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[Parry] Bushido (x skill) + Parry = ??

Discussion in 'UO Warrior' started by Rocklin, May 4, 2009.

  1. Rocklin

    Rocklin Guest

    I have read that at 120 Parry and 120 Bushido you have 35% Parry. My question is, what if you don't have Legendary Bushido? I am only at 80 Bushido at the moment. I am training with a Soul Seeker. Would I be better off TRAINING with a shield and then dropping the shield at some point?
  2. check stratics under the Parry skill, it has a calculator that tells you your exact parry chance.
  3. Credinus

    Credinus Guest

    Are you asking in regards for training bushido? If so, then no, using a shield won't affect your bushido gains. Since it doesn't affect the gains, there's no reason to equip the shield since it destroys your parry chance; you should only ever have a shield on with bushido if you are training parry itself.

    And unfortunately, there doesn't seem to be any reasonable way to get bushido gains in the upper skill ranges. Past about 95 bushido, you'll be happy to get more then about .3 per hour with unguilded pets, and it's just as slow in active hunting. It's just too bad you can't set two pets together to apply momentum strike to that trick. :( Once you hit that wall with LS, the best method I've found for gains is just going to champ spawns (avoid the caster tiers, especially if any cast mana vamp) and just spamming momentum strike. I gotta tell you, I'm -this- close to switching to a whammy temporarily to get bushido up. ;)
  4. If running out of mana that is causing you to get slow gains, make sure you have a weapon with good mana leech on it. You can also do lower level critters like lizard men that spawn fast, spam momentum strike to leech all your mana back. Slayers and honor also help to maximize the mana leech. OR, put on a high mana regen suit. You are probably sacrificing resists for high mana regen, but if you are going after groups of smaller critters they probably aren't hitting you anyway.

    I just used Lightning Strike and honor against miasma with high leech weapons. Gains might be a little slower, but I never ran out of mana and the loot was pretty good! It's a lot less boring than just gaming for skill gain. I didn't really hit a wall until 115 bushido.
  5. This is why I always suggest the Yomotsu Warriors in the mines. I never hit any wall and had hit 120 Bushido before I hit 120 Swords just using LS.
  6. Rocklin

    Rocklin Guest

    Connor, to fight Yomotsu, what would you suggest in the line of skills? My Samurai is getting up there with roughly 95/120 Swords, 90 in Anat and Tac, 120 Parry and a solid suit. Currently swinging a Soul Seeker.
  7. You're at the perfect level in all of your skills to take them on. You want the 2nd room in where there are 2 that spawn. Go past the 2 eles, then past the single warrior and 1 ele, then you'll be at the spot where 2 spawn. With their large amount of HP's and the fast respawn rate, you'll never be at a point where you won't have at least one there to beat on, so you'll be nonstop swinging. Just LS every hit and you'll see your skills go up very quickly. Plus they drop 600+ gold each, and you'll have a shot at finding a decent Yumi, which will be a bonus.