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Bugs/inconsistencies on siege still waiting to be fixed

Discussion in 'UHall' started by Raptor85, Nov 3, 2011.

  1. Raptor85

    Raptor85 Certifiable
    Stratics Veteran

    Jul 23, 2007
    Likes Received:
    I know the devs are all busy with the current changes right now but can these please be looked into soon, some of them are fairly game breaking and they were reported quite a while back. Making a new list here for easy reference.

    1. Faction Stat loss/Point transfer is currently broken on all facets but mainland fel and t2a. Two of the largest guilds on the shard are faction guilds, and this is an annoyance for many of us. When scoring a kill you don't get points unless you're in fel/t2a. This is incorrect as siege allows faction warfare on all facets, so people are still orange and attackable to me in termur/abyss but when I kill someone there I gain nothing (same as if they kill me)

    2. Power scrolls only drop in the t2a/fel spawns. We have fel ruleset in all the spawns so it seems a bit silly that the harder tokuno and ilish spawns don't drop anything worthwhile

    3. More of an annoyance, but red moongates here STILL warn you everytime that you're entering a pvp zone, it would be nice if the "pvp warning" toggle they added for the SA areas worked on that too

    4. Unknown status on Minax ability to place faction vendors, we don't want to waste 10 incredibly boring hours of playtime guarding sigils until we know this is fixed

    5. termur NPC's still attack anyone who's recently been red, but since you're blue they flag gray in town and guards are called, guardwhacking them (yes, the guards guardwhack the termur npc's) This sets of a chain reaction of npc's calling guards on each other until the town is filled bursting the sides with guards and there's bodies everywhere, if you dont flee the area quickly it gets REALLLY laggy with hundreds of guards on screen.
    Image here so you can see what happens http://www.midnightfragfest.com/images/guards.jpg (on the bright side, the gargoyle guards actually look like gargoyles, unlike all the other NPC's in town)

    6. when red, yellow NPC's in some areas run up and just start punching you, healers especially like to do this

    7. with red healers removed reds no longer have anywhere to res outside of fel, heavy use of "help stuck" and running to jhelom moongate is required. (also.....really, red healers should resurrect you even while flagged gray..i mean, they're resurrect murderers but not me because i tried to steal someones scissors 5 minutes ago?)

    8. res ankhs such as the ones in ilish and in peerless areas (such as the one in shimmer) won't ressurect faction people.

    9. not that I don't abuse it myself, but faction monster ignore still ignores usage of pets and summons, allowing tamers and mages/myst the somewhat ridiculous ability to farm for a hour in complete safety (you can solo most peerless on siege with a RC and a simple 100lrc suit if you're faction)

    10. siege faction dye can be dyed over with normal dye but still retains the "faction only" property, but with no way to tell from looking at the item. This leads to from time to time buying an item and...surprise!! "Only paladins can wear this"

    11. not sure if other shards were reverted, but we still only have a single saltpeter vendor on siege, and he reverts to "20" available per sale every hour multiple times per day. Camping him all day you'd barely get enough for a single person to take down 1-2 pirate ships

    12. not a bug as much as oversight, with the 3x npc cost some of the purposefully inflated item costs that were done for other shards carried over here at 3x the rate, saltpeter costs so much we may as well just start stuffing doom arties in the cannons to fire out, it would be cheaper....and the sauces for the fish pies are so expensive, translating the "siege" cost to what it would cost on ATL think around 100k gold for the cheapest pie that gives a tiny temporary buff.

    13. semi-related to the earlier talk about powerscrolls, but sots also here drop in 0.1-0.5 anywhere but fel, which doesn't make much sense since all spawns are the same ruleset here

    14. another thing I abuse myself but still admit is not right, there are still some old blessed event spellbooks and blessed artifacts available. (I think all the 7th aniv are finally gone now, but there's others like the lucky necklace and some blessed spellbooks w/ mods). Especially the event spellbooks, having one is a huge advantage as it gives not just any extra blessed item, but an extra blessed item with fairly insane stats to begin with (my spellbook alone caps my SDI, adds a ton of lmc, and boosts my DCI considerably, plus now i can bless a orny since it doesnt count as my blessed item). All blessed items for dexxers were either turned in for blue soulstones or had the "blessed" property removed, only mages really have blessed items left.

    15. ROT daily skill gain cap was removed, but daily stat gain cap is still in place, hinders the ability to train considerably now that you hit higher skill levels faster but still only gain a few stat points per day.

    16. We were told we were at least going to have EM's here from time to time testing and training but have yet to see them :/

    I'll cut it short for now, for ones that concern me the most, though any others other siege players may want to add would be welcome, I don't really expect immediate change but would like to keep a list of issues visible so we're not forgotten again.
  2. Sevin0oo0

    Sevin0oo0 Guest

    thanks for that screen grab, was cool to see
  3. Tina Small

    Tina Small Stratics Legend
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend 4H

    May 12, 2008
    Likes Received:
    I can't think of anything significant to add at the moment, Raptor, other than to just recommend completely eliminating the gump for moongates telling you you're going to Fel. The whole shard is Fel ruleset, so that warning gump showing up anywhere on Siege is just plain pointless and annoying, in my opinion.

    Another request I have that definitely falls far down the priority list would be to neaten up the collection of crafting add-ons out in the Brit farm field. Leave the banker and the stablemaster NPCs please, but maybe someone could take a few minutes to make it look a little less like a tornado came along and dropped the stuff willy-nilly in that field. It's a great place for newcomers to work their mining but I'm almost embarrassed to show it to them for how bad it looks....