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Bunch of rares and semi rares for sale

Discussion in 'UO Rares Collector' started by imported_silent, Apr 5, 2008.

  1. Just coming back from a long break and need some gold to afford the high prices of armor and weapons. Looking for offers on the stuff below PM me or post offers. All items are on Chessy. thanks

    A Hatchet [practice weapon] x 6
    A Bow [practice weapon] x 7
    A Longsword [practive weapon] x 2
    A Table Of Exceptional Quality charcoal in color
    Dead Wood x 12
    Blackmoor x 21
    Dragon's Blood
    Djinni's Ring Blessed
    Bloodstained Tunic
    Gladiator of Malas Blessed
    A Runebook Of Exceptional Quality x 8
    Runebook [Exceptional] x 2
    Pink Champagne Flute x 4
    Light Pink Bottle of Champagne x 6
    Dark Pink Bottle of Champagne x 4
    Silver Happy Holidays! bag x 2

    No Draw backpacks x 2 (can't see in 2d anymore but reports 1 item yet nothing in there, may be able to see in UOKR)

    Matching Set of shadow colored armor: Ringmail Gloves of exceptional quality, chainmail tunic of exceptional quality, platemail arms of exceptional
    quality, chainmail leggings of exceptional quality, close helmet of exceptional quality, platemail gorget of exceptional quality, boots of exceptional quality.

    15 pieces of ranger armor, 3 tunics, 2 gloves, 3 gorget, 5 sleeves, 2 leggings

    Mini house deed thatched-roof cottage
    Mini house deed tower
    Mini house deed small stone keep
    Mini house deed castle
    Mini house: Contest Winning House Design
    Small Ship Deed
    Coupon for a free hair restyling
    Gold mark scroll
    A Shirt Embroidered with "we created the food"
    Green Robe blessed charcoal color
    14 pieces of spell reflection items 600+ charges
    Orders from minax x 5
    An interior house door key x 2
    Member of the royal britannian guard Red x 2
    Arrow (looks like a green thorn)
    Fur light colored
    Glass (green mug)
    Big Forge [facing south] deed
    Big Forge [facing east] deed
    Anvil [facing east] deed
    A wooden box of expectional quality with key
    A whispering rose from flowers
    A whispering rose from rose
    A whispering rose from white zombie

    31 pieces of red daemon bone, 1 helmet, 9 chest, 4 gloves, 8 arms, 9 leggings

    Neon blue robe, no other tags
    Neon blue tunic blessed AOS Evil Man
    Neon blue shoes blessed AOS Zaknafein Mizri
    Neon blue skirt blessed AOS Merlin
    Of Exceptional quality kilt
    Of Exceptional quality floppy hat
    a fancy dress [blessed] blessed double blessed
    a long pants of exceptional quality
    Deed to a guildstone Legend of the tusk [PQR]
    Personal bless deed for orcish lord
    personal bless deed for me
    Crystal ball blessed
    Crystal ball blessed "looking into the crystal ball... you know the rest x 3
    Hay x 7
    Flowerpot (short one with orange flowers) x 2
    Flowerpot (medium one looks like a weed) x 2
    Flowerpot (fat one with purple flower shoots) x 2
    Potted tree (short fat one looks like a weed)
    Metal box (gold only holds 25 items)
    666 diamonds jewelry set, bracelet, ring, earings, necklace