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Call for help!

Discussion in 'UO Oceania' started by Guest, Apr 5, 2008.

  1. Guest

    Guest Guest

    So, it turns out there was a whole pile of other dialogue on sunday night that happened, i can only assume in real moonglow, between Kronos Melissa and some shadowlords maybe a time lord?


    I have not heard a thing about this untill i saw it mentioned in staff and today teeshy pointed out a thread in UOhall about it.
    Did anyone on Oce see this?
  2. Lady_Kat

    Lady_Kat Guest

    <font color="purple"> Indeed, it happened on the second night just after the machine 'malfunctioned'. </font>

    <font color="purple"> Borrowed from the thread on U.Hall, posted by Coranthe for those who haven't seen it... </font>

    You see: Dexter the Apprentice Mage
    You see: Kronos the Mage
    Kronos: Is everything ready this time?
    Dexter: I think so...
    You see: Melissa the Mage
    Kronos: Good.
    Kronos: Darling, there you are!
    Melissa: Did I keep you? I had some last minute business...
    Kronos: Not at all, just starting!
    Melissa: Great!
    Melissa: *waves*
    Kronos: Friends!
    Kronos: Thank you for coming, once again!
    Kronos: I shan't keep you waiting a minute more.
    Kronos: Bet Ex Wis!!!
    Kronos: What the devil!
    You see: Kronos
    You see: Dexter the Apprentice Mage
    You see: Melissa the Mage
    You see: Kronos the Mage
    You see: Shadowlord
    Shadowlord: Pitiful humans
    Kronos: Stay back, fiends!
    Shadowlord: Why do you resist so?
    Shadowlord: We are eternal
    Dexter: Master!
    Shadowlord: We are patient
    Kronos: Don't listen to them!
    Shadowlord: We are stronger
    Kronos: Don't let them through!
    Shadowlord: Listen to us
    Shadowlord: We mean you no harm
    Melissa: Kronos!
    Shadowlord: Yet resistance will be punished
    Kronos: Hang on! The worst is almost over!
    Shadowlord: Why do you fight?
    Shadowlord: Let it go
    Melissa: Kronos! They're too strong!
    Shadowlord: Let it go
    Kronos: Just keep going! Help will be here soon!
    Dexter: Yes master!
    Shadowlord: Free yourselves of your burdens
    Shadowlord: Or die
    Melissa: I'm... I'm...
    Kronos: Melissa!
    Dexter: Don't...!
    Shadowlord: Peace is with us
    Melissa: I can't hold it!
    Shadowlord: Rest now
    Kronos: Melissa NO!
    Shadowlord: You will know our strength
    Melissa: I'm sorry!
    Shadowlord: Excellent.
    Shadowlord: You.
    You see: Shadowlord
    You see: Kronos the Mage
    Shadowlord: Mage.
    Kronos: Back away! Back I said!
    Shadowlord: Die.
    Dexter: Master!!!
    Time Lord: From the shadows ye came...
    Shadowlord: Interference?
    Time Lord: And to the shadows ye shall return!
    Shadowlord: Your connection with the ether is weak, take heed.
    Time Lord: Vas An Mani Hur Tym!
    Shadowlord: Noooo!
    You see: Time Lord
    You see: Shadowlord
    You see: Melissa the Mage
    You see: Dexter the Apprentice Mage
    You see: Shadowlord
    You see: Sutek the Mage
    Dexter: Urhh...
    Dexter: Master?
    Dexter: ... Melissa?
    Dexter: No
    Dexter: NO! NO!!!
    Dexter: Corp Por!
    Sutek: Stop it boy!
    Sutek: You can't go back in there, they'll eat you alive!
    Dexter: But I ...
    Dexter: Let me go!
    Sutek: Was that?
    Dexter: ...
    Dexter: Hey! Are you alright?
    Sutek: Oh for the love of...
    Dexter: Do you know him, Master Sutek?
    Sutek: Doesn't matter, he's bleeding pretty bad.
    Dexter: We need a healer!
    Sutek: No time.
    Sutek: I'll take him myself.
    Dexter: Master?
    Sutek: Guards'll be here soon. They'll handle the rest.
    Sutek: Dexter?
    Dexter: Sir?
    Sutek: Get out of here
    Sutek: Go back and find Kronos' notes, you need to hide them
    Dexter: What?
    Sutek: I said GO!
    You see: Shadowlord
    You see: Melissa the Mage
    You see: Dexter the Apprentice Mage
    You see: Shadowlord
    Shadowlord of Hatred: We have returned.
    Shadowlord of Hatred: Join us, follow us. Or perish.
    You see: Time Lord
    You see: Shadowlord
    You see: Melissa the Mage
    You see: Shadowlord
    You see: Dexter the Apprentice Mage
  3. Guest

    Guest Guest

    so you saw it?
  4. Lady_Kat

    Lady_Kat Guest

    <font color="purple"> Yes. </font>
  5. siyeng0

    siyeng0 Guest

    Thankyou to Lady Kat for that dialogue. I summarised it into a new, easily-read format. It will form part of the script when Oceania finally gets its own soap-opera.

    Kronos: Is everything ready this time?
    Dexter: No!
    Kronos: Good. Darling, there you are!
    Melissa: soz was afk
    Kronos: k
    Oceania: Doom! Death! Destruction!
    Kronos: Fine, fine. Bet Ex Wis! Ahahaha- oh dear.
    Shadowlord: Y HALLO THAR.
    Kronos: It's you.
    Dexter: Master!
    Shadowlord: All your blackrock are belong to us.
    Melissa: Help! Ganked! Ganked!
    Shadowlord: Please die.
    Melissa: Never! You can kill me but you will never take my FREEDOO-
    Shadowlord: Please die.
    Melissa: ...fine.
    Kronos: *big no*
    Dexter: Master!
    The Tenth Doctor: From the shadows ye came...
    All: Who the hell are you?
    Shadowlord: Gah! Lag!
    The Tenth Doctor: ...and to the shadows ye shall return! I can haz blackrock!
    Shadowlord: Nooooo!
    Dexter: Urrgh. Master? Melissa? Stellaaaaa!! Corp Por!
    Sutek: Stop that!
    Dexter: Hey, have we met?
    Random Guy: x_x
    Dexter: ...never mind, let's help that guy. Who IS that, anyway?
    Sutek: Don't ask stupid questions! Find these notes.
    Dexter: Why?
    Sutek: We're building another blackrock detector.
    Dexter: But that last one just blew up and killed everyone.
    Sutek: Yes, but the next one will have a dispenser for sugary snacks!
    Dexter: Ooh! Okay!
    Sutek: Bai.
    Shadowlord: Y HALLO THAR. We're back. Be our friends or we'll eat your faces. kthxbai.

    And there you have it.
  6. Queen Aglaranna

    Queen Aglaranna 2011 Winter Deco Contest
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    Jun 8, 2006
    Likes Received:
    ROFL [​IMG] i love the revised edition
  7. Guest

    Guest Guest

    zomg to funny
  8. Guest

    Guest Guest

    It doe sho how much time you guys have on you hands at this event!must be hell boring