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[CA Europe Update] [Patch Notes] Operation: Second Wind

Discussion in 'Combat Arms Europe' started by Taylor, Oct 24, 2012.

  1. Taylor

    Taylor Former Stratics CEO (2011-2014)
    VIP Stratics Veteran Supporter Alumni Stratics Legend Campaign Benefactor Alumni

    Oct 21, 2008
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    [Patch Notes] Operation: Second Wind
    Oct 24, 2012


    [New Map: Bloodbath Bazaar]

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Intelligence suggest that the next bio-chemical terrorist attack will come somewhere in Turkey. During routine security before a night time festival, armed forces discovered as guerrillas transporting chemical weapons through this bazaar. A firefight breaks out, with the safety of the entire town on the line. Available for: Elimination, Elimination Pro, One Man Army, Capture the Flag, and Last Man Standing.

    [Play Bloodbath Bazaar in your own Style!]

    Assault Style: Assault-style players work to control the two courtyards and over pass. With plenty of cover around, the team that controls the courtyards controls the map.

    Sniping: Head to the overpass, where a window will give you a nice view of the alleyway and enemy courtyard, or use awnings over your courtyard to give you high ground over anyone trying to sneak in.

    Out-flank: Those awnings are your best friends! Time the jumps right, hop over the heads of your enemies and shoot them in the back! Don’t forget about the window to the overpass: It’s just within the reach of nearby awning!

    [New Game Modes for Death Row]

    Now available in One Man Army, Spy Hunt, Quarantine Regen and Last Man Standing, and a special variant of the map is also available for Elimination and Elimination Pro!

    [New and Improved Blood Money]

    Redesigned blood money so that both teams spawn in the street next to the bank and cutting the entrances to the bank down to one, making it much easier for both teams to reach the back alley and fight off a spawn camp!

    [New Weapons for Operation Second Wind]

    Don’t tell me you thought we’d forget about the new guns! New supply of weapons has arrived to support your new operation.

    G18 Carbon Black
    - An improved model of the G18, featuring better damage, recoil, accuracy, and fully automatic fire.

    Tri Star force Shotgun

    - The pump-action shotgun is standard issue for Turkish troops. It holds 6 rounds.



    Micro Uzi Metal

    Wraiths CZ Scorpion EVO3

    New Event: Lead Farmer Event (24th Oct – 20th Nov, 2012)

    Soldier! Do you have what it take to grow a Siebold Primrose from seed to a blooming flower? Although you may question this form of training or event taking place within the merciless, brutal battlefield, it is not as easy as you think. It requires extraordinary level of patience, skill and most importantly, you need the positive energy called passion. However, when you’ve overcome all the challenges that await you, you will be well rewarded. So be prepared to become a lead farmer!

    Event Details:
    - There are 3 steps for becoming a Lead Farmer.
    - Step 1 (Seed Stage): You will receive a Seed Case when you first login. Your main objective is to grow seed to sprout for better reward, and ultimately to flower stage in order to receive the best reward without opening the case for reward. You can choose to open the box for an inferior reward. However, please note that you can only open the case only once per day. Once you’ve open the Seed Case, you have to wait until the start of the next day (Midnight).


    - Step 2 (Sprout Stage): You must accumulate 90 minutes of in-game playtime to charge the gauge.
    - Step 3 (Flower Stage): You must accumulate 180 minutes on top of the 90 minutes playtime in Sprout Stage (270 minutes in total playtime). However, if you cannot grow your Primrose to full-bloom flower, you can continue farming the next day.

    Known Bug Issues

    - Ammo display part of Assault Crossbow is currently being overlapped with “Only for the Assassin” phrase.
    - All servers’ KDR (Kill/Death Ratio) Settings have been adjusted.
    - Quarantine Mode, and Fireteam Mode will no longer be available for play in Charlie Server.

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