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Buying Shadow Cloth, and Blaze.

Discussion in 'UO Napa Valley' started by Guest, Apr 2, 2008.

  1. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Title says it all, need it fast. pm or icq me 233-559-393
  2. Guest

    Guest Guest

    You mean Charcoal Cloth and Blaze Cloth?
  3. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Thats what he said.

    Why we are on the subject of colors, can you tell me why each one of your alts that has been in moonglow all wear all the same color of clothing, armor and weapons?

    Velis - Tomato
    Gus - Coal
    Zeus - Blaze
    Airjer - Blueberry

    Does it make it easier to remember which one you are on? I was asked (since I had the unpleasant task of being in a guild with you) why you do it. I told them I think you just like to look pretty with your colors and your skill box up on your screen.
  4. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Because i got style! Unlike you. You're just jealous that i got the Tokuno Pigments for it.
    Oh, and the skillbox on my screen is an old habit from when we didn't have skill locks, and we had to watch our skills around people who were lighting off camp fires.
  5. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Why would I be jealous that you have poor taste in colors?

    So you dyes, I have dyes and half the shard has dyes. Not that big of a deal, just thought I would pass that question on to you.

    Then again, you probably had to borrow the dyes, we all know you can't afford anything.
  6. Guest

    Guest Guest

    "Then again, you probably had to borrow the dyes, we all know you can't afford anything."

    Nope, got the Dyes myself with my Stealth Assassin killing Evil Mage Lords for the Minors in Tokuno. I may be poor, but i still whoop your ass everytime in Fel, despite you having a suit worth several times mine.
  7. Guest

    Guest Guest


    "Then again, you probably had to borrow the dyes, we all know you can't afford anything."

    Nope, got the Dyes myself with my Stealth Assassin killing Evil Mage Lords for the Minors in Tokuno. I may be poor, but i still whoop your ass everytime in Fel, despite you having a suit worth several times mine.

    [/ QUOTE ]

    I have never met you in battle in Fel. You talk about that one Pirate event, where I was gang killed by KDL. That was before the uber suit greatness.

    Now go make another alt and dye his items green. You need a pickle character to go with the blueberry and tomato.
  8. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Lol. That was with a Stealth Fencer (Back when it took real skill to be a stealther, not the easy newb crap it is now which allows you to play a Stealth Archer). My Alt beat your Main, with a PoS Enchanted Titan Leg Bone nonetheless.

    Plus, you so quickly forget Shame? You tried attacking me and my guildy ran out because he was out of aids. I whooped your ass, you ran outside, but i had Tracking on you and saw where you hid, threw a Greater Conflag Pot on you to reveal you, you ran down and hid again, i walked right next to you, readied Riding Swipe, threw a Greater Conflag pot to reveal you, hit you in same instant, which Riding Swipe does Paralyze if i'm mounted, then i dismounted and hit you with Riding Swipe again to Dismount you, by then you were redlined, and since my Lesser Hiryu was on Guard mode he kicked you and killed you.

    You also forget that time at Brit Gate that you tried talking crap to me after i killed a Mongbat to regain Stam/Mana after coming out of gate. I attacked you, redlined you, and you finally managed to go into Wolf Form to run away, then you called in Lucky Strike and Thorongil on me. I then lured Lucky Strike away from you two, proceeded to beat him to an inch of his health (Kept him Mortal Striked to keep his pot chugging script from kicking in), he kept server hiding, then Helmut Von Weez showed up so i said screw it and left.
  9. Guest

    Guest Guest

    I think you have me confused with Pharaun. You have never beaten Elbryan on your own. Tried a few times to get you into a GM armor duel but you always turn and tuck your tail between your legs and have to disagree with the rules set forth.

    Your buddy and you did get me yes. That is a two on one. Not 1 v 1.

    When my guildies came in (Pharuan) you didn't kill me so what is the point of that one?

    1v1. Take it or leave it. M^F dueling rules. You do know where to find that at don't you?
  10. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Lol, not true. Killed your' Elb char at the Pirate Scenario with my alt, Guss, and killed you with Velis shortly after joining M^F. Sparred with you shortly after i joined M^F, and i killed you in 2 hits with the Sword of the Stampede. I had Counter Attack and Lightning Strike Toggled, i hit you with Lightning Strike doing a 60 damage Critical, quickly readied Lightning Strike again, and within same second i parried your attack, making Counter Attack go off and that hit was a Critical too. About 120+ damage to you, not counting the 100% Harm on both hits, you dropped deader than snot on a doorknob.

    Ahhh, M^F Rules, 10 yr old rules that are obsolete and have no place in today's UO. A GM Armor/Wep Duel with no template spells is what i like to call a 3 button duel. Primary Move, Secondary Move, Bandage Self Macro, lots of L33T skillz in that. A PvP Warrior's true skill is his knowledge of Specials and when to use them and chain them. Not much variety in a fight with no LMC/MR/+Mana considering we can get 2 Specials off then have to rely on the RNG. In that type of fight, i'd hit you with a Bleed, as soon as you bandied it, i'd hit you with another Bleed, fight won. Not only keeps you from healing damage, but also does damage. Or i could just hit you a few times to get you bandying, pop a AI into you to disrupt bandies, wait 3 secs, hit you with another AI, i win. Those kind of fights are boring and no test of who's the better PvPer.
    And actually, it was i who challenged you to a duel first, your average, everyday type of duel and i would even allow you to wear your "Uber Suit" in it. More than fair. You then decided to try to turn it into some RNG Duel.

    PS: You're lucky i didn't accept that RNG duel the first time you suggested it. I kept GM Armslore on my Craftsman all the way after AoS until they gave out Soulstone Fragments one holiday, then soulstoned it. When they announced they were gonna make GM Armslore useful again, i pulled it off the Soulstone Fragment. I would of had alot more Resists than you did in GM Armor.
  11. Guest

    Guest Guest

    I just asked 6 ppl that were in the guild with us at the same time and guess what?

    Not one of them even remember us ever dueling or sparring. They remember me winning joust tournaments and brawls. The only one I can remember losing is to Kith Kanan and his mace.

    Too sooth your battered ego, I did not ask the ones that you think would lie about it.