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Buying all 2nd Phase reward items except for 400 luck set.

Discussion in 'UO Lake Austin' started by bwitched, Jun 26, 2008.

  1. bwitched

    bwitched Guest

    I wish to buy a full set of rewards or any you do have which you are willing to sell please message me asking price for what you have. I dont need the 400 luck set but if you do have one you wish to sell price it to me anyways.

    Thank you
  2. Evilminion

    Evilminion Guest

    I have a set of horse barding that I'd be willing to sell. I believe the going rate, as set by Az, is 60 gold per point...? Just let me know if this is acceptable for you. :)
  3. Azazel of LA

    Azazel of LA Guest

    Yes I sell points for 60 per , others are trying to sell for more but from what I see .... they arent selling much at all (if any). So at 60 points each heres what phase 2 rewards would look like.

    • Virtue Tiles - 600k
    • Yucca and Bamboo Trees - 900k
    • Horse Barding - 1.2mil
    • Dragon Head - 3mil
    • Nest w/ Eggs - 3 mil
    • Fire pit - 4.5 mil
    • Beehive - 4.8mil
    • Archery Butte - 4.8mil
    • Luck Ring - 9mil
    • Luck Bracelet - 9mil
  4. Evilminion

    Evilminion Guest

    Aha! Thanks for the summary, Az! Very useful indeed. :) :)

    If anyone is interested, then, I will be happy to sell my horse barding deed at a discounted 1 mil. Looks wonderful in any home stable or forge!
  5. Evilminion

    Evilminion Guest

    Pretty horse barding has found its new home. Thank you, bwitched, and best of luck finding all the other new goodies!