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[CA Europe Update] [GAME] 23.11.2011 Patch Notes

Discussion in 'Combat Arms Europe' started by Taylor, Jun 4, 2012.

  1. Taylor

    Taylor Former Stratics CEO (2011-2014)
    VIP Stratics Veteran Supporter Alumni Campaign Benefactor Alumni

    Oct 21, 2008
    Likes Received:
    Welcome to the November 23rd Update of 2011!

    November’s Combat Arms update is all about the three things we love most,
    guns, battles and more guns!

    Operation: Neptune is a wild battle in corridors above a just-completed nuclear submarine.

    Enjoy the new Jukebox feature to inspire you into going that extra mile for victory!

    Bubba Ares has been busy as well,
    offering an awesome customized new assault rifle in the Gun Emporium!

    If that’s not to your taste, there’s a whole new collection of arsenals released
    first in Europe that'll get your hands on.

    Finally, a bunch of newly upgradeable and customizable guns have been released
    to your November entertainment.


    - Combat Arms Europe Command -

    The patch notes for the 23.11.2011 patch follows below:

    New Map* Neptune - Mission Briefing: “After years of hard work, the government's new nuclear submarine project is
    finally complete, but an enemy spy has infiltrated the base and it could lead
    to the downfall of our forces. Enemy squads are en route toward the
    submarine now, hoping to seize it and unleash its destructive capabilities on
    the world at large.”

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    - Get ready for a claustrophobic battle in the corridors and balconies above a top secret nuclear
    submarine. Grab some close-quarter weapons and watch out for snipers. Just don’t slip and
    fall to the sub pen below. It’s a long way down!

    New Feature* Jukebox - The new Combat Arms Jukebox will let you customize your in-game music. Create your own
    personal soundtrack to inspire you into going that extra mile for victory!
    + Players can change the lobby background music and set up a playlist to be played straight through
    or in random order.

    + Includes past Combat Arms background music.

    + Add your own music files to the "Jukebox" folder in the Combat Arms folder to have your own
    music play on the server screen!

    New Weapon
    * FAMAE S.A.F.[​IMG]

    - Hailing from Chile, this submachine gun is loaded with 9mm Parabellum cartridges and features a
    foldable buttstock. Its diversity in battle has made it a staple of the Chilean military. The FAMAE
    S.A.F. is able to switch between single fire or 3-shot burst.

    * Beretta 93R[​IMG]

    - Hailing from Italy, this machine pistol uses 9mm Parabellum cartridges and is able to switch between
    single or 3-shot burst first. The pistol's design is based off of existing Beretta side arms, but is
    outfitted to handle the kick a 3-shot burst can deliver.

    * AT-22


    - Hailing from the United States, the AT-22 is an ultra lightweight .22 caliber rifle with adjustable
    buttstock. A feather-light design and long barrel ensure very little recoil and ultimate portability
    from this rifle.

    * M99-II

    - The M99-II is an anti-vehicle weapon developed in China. This rifle holds five armor-piercing rounds
    that can penetrate armored vehicles and enemy soldiers with equal facility. If your squad needs
    some help leveling the playing field, this heavy-hitting sniper rifle is just the ticket.
    + Available at 2nd Lieutenant III.

    Bubba Ares’ Gun Emporium Updates - Bubba Ares obviously never sleeps because there are all sorts of deadly goodies coming out of the
    Gun Emporium this month.

    * New Forged Weapon - AN-94 TactOP

    + The AN-94 has been rebuilt from the ground up to incorporate an integrated Itech Reflex sight and
    a new foregrip. This complements the existing strengths of the AN-94 and helps ease the gun’s
    notorious recoil.

    + Requires: AN-94 + 20 Fusion Pallets

    * New Upgradable Weapons
    - Saiga 20K Mark II

    - Only somebody with Bubba’s skill could tear apart a Saiga 20K and rebuild this combat shotgun to
    make it even deadlier! The Mark II version of the Saiga 20K does much more damage than the
    original version.

    - L85A1 Camo Mark II


    - Bubba Ares has modified the L85A1 Camo’s stock, making this Bullpup considerably lighter and
    giving it reduced recoil.

    - Skorpion Mod Mark II

    - The modifications on this weapon redistribute its weight to offer a more stable firing platform.
    The barrel bore has also been smoothed to increase impact damage. Soldiers proficient with
    Skorpions will now be far deadlier with this Mark II submachine gun.

    * New Customizable Weapons - P90
    - M24
    - M107CQ
    - MINIMI
    - MP7 Steel
    - SR25 Sandfire
    - XK-8 Tactical
    - Anaconda Gold
    - M416 CQB CAMO
    - P90TR SE

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