.

    It is true that if you customize your house and place for example a new wall over a tile that contains a locked down item, that item will be moved to the moving crate in the house sign.

    This always happens to any items locked down on your house steps, whenever you enter customization mode.

    Owning a home with multiple levels puts you at risk of unlocking something on one floor but accidentally targeting something else on another floor.

    This is more likely to happen if you are in a hurry and not paying attention, or whenever you are redecorating and unlocking/relocking multiple items quickly.

    I owned a row of chests stacked 4 high on one floor and while unlocking a row of chests on another floor, I accidentally targeted one of the chests on the first floor.

    I didn't notice I had done it until after the chest decayed and I noticed I was missing one from the row.

    UO landscapes shift, which sometimes makes houses formerly 'properly placed' become 'improperly placed'.

    You might check your house sign to see if the ground beneath it has shifted, but since we are all human I suspect that this is probably more a case of human error than anything else.

    PS: Full red soulstones do not decay. I keep the ones I have gotten from idocs in the grassy area of my castle, unsecured, so I recommend if you MUST lock down full soulstones in your house, you only do so with the red ones.

    That way if you did accidentally unlock it it wouldn't decay. Although if unlocked a visitor could take it.
  28. Tazar

    Tazar Guest

    For security purposes, that is a great idea, but in reality it is not always practical. It is rather difficult to claim a skill on character A when the Soulstone is in the bank of character B.

    Also, if I decided to put my soulstones in one bank box, I would not have enough room. :p
  29. MalagAste

    MalagAste Belaern d'Zhaunil
    Governor Stratics Veteran Alumni Stratics Legend Campaign Supporter Royal Knight

    Aug 21, 2000
    Likes Received:
    Sadly from what I understand if you are quitting over bugs in games I guess your likely not to find any games to play then. Enjoy RL I guess..... where there are no bugs. Oh... wait... I'll send you some of my Japanese beetles if you are all out of bugs in RL.
  30. ziggy29

    ziggy29 Journeyman
    Stratics Veteran

    Feb 11, 2010
    Likes Received:
    Of course, when you have 2-3 characters who need to "share" the same skill, it's not very practical...

    Also, when you are soulstoning you need to have one unused stone around for "swap space" -- i.e. move outgoing skill to empty stone, then grab another skill from a different stone (making it empty). Putting stones in the bank would require an extra empty stone for every character, not just one for the account.

    I understand what you're saying from the standpoint about maximum security, and I agree, but it's not an acceptable "solution".
  31. Babble

    Babble Guest

    Most newer games these days don't have bugs where you can lose stuff as these games track items better.

    WOW is a great game for example, lotr too... I am sure Rift or DCuniverse online also have no bugs that let you lose items you bought probably from an item shop, like soulstones could be.

    That is one of the problems of uo that you easily can lose even items you extra paid for.
  32. Sevin0oo0

    Sevin0oo0 Guest

    Sorry for all the losses. That they can't successfully implement an change tells me they Don't have trained & knowledgeable Computer specialists or project managers. While I don't 'think' I lost anything (most of mine is packed up), only time will tell.

    I just noticed a a stack of runebooks (with benches) I had dyed yesterday are now all uncolored - on LS. That smells like they did a revert somewhere.