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[CA Europe Update] [GAME] 22.02.2012 Patch Notes

Discussion in 'Combat Arms Europe' started by Taylor, Jun 4, 2012.

  1. Taylor

    Taylor Former Stratics CEO (2011-2014)
    VIP Stratics Veteran Supporter Alumni Campaign Benefactor Alumni

    Oct 21, 2008
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    Attention Soldiers!

    Are you ready for a vacation? Maybe a little time at a beautiful country home filled with beautiful antiques and green rolling lawns? Well, too bad. You’re on your way to Rural Estate, a second Combat Arms map designed by an actual Combat Arms player!
    Don’t head out without gearing up for the place though. Bubba’s been working hard this month and has come up with all sorts of deadly new goodies to play with.

    If you’ve got some extra NX, there’s a hot new grenade launcher and a cutting edge new assault rifle available.

    If you’re willing to work for it, you can Forge a couple of classic weapons that hail from WWII and Al Capone’s vault.

    Finally, you can part with some GP to pick up a sweet new combat pistol and one of the finest machine guns ever made.

    So head out to the country, shoot the place up a few times, and let us know what you think!

    - Combat Arms Europe Command -

    Patch Notes for the 22.02.2012 update follows below:

    New Map
    * Rural Estate (Fan Created - by SuperPianist)

    - Recently retrieved intel has revealed a terrorist encampment just outside the city limits. A
    palatial estate is being used as a supply depot to further terrorist advancement into urban
    areas. As the government's
    infiltration team prepares their surprise attack on the estate,
    the terrorists prepare a surprise of their own. Vital documents revealing the attack plans
    have been leaked by a government mole and the infiltration team is
    headed right into a
    hellish trap!

    Can your team turn the tables on the terrorists and make it out of Rural Estate alive?

    New Weapons
    * Rare & Epic
    - Hana's MAC-10 -- While the MAC-10 is no slouch on the battlefield, Hana has spent considerable time and
    money tweaking this firearm into an absolute beast of a weapon, giving it the power
    and precision of a weapon twice its size.

    * NX
    - Magpul FMG-9 -- This advanced weapon is the prototype for a new generation of foldable submachien guns.
    Disguisable as a mere laptop battery, it can quickly unfold into a powerful CQC weapon.
    - Carbon 15 [​IMG]

    -- The Carbon 15 is a truly deadly assault rifle modeled after the AR-15. The biggest difference
    isn’t in fire rate or power, but the use of high-quality carbon fiber polymer in its construction.
    The result is an
    extraordinary light yet tough weapon that sports increased portability
    without sacrificing durability.

    - XM25 CDTE
    -- The XM Counter Defilade Target Engagement System (also known as “The Punisher”) is a
    high-tech launcher derived from the XM29 OICW. The XM25 CDTE fires 25mm grenades from
    a four round magazine, providing superior
    fire support without having to reload after every
    shot. This truly devastating weapon is an extraordinary addition to any soldier’s arsenal.

    * GP
    - P220 Combat TB

    -- This is a customized variant of the popular P220 semiautomatic pistol used by police and
    military forces the world over. This variant’s frame has been modified with a Picatinny rail
    and attachment points for night
    sights and a variety of other battlefield accessories,
    gearing it toward combat use.
    - M2 Browning

    -- The M2 Browning Machine Gun is an iconic weapon recognized the world over. Designed near
    the end of WWI, this heavy and unwieldy machine gun has seen service in virtually every war
    since it was created because of
    its extreme reliability under adverse conditions and the 50
    caliber rain of death it produces for anyone dumb enough to get in its path.

    Bubba Ares’ Gun Emporium Updates- Bubba Ares obviously never sleeps because there are all sorts of deadly goodies coming out of the
    Gun Emporium this month.

    * New Forgeable Weapons
    - FG42

    -- This is a replica of the WWII-era German Fallschirmjagergewehr 42. Considered one of the most
    advanced weapon designs of the era, this firearm became standard issue for paratroopers,
    though material shortages meant
    it saw only limited use in the war. The gun’s unique
    construction pushes the center of gravity closer to the user, offering better controllability during
    burst and automatic firing.
    - Thompson
    -- The Thompson Submachine Gun is one of the most recognizable and iconic firearms in the world.
    It was a favorite of Al Capone and the Chicago Underworld. As a result, it’s frequently seen in
    films and TV shows as
    the stereotypical “gangster gun,” and is popular with collectors because
    of its historical significance. The Thompson remained popular for many years after it was
    introduced because of its large ammo capacity .45 ACP
    cartridge and extremely high volume of
    automatic fire.

    Bug Fixes and Known Issues- Corrected “Wallbang” exploits in Short Fuse.
    - Players will no longer be able to interact with the darkened UI while Quick Start is searching,
    although they will still be able to click on the Cancel button.
    - Corrected some text errors in Nemexis HQ.
    - The Spoils of War ability can no longer be activated while dead.
    - The Thompson currently allows Magazine mods, however they do not alter the magazine size or
    reload speed.
    - Some level geometry in Rural Estate may disappear when positioned in specific areas.
    - Due to an issue with some achievement rewarding, all achievements have been temporarily
    - EXP & GP have been rebalanced. EXP higher while GP lower.

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