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Buying Ingots?

Discussion in 'UO Craftsman' started by Guest, Dec 6, 2007.

  1. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Where is the cheapest spots to buy iron ingots?

    I read somewhere about factions in Fel? Is this still current?

    I am new to game so if you can be in depth with your response thanks.
  2. Jhym

    Jhym Guest

    If you have a nice miner friend, buying from them would be a good thing.

    You can pick up ingots from blacksmith and tinker npcs for 8 to start, but on most shards Luna vendors keep going around and buying up the ingots to 15 or 20 so that's not as cost effective.

    Faction vendors are also not as cost effective -- their price increases as you buy from them just like regular vendors, AND they only sell iron ORE, not ingots.

    Simplest answer is to mine yourself when you can, you can train both skills in tandem.
  3. 5% Luck

    5% Luck Guest

    In ishnar there are vagabond wagons that some times have metal workers that sell ingots for 8 gold each. If you buy 500 then 499 then 500 again you can get them all for 8 each then it will go up 1 gold every other buy. But, the 3X buy can be managed for 8 gold if you skip the last ingot on the second run. There are about 6 metal workers in ishtnar in various places. You`ll just have to look!

    The ore vendors around factions are placed and "taxed" by the faction that placed them.The higher the tax the higher the price. Ive never seen 1 ore for less than 15 gold(the type that only turns in to one ingot) each. Be sure to bring a fire beetle and a pack horse. These also go up incrementally.

    Ive done lots of BODS, small and large, and usually break about even when buying from 8-12 gold per ingot from on all six ishtar vendors. Thats roughly 34000 ingots a day. If your filling iron bods, thats about "the break even" numbers minus any rewards.

  4. Go to Ilshenar at any moongate, like the one in Luna. Then select Spirituality. From the Ilshenar side, go up to the road beside the lake. 3 gypsy camps are along that road: far right side near the end; center below the lake; and far left above the Meer village.

    Each camp has a banker for depositing your purchase. Sometimes the gypsies pack up their campsite so you might not find all 3 camps occupied when you go there. Sometimes you get lucky and find gypsies who sell both ingots and bolts. Buy bolts at 5-7 each and resell them to players for twice that.
  5. 5% Luck

    5% Luck Guest

    There are two wagons near spirit gate on either side of the lake.
    There is one near the entrance to the central dungeon on the road north west of justice.
    Just south of justice south entrance to the juka city is one more.
    There are 2 west of compassion near the cave entrance to the savage camps/gargoyle city.
    One near the desert coming from compassion just before the undead bridge.
    Anther just above the daemon spawn east of compassion.

    Thats 8 vagabond wagons and they seem to always go in for the night. At least i think thats the trigger! Or rain??? well some times they are just not there. There is a bank vagabond there too that helps alot so there are tons of cheap ingots in isthnar but on the other hand player ingots are droping fast as to get the colored ingots youll need to go through many more iron veins to find them! But well see if the players can compete with the vagabonds!