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[Buying] Buying lots on Europa (maybe cross shard if offered enough goodies :) )

Discussion in 'UO Trader's Hall' started by kray2s, Feb 5, 2009.

  1. kray2s

    kray2s Guest


    It is me, DreamWeaver of Clan Uk here again. I have updated my bying list with new prices and added even MORE items :)

    If anyone wishes to have a house clearout or wants to make some gold from me then pls feel free to pm me :)

    Look forward to hearing from you soon.

    Regents (price per reg / Only buy Minimum of 1000+) 5gp Per Reg

    Craft Rewards
    Barbed Runic Kit 2Mill Each
    Horned Runic Kit 200k Each
    Spined Runic Kit 30k Each
    Clothing Bless Deed 200k Each
    Gold Runic Hammer 1.2Mill
    Agapite Runic Hammer 5Mill

    7th Anni 1 Mill
    8th Anni 500k
    Soulstone Fragment 500k
    Soulstone (Full) 3.5 Mill
    Advance Character 6 Mill
    Crystal 50k
    Shadow 50k
    Evil Furniture 100k
    Gender Change 3 Mill
    Heritage 250k
    Name Change 6Mill
    Spring D├ęcor 350k
    Transfer Token 8mill

    Token Rewards
    Legs Of Embers 90k
    Samurai Helm 90k
    Holy Sword 90k
    Shamino's Crossbow 90k
    Dupre's Shield 100k
    Quiver Of Infinity 200k
    Heritage Item 100k

    Museum Rewards
    Order Shield 1.5Mill
    Chaos Shield 3Mill

    Moonglow Zoo
    Statuettes 450k

    Britain Library Rewards
    Birds Of Britannia 1.7Mill
    Anthro. Glasses 4.3Mill
    Reading Glasses Of The Arts 1.4Mill

    Misc. Gifts
    Charger Of The Fallen 3.8Mill
    Lucky Necklace 700k

    Tokuno Event Items
    Any Of The Minor Arties (Each) 150k

    Tokuno Event Majors
    Darkend Skys 300k
    The HorseLord 900k
    Rune Beetle Caraprice 1.1Mill
    Storm Grips 1.5Mill
    Sword Of Prosperity 700k
    Sword Of The Stampede 500k
    Tome Of Lost Knowledge 1.5Mill
    Winds Edge 400k
    Kasa Of The Raj-in 1.1Mill

    Veteran Rewards
    Banner 750k
    Flaming Head 450k
    Decrotive Shield Hanging 1.5Mill
    Skeleton Wall Hanging 1.6Mill
    Ankh 400k
    Char Statue Maker 2.5Mill

    Etheral Mounts
    Horse 1.5Mill
    Llama 1.5Mill
    Ostard 1.5Mill
    Kirrin 1.5Mill
    Unicorn 1.5Mill
    Ridgeback 1.5Mill
    Swamp Dragon 1.5Mill
    Beetle 1.5Mill
    Charger Of The Fallen 3.8Mill

    Vet Reward Statuettes
    Any Other 1st Year Statuettes 70k
    Llama 900k
    Mongbat 1Mill
    Ophidian Warrior 1Mill
    Reaper 700k
    Fire Elemental 1Mill
    Gazer 1Mill
    Wolf 1Mill

    Stat Scrolls
    Stat Scroll +25 4.4Mill

    Power Scrolls
    P/S 120's
    Anatomy 1.3Mill
    Animal Lore 1.3Mill
    Animal Taming 2.5Mill
    Archery 6.5Mill
    Bushido 2Mill
    Chivalry 150k
    Discordance 400k
    Evaluate Intelegence 6.5Mill
    Fencing 2.5Mill
    Focus 100k
    Healing 150k
    Mace Fighting 1.1Mill
    Magery 11Mill
    Meditation 1.8Mill
    Musicianship 2.2Mill
    Necromancy 450k
    Ninjitsu 700k
    Parrying 3Mill
    Peacemaking 400k
    Provocation 200k
    Resisting Spells 6.5Mill
    Spellweaving 250k
    Spirit Speak 900k
    Stealing 200k
    Stealth 150k
    Swordsmanship 4Mill
    Tactics 2.4Mill
    Veterinary 250k
    Wrestling 900k

    I WILL also buy other items not listed here so if you have anything else for sale feel free to pm me about it.

    I will update this list and include more itms soon and take out the ones i buy enough of and then put them back when i need more <--did that confuse you??? it did me lol

    Look fwd to meeting and dealing with lots of you:)

    Signed DreamWeaver (CUK)