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Buying Radiant Scimitar 50 Area Hit effect.

Discussion in 'UO Lake Superior Trade' started by DarkScripture, Apr 29, 2009.

  1. Radiant Scimitar I want to have 50% hit any area affect.
    Will take 40+% . Paying 1k per %.
    Add these mods and get more for each type I need.
    The base weapon with the Area effect is my goal. All other mods are gravy.

    Things I will add to the value.
    35k Super Slayer
    35k Iron Only
    25k 30% Any Leech,HLD,HLA
    25k 10% DCI,HCI
    25k SSI 10-20%
    75k SSI 25-30%

    Again the base I need most is Area Effects.
    If you have a Black Staff/Kama/Tetsubo I may be interested as well.
  2. I've got a radiant with:

    Hit Fireball 44%
    HLD 18%
    FC +1
    SSI 15%
    DI 33%
  3. The need I have for this char and play style needs that area hit to fit. I have some nice radiants but none that fit the bill.
  4. OH sorry... I misread that and was looking for the wrong thing!
  5. Just picked this one from Miasma:

    MW -27
    Hit Harm 12
    Hit Fire Area 42
    DI 24

    Champ spawn weapon?
  6. Sounds like one I could use..
    Is it iron?
    35k for iron + base 42k=77k?