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[Burlok] Da Blak Handz - Greenskin Only

Discussion in 'Warhammer Guild Recruitment' started by Gukrog, Oct 3, 2008.

  1. Gukrog

    Gukrog Guest

    WEBSITE - www.dablakhandz.com

    Da Blak Handz* are a Greenksin army based upon a breakaway band of orcs and goblins who were former members of the Bloodaxe Alliance**.

    The "Bloodaxe Allianz" were one of the great Greenskin armies based out of the Badlands with over 3,500 Greenskins marching under the Bloodaxe banner. During their reign, the Allianz sacked a vast nuber of Dwarf settlements on the outskirts of the World's Edge Mountains.

    However, all was not going well within the higher ranks. During its reign, the Allianz changed leadership on several occassions - it was under the lead of Warboss Norgaz 'Ard as Nailz' Grubbitz (following the disappearance of Mijull 'Dead Brave' Negg) that everything began to go wrong for the Bloodaxe Alliance. Having spent most of his time in the Allianz as a warrior, Norgaz lacked tactical prowess and was of the belief that numbers wins in any battle.

    Several years ago, when the leading priests assembled to read the omens in the offal of ritually sacrificed enemies, a special expedition was planned. The whole strength of the Bloodaxe Alliance marched accross the Border Princes in search of the fabled Black Fire Pass. On their way, they were to form up with the Bloody Sun Boyz to form a formidable force of strength.

    A navigational error landed them up in the Vaults some three hundred miles to the south-west of their goal. However, the quest for Black Fire Pass - linked in Orcish tradition with such great names as Notlob and Harboth - had taken on the quality of a crusade. The Orcs established a permanenet base in the Yetzin valley, from which raiding and scouting parties were constantly dispatched.

    Several months on, Norgaz marched north-east again in search of Black Fire Pass with three quarters of his army. The Allianz made it to the western fringes of the mountain range and made their way into the valleys.

    It is here that the Bloodaxe Allianz was largely wiped out having unknowingly walked through a valley surrounded by Dwarven outposts in the higher peaks. Suriving Greenskins scatttered, making their way to the Badlands. One such group sought refuge in Mount Bloodhorn.

    Today, under lead of Gukrog 'Toothsmasher' Hoorzid, Da Blak Handz are the formed remnants of that very group.

    * Da Blak Handz: Actual registered WFRP (Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay) Greenskin tabletop Army led by Gukrog, undefeated in 74 wars.

    ** Bloodaxe Alliance: Actual WFRP Greenskin Alliance featured in several published books.

    Da Blak Handz needz you
    We are looking for all classes of Greenskin on the Burlok server, those interested should register themselves at www.dablakhandz.com/register.php. A guild leader will then contact you on Burlok to accept your membership and activate your membership account, giving you access to the War Room.

    Ideally, we would like to recruit those within EU timezones.

    Da War Room
    The War Room is only accessible to members of the guild and gives members access to missions for guild loyalty rewards and items.