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cakes & wands galore

Discussion in 'UO Origin' started by Xotche of Meade, Jun 26, 2008.

  1. Holy birthday cakes Batman, we finally get to clean out house again! Can't believe this is coming for our next patch, wooot!

    Just for fun....who has the following and has been hanging on to them? rolleyes:

    Fel- moonstones
    Tram- moonstones
    old rolling pins
    id wands
    all them statues!
    easter eggs
    magic clothing and jewelry
    (practice weapons)
    plates of Mondain
    green goblets or mugs
    (exceptional) weapons

    OOOO let's get really old skool ... who held on to their...

    House keys
    lumps of coal
    newbie tickets
    those black token tickets
    newbie sextant, smith hammer, saw

    Um the oldest most cute thing I can find in my place is this tiny bucket of water, whats yours?
  2. Dmaninuo

    Dmaninuo Guest

    still have house keys, still have a HUGE (huge = 5k plus ea newbie regs) stockpile of newbie everything. Lots of practice weapons (except the battle axe - if anyone has one and willing to sell - LMK) I have coal, You been naughty card, ect. Boat claim ticket, as well as a few more things. I wish I still had the tent deed, oh well.