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Buying & Selling List:

Discussion in 'UO Siege Perilous' started by Azural Kane, Jun 12, 2008.

  1. Azural Kane

    Azural Kane Guest

    PM, Post, or ICQ me @ 699488! :thumbup1: :danceb:


    - I need a 1/2 or 1/3 jewel (does not matter if it's a bracelet or ring) that has 30 or more skill points combined in Stealing/Ninjitsu/Magery. I'll pay well for anything that fits the bill.
    - Buying or Trading for Stealing & Lockpicking Alacrities
    - 120 Stealing


    Selling (or Trading something equal value for a Stealing/Lockpicking Alacrity):

    - Disco Alacrity
    - Macefighting Alacrity
    - Fencing Alacrity
    - 120 Healing
    - 120 Macefighting
    - 120 Chivalry
    - Heavy Crossbow [​IMG]
    - Runeblade [​IMG]
    - Diamond Mace [​IMG]
    - Dagger [​IMG]