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Discussion in 'UO Chesapeake' started by imported_fyr, Apr 22, 2005.

  1. imported_fyr

    imported_fyr Guest

    All ye seekers/sellers/traders of goods on Chessie, post here. Please edit yer post when ya get what you want.
  2. Selling a non-medi enhanced stud arms with like 134 luck and good resists on it. Contact me for the details on those arms and your offering prices in UO gp plz.
  3. Irish Lauren

    Irish Lauren Guest

    Sold Sold Sold Sold

    A Few things Im looking to Sell a 16x16 Trammal Plot, NO spawn, Great neighbors and it's only a Hop,Skip and a Jump from North bridge of Vesper Im Only asking 6 Mill OBO!! On the other Hand im looking for a Large Felluca Tower to Move into if ANYONE persons has some Info Please Do Please let Lauren Know :) Thanks,
  4. Grenier

    Grenier Guest

    Selling a 16x16 Tram Plot 300k Its close to Mountain and low spawn with no Blocking view from any houses PM me This Place it SOLD!!
  5. Lady Phoenix

    Lady Phoenix Guest

    I'm always buying insane weapons and jewels of any type, but preferrably dexxer items. Currently I'm most currently in need of a killer PvP kryss with lots of hit effect mods of high intensity.

    Desired mods in order of preference:
    Fireball (Lightning or Harm acceptable)
    Mana Leech

    I'll pay millions for a kryss or any other weapon with high combinations of these mods.

    For jewels I'm always buying uber ones but the one I'm most looking for is a bracelet with dex 8, enhance pots 25, DI, DCI and Energy Resist.

    Thanks :)
  6. <blockquote><hr>

    I'll pay millions blah blah blah blah blah

    [/ QUOTE ]

    MUSIC to my ears!!! $_$ When I get home, I will list what I got... $_$
  7. Dagger
    50% Hit Fireball
    42% Hit Mana Leech
    26% Hit Life Leech

    46% Hit Lower Attack
    Fast Cast 1
    30% SSI
    33% DI

    50% Hit Mana Leech
    22% Hit Life Leech
    20% SSI
    31% DI

    Long Spear
    Spell Channeling
    28% Hit Mana Leech
    30% Hit Lower Defense
    37% DI

    44% Hit Fireball
    40% Hit Life Leech
    Fast Cast 1
    22% DI

    Short Spear
    44% Hit Lightning
    22% Hit Cold Area
    10% Hit Life Leech
    24% DI

    40% Hit Stam Leech
    30% Hit Magic Arrow
    28% Hit Mana Leech
    22% Hit Lower Attack
    21% DI

    War Axe
    44% Hit Fireball
    4% DCI
    25% SSI
    26% DI

    Long spear
    24% Hit Fireball
    24% Hit Mana Leech
    20% SSI
    30% DI

    These any good?
  8. Lady Phoenix

    Lady Phoenix Guest

    My icq is 15124095, q me and we'll talk prices.
  9. Lady Phoenix

    Lady Phoenix Guest

    Currently looking for ungodly CLUB with 25+ SSI and other silly mods like Mana Leech, Fireball, HLD, HLA, etc.
  10. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Selling a Large 20x Val Plate BOD. This is the only LBod that rewards a Valorite Runic Hammer

  11. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Looking for a barbed kit, reasonable prices only please. leave me a note here and I'll get in touch.

    Mara Sedai of C~M
  12. Guest

    Guest Guest

    I know it's silly but i am hooked again on getting plague beast cores..
    Selling them

    they are used for ant Water purification Quest and look mighty nice .

    Selling Tomarties = since major are selling at 1.5 mil each I am selling minors at 100k each. you can still make a profit .

    place your oder ICQ me with quantity.
  13. <blockquote><hr>

    Selling a Large 20x Val Plate BOD. This is the only LBod that rewards a Valorite Runic Hammer


    [/ QUOTE ]

    Can you post the price you sold it for here please?

    That goes for everyone else also. Not that I am demanding or nothing, but this will be a good database for pricing references. If you sold it under priced, then say so and reasons why.

    We can milk this thread in many ways other than just using it as a buy/sell thread.
  14. LadyTalia

    LadyTalia Guest

    Selling Silver Blessed UO wedding Band
    with the inscription of "Me Forever More"
    I really don't want to take less than 10 mil for it.
  15. Irish Lauren

    Irish Lauren Guest

    Buying Home in Tram or Makota, Preferably Makota it's more Colorful there [​IMG]
    Icq Me #43745003

  16. Innocent One

    Innocent One Guest

    530 cut horned leather
    76 cut spined leather
    1220 cut leather
    around 1500 folded cloth

    I have no use for this stuff.
    leave message here,PM or ICQ me to make reasonable offer and take it off my hands.
  17. <blockquote><hr>

    530 cut horned leather
    76 cut spined leather
    1220 cut leather
    around 1500 folded cloth

    I have no use for this stuff.
    leave message here,PM or ICQ me to make reasonable offer and take it off my hands.

    [/ QUOTE ]

    If you still have all those, put a price on them here. If I can afford them, I will take them off your hands.
  18. Guest

    Guest Guest

    I need obsidian statue pieces and will pay 10K for each one. I am not looking to buy completed statues, just the pieces. Plz PM me if you have some to sell. As a sidenote, you can make a couple thousand gold running quest and thats on top of the 15k I will pay for the statue piece.

    Here's the quest:

    My friend Kara was doing this a lot for me in the past and could get it done in 10 minutes once she got the runes to the quest locations marked and such. My friend Masamune once did the whole quest in 4 minutes, 52 seconds! Also, you dont have to sell em one at a time to me, I will gladly pay for several at once as well.
  19. allan1850

    allan1850 Guest

    Hello all I’m looking for a ring with the following modifiers
    +10 stealing
    +5 magery
    Night Sight (not needed but would be nice)

    Please drop me a PM with a price

  20. Innocent One

    Innocent One Guest

    I don't know what they are worth. I have seen the cloth on vendors and such but as for putting a price on the stuff...if anyone knows what this stuff goes for please post and let me know. I will let it go below market value Simply_Me just as soon as I get a round about on is worth. [​IMG]
  21. Anyone selling 1st year vet reward bronze cloaks for a reasonable price?
  22. I used to do them at 7 minutes flat when I was on dail up. [​IMG]
  23. UoVanny

    UoVanny Guest

    I will be posting my accounts on ebay this Sunday. Here are a hew highlights:
    1. The Blue Orb, which is the brit gate house, possibly the best property in game.
    2. 3 bod accounts that are cross sharded. GM tailor and smith on chessy and Great Lakes. 90s on Origin. So thats 45 bod runners.
    3 Main account has villa(fel) on chess and small tower on siege. You cannot have 2 houses per account anymore!
    4. Leg. mage on chess, 7x nox mage on siege. Chess is also loaded with 115 skilled charecters but lets be honest and say that the mage is the most important. He is an alch/mage for spawns. With POT increase jewels your garanteed a scroll if not more.
    5. The bod accounts have 100% LRC suits on everyone (maybe missing one on GL).
    6. Great Lakes vendor house. 2 screens away from brit gate, on the way to WBB
    7. 18x18 on origin (mal). and established bod vendors there already
    8. Origin also has a 7xgm ninja/mage that carries the sword of prosperity
    9. 10mil gold on vendors on chess, 6 mil on GL, 1 mil on origin as of today.
    10. misc. rares on chessy
    11. I have varius 60k ingot deeds, not just iron but val, ver, gold etc. probably worth 10mil or so.
    12. accounts range from 24 months to 72 months.
    13. 10s of thousands of leathers, all types
    14. 10s of thousands of regs, all types
    15. barbed kit on GL
    I will be selling 4 accounts total. My main and 3 bod accounts. The bod accounts have used a 180 day gametime code and should last untill July or so. This will go as a package and must be paid for with cash/money order. I will post the auction as soon as I get it entered. These accounts are worth a lot because of the money making ability and the rarity of the houses/items. If anyone has a strong offer before I spend the money on ebay please q me at 38449429. I now have 2 kids and am starting on COH / WOW so I want to free myself from UO.. Thanks for looking.
  24. archery +9
    sdi 1%
    lrc 2%

    make me an offer
  25. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Taking offers on a Ceramic Mug of Wine. This is a TRUE RARE, from back when you could steal town decorations. It is the small, copper colored mug.

    Also considering offers on sets of silverware (one south, one east). Will sell if price is right. Again, these are TRUE RARES.

    PM me with offers, or my ICQ is 32597836
  26. Possibly looking to buy a Hunter's Headress... if anyone got a cheap one for a quick sale? (it's a b-day gift, so hoping to find a cheaper one here. hehe)

    b-day over... don't need this anymore.
  27. selling 500k iron ingots
    icq me at 230734009
  28. Buying - Luck Necklace, thx.

    Brought, thx.
  29. Looking to buy the Dark Grey Vet Robe.. a 4th year Vet Reward. Thx.
  30. Guest

    Guest Guest

    For Sale:

    PM me bids here or q me at 60449317

  31. You are rich enough! Give me that orni! =P
  32. hi all

    buying 60k diamond wedding band possibly earrings too if ive got the cash

    also buying my name or close to it i.e. Robert... on a whispering rose
    ill pay a good bit over market price :)
  33. Innocent One

    Innocent One Guest

    As far as the jewelry...
    A vendor south of Yew moongate Tramm side (a few screens) has a couple of sets...the bracelet too. I just happened to come across them in my shopping but cant remember what they were asking for them. Take a run around there...I am sure you could find the vendor. [​IMG]
  34. Alexi

    Alexi Guest

    Selling the following for Chessy gold:

    Soulstone fragment tokens
    SE Upgrades (without fragment)
    SE Upgrades (with fragment)
    Soulstone tokens

    Call ICQ 77793170 for the latest prices
  35. Arynia

    Arynia Guest

    Hey guys, I would like to buy a lucky necklace if anyone has one for sale :)


    I'm buying a lucky necklace and armor of fortune.
  36. CottonEyeJoe104

    CottonEyeJoe104 Slightly Crazed
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend Campaign Supporter

    Apr 22, 2005
    Likes Received:
    I'm looking for a Valorite Robe and cloak. Paying 4m for the set if it is PREPATCHED about 2m for the set if it is a newer set.

    Pre-Patch set says " A Valorite Robe/cloak" if you didn't know heh.
    New ones just say " Valorite Robe/cloak"
  37. valorite blue robes are such a depressingly dull color... [​IMG]

    Pre-Patch Copper set here for 3 mil if you likes. [​IMG]
  38. Innocent One

    Innocent One Guest


    The Holy Sword (Blessed) SOLD!
    Blaze Of Death
    Flaming Head Deed
    Necklace Invisibility Charges 14 and 16
    PM or ICQ offers (32971054)
  39. Asmodi_Mhul

    Asmodi_Mhul Guest

    300k bid on the Flaming head.

    I am Selling Midnight Bracers - 7mil (reasonable price?)
  40. Asmodi_Mhul

    Asmodi_Mhul Guest

    Selling Runic Hammers
    4 Bronze - 250k ea
    4 Copper - 30k ea
    4 Shadow - 10k ea
    +10 ASH 600 uses - make offer
    +10 ASH 672 uses - make offer
    First 2 sets of 4 sold get a free Dull Copper Hammer

    Also selling Midnight Bracers 5mil
    Ya'll don't even read this thread do ya??
    ICQ 9247229
  41. Arynia

    Arynia Guest

    I read it, but I don't have 5 mil. I'm poor [​IMG]
  42. ninti

    ninti Guest

    How much are those curved lockpicks worth?
  43. Hello,

    I'm looking for a 15 exceptional agapite chainmail leggings BOD. Name your price if you have it :)

  44. Asmodi_Mhul

    Asmodi_Mhul Guest

    I'll look tonight...I might have that one...then again, I might be missing a piece of the large myself.
  45. I'm also buying barbed kit LBODS, if you have any of those too [​IMG]

  46. Africanus

    Africanus Guest

    SELLING Gametime Codes/Buying Tokens, Barbed Kit Lbods, Smith Deeds and Leather


    I will trade the items here for the items I need
    below, please read carefully

    Mondain's Legacy Upgrade..................12.0 mil
    30 day Gametime..............................5.0 mil
    90 day Gametime..............................10.0 mil
    Samurai Upgrade...............................2.0 mil
    6th Slot code...................................7.0 mil
    Advanced Character..........................4.0 mil

    [BUYING Tokens, Barbed Kit Lbods, Smith Deeds and Leather]

    Soulstone Fragments......400k
    Character Transfers....1.5 mil
    Soulstones...................2 mil
    Evil Decoration..............250k

    Buy these Tailoring LBods for 1.5 Millon each
    Spined Leather 120 ex Lbod
    Horned Leather 60 ex Lbod
    Horned Leather 90 ex Lbod
    Horned Leather 120 ex Lbod
    Barbed Leather 60 ex Lbod
    Barbed Leather 90 ex Lbod
    Barbed Leather 120 ex Lbod
    Barbed Studded 100 ex Lbod
    Barbed Bone 100 ex Lbod
    Barbed Leather 120 N Lbod

    Here are the Smithing Bods I NEED!!!
    Gold 20 Ex Any........................200k
    Agapite 10 Ex Any........................200k
    Agapite 15 Ex Any........................200k
    Verite 10 Ex Any........................150k
    Verite 15 Ex Any........................150k
    Verite 20 Ex Any.......................1 Mil
    Valorite 10 Ex Any.......................1 Mil
    Valorite 15 Ex Any.......................1 Mil
    Valorite 20 Ex Any.......................3 Mil

    I am also BUYING Special Leather at the
    prices below.

    Spined Leather 25 per
    Horned Leather 30 per
    Barbed Leather 35 per

    My icq is 11900089
  47. Zeitgeist

    Zeitgeist Guest

    I would like a Demon Slayer Spellbook, I can't find one. The only one i've found had a bunch of mods for 6million.. can't afford that.

    please help
  48. I am looking for one too... and I can show you how to make 6 millions legally in about a month.