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Buying Ingots on Great Lakes, looking for suppliers 407916332

Discussion in 'UO Great Lakes Trade' started by UOCatsplayer, Apr 13, 2009.

  1. UOCatsplayer

    UOCatsplayer Guest

    Looking for mulitple suppliers of ingots, all colors. I go through over 100k ingots a week. Prefer to have suppliers that can deliver weekly or monthly but will work with one time sellers. ICQ me, 407916332
  2. Hans

    Hans Guest

    I can supply you. Right now i have a lot of left over high end stuff, but I can start mining again. What you paying per for each color?
  3. UOCatsplayer

    UOCatsplayer Guest

    Right now I have been paying 17-25 for Iron then up from there for each color. I am now going through about 200-300k iron a week and 3-15k of colored a week or more as well. Let me know when you have a stash and I'll buy them. Thanks.
  4. UOCatsplayer

    UOCatsplayer Guest

    Bump, still buying lots of ingots, all colors including Iron, most any amounts as well.