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Can anyone help me get more creative with my necromage?

Discussion in 'UO Spellcaster' started by davebobbit, Mar 14, 2008.

  1. davebobbit

    davebobbit Guest


    I have fairly recently put this character together and after using him for a little while I am certain that he is my strongest char. However I always seem to end up using the same spell combo's for everything i do...

    I only pvm and for a little background, my chars info is:

    Resists (with reactive armour) 70/63/70/69/75
    I toggle protection depending on the situation which only takes my phys to 68
    Max LRC
    Max LMC
    6/2 casting
    12% SDI (+25 when holding scrappers)
    Again, depending on situation I'll use scrappers or slayer book with vesper order shield OR staff of magi

    My template is:
    115 Eval
    100 Inscription
    110 Magery
    100 Med
    105 Necro
    100 SS
    70 Resisting spells (i find that even a little bit is worth it just to reduce paralyse effects a tiny bit)

    So anyway, my problem is that all i end up doing in any given situation is a combo of:
    Casting EV's
    Corpse Skin + Flamestrike combo
    ebolt on the dark father
    Wither when im surrounded

    I use these tactics for peerlesses, doom and last night i even duo'd a ratman champ with my girlfriend who plays a dexer.

    Dont get me wrong, these tactics always work well, but I just feel like im missing something - are there any other ways to get creative in a PvM situation? There are so many spells that im not using!
    Maybe you could suggest some particular monsters that will require different tactics and skills?

    Your input will be greatly appreciated!

    Thanks [​IMG]
  2. imported_GFY

    imported_GFY Guest

    Try this:

    pain spike x 2, (to drop stamina) strangle. (strangle is more effective vs an opponent with lowered stamina)

    You could try stoning inscribe and pushind everything else to 120.

    Try running with Vamperic Embrace. See how the life leech works for you.

    Try running with Wraith Form for more mana regen.

    Try casting revenants in stead of ev's
  3. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Ok for doom - try ebolts/chain lightning in rm4, rm5 can also use mindblast and EQ. if your group is small animate the rm5 guys to help distract DF (*note* their damage doesnt count towards you but they will take 1-2 hits for DF to kill and thats 1-2 hits not targetted at you or others). Wraith form is awesome, recover mana back from any damage spell cast, works well in all rooms and DF (better with a group since your unmounted). If with group EQ works well on DF as well. Are you using slayer spellbooks?? Undead for rm 1 and 4, Demon for 3, personally found scrappers best for rm 2,5 and DF over slayers. Strangle can work ok but dont use on DF!!

    Champ spawns - can use animate dead (can have only 3 at a time) but gives you more guys killing stuff to speed candles (better at higher levels), poison fields

    If i am hunting particular monsters I usually look them up in hunters guide and try to use spells against there weakest resist or try evil omen to make your next spell always go against there weakest resist.
  4. "Try running with Vamperic Embrace. See how the life leech works for you."

    The problem here he is running a necro mage and not a warrior. Casting any garlic based spells could be more harm than good.
  5. eolsunder1

    eolsunder1 Guest

    Inscribe is ok, but really that 15 di from it isn't really beneficial compared to other skills. I wouldn't use inscribe anymore in either PVM or PVP.

    Yea strangle is fine against the lesser gauntlet boss's, but not against the DF because as you know, he throws bones as he is damaged.

    Don't forget evil omen.. very quick spell for extra benefit.

    Animate dead. all those lich lords/corpses fighting the DF can drag up some basic meat shields.

    I havent' played my necro for a long time, but with your flamestrikes... try.

    evil omen
    evil omen

    see what that does if anything. Might no be worth it, but then again, maybe it will. My mage basically just fireballs everything..

    1) undead slayer with fireballs
    2) fireballs
    3) demon slayer with fireballs
    4) undead slayer with fireballs
    5) demon slayer with harms
    6) DF, demon slayer with fireballs.

    fireballs, quick, efficient, cheap, works great most foes in gauntlet. Just have to time the fireballs/taking bone damage vs the DF. 50ish damage fireballs compared to 110ish damage flamestrikes. I'd go with the much faster lower mana intensive fireballs anytime.
  6. Yenji Yasagari

    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    Nov 17, 2005
    Likes Received:
    Explosion Flamestrike Wither. Hits almost all within the same .75 seconds, and does a TON of damage to MOST things.
  7. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Drop scribe for SW maybe