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[Price Check] Buncha stuff....

Discussion in 'UO Rares Collector' started by madhatter82, Dec 19, 2008.

  1. madhatter82

    madhatter82 Guest

    I have the following

    Full Valentines bag from 99
    Khaldun grey viking sword
    Exceptional runebooks/ Arunebook of exceptional quality
    Whispering roses
    young player tickets
    old xmas tickets the colored ones
    One of every color sutffy but not all the ones in each color
    Double exceptional Leather items
    Gold boxes 125 items
    Strong boxes 25 items
    gold boxes 25 items
    Cut leather like 15 diff colors
    Keys boat keys iron keys rusty iron keys keys with names like key: kill
    A Body Sash A robe
    Copper Norse Helm
    Weapons with charges ie clumsiness and para
    Daemon Blood
    A crystal ball says something like swirling in the mists
    old lock picks newbie ones and some weird looking ones....fishing pole also newbie basically every newbie item.... are any of them worth a squat?
    Exceptional clothing double exception clothing
    Satan Himself AOS items ... Neon colors
    A Bow of ophidian slaying (name of bow)

    Double exceptional wooden boxes

    Full vial racks/ bubbling thingys
    Crazy looking xmas box
    White xmas cards and valentines day cards un filled out
    Double blessed black sandals

    Some others but thats a lot....

    Thank you for your help
  2. madhatter82

    madhatter82 Guest

    I know I put up a lot of stuff... sorry bout that. If anyone could atleast tell me the 99 V day bag that would be great I think its prob the best one...
  3. Abyss

    Abyss Guest

    Whispering roses-150-200k ea.
    young player tickets- 10-30k ea.
    One of every color sutffy but not all the ones in each color- Any whites? Others are pretty common 10-30k
    Double exceptional Leather items- Varies for me. 50-300k ea piece.
    Gold boxes 125 items- Seen for between 200-500k. Sometimes got a few for 80k depending.
    Strong boxes 25 items- I usually get these for around the same price but others may say differently.
    gold boxes 25 items- Same as above
    Weapons with charges ie clumsiness and para- usually get about 1k per charge.
    Moonstones-20-40k ea.
    A crystal ball says something like swirling in the mists- 150-250k
    Satan Himself AOS items ... Neon colors- Probably the same as other AOS but who knows. Between 200-500k ea.
    A Bow of ophidian slaying (name of bow)-Just an old Juka bow. has it been modified?
    Double exceptional wooden boxes- 150-300k ea.
    White xmas cards and valentines day cards un filled out-Don't believe white Val cards are rare or maybe it was Christmas ones. My memory fails me.
    Double blessed black sandals- 3 to 6 mil.

    The valentines 99 bag. Are those the ones with muffins/valentine card and bag? Post the contents and I'll try to help further if I can.

    This is what I have seen others may disagree. These prices are all from Great Lakes btw.
  4. madhatter82

    madhatter82 Guest

    A Bow Of Ophidian Slaying in yellow then
    Weight 6 stones
    Ophidian Slayer
    Physical damage 100%
    Weapon damage Weapon speed etc

    The valentines day bag has 5 candies with sayings 5 cards all from same toon saying something two red glasses dark red champagne valentines day red bag
  5. FongofATL

    FongofATL Guest

    What shard are these on?
  6. madhatter82

    madhatter82 Guest

    ATL Catskills LS buncha spots .... unfortunatly but those three prob have the most of things I know theres like 3 full valentines bags on sonoma also from old old old chrs hehe