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Building Out of Bounds

Discussion in 'EA Land/The Sims Online Stratics Forums' started by SweetestAngel, Jun 22, 2008.

  1. Can anyone plz help me. I was building on my lot in EA-Land (KnightAngelsCondo Two) and 2 object appeared out of bounds (a door and a wall). I cannot get rid of it. HELP PLZ. Does anyone have any suggestions? I tried getting rid of it by selecting the door and clicking control key. It tells me out of bounds. I tried deleting it, same result (out of bounds). :sad3: HELP :grrr:
  2. MandiK

    MandiK Guest

    They will be there as long as the lot is. I have had a door or window stuck on MANY lots. It happens, lol
  3. TY MandiK for replying. I was afraid that might be the way it was rolleyes:
  4. MandiK

    MandiK Guest

    I grew fond of my floating window in the road. :)
  5. I avoid this from happening:

    Remove all windows and doors before the walls. If you delete the walls with the windows and doors already attached, you have a chance of them appearing out of bounds. ;)
  6. EgtBallShark

    EgtBallShark Guest

    The only solution for getting rid of the floaties was to move to a differant. I have a window thats out of bounds and yes I agree it does give it character.