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Can anyone help me out?

Discussion in 'UO Europa' started by A Rev, Oct 14, 2009.

  1. A Rev

    A Rev Guest

    Ok, so as you may or may have not read in my previous thread im a returning player. (pre AOS)

    In the 2 weeks or so ive been back i have learnt so much and remembered why i loved UO! Mage fighting still requires the most amount of skill and timing of any game i have previously played!

    So hear comes my call for help, i am looking for either an individual or guild whom can help me become the mage i used to be! I have little gold around 500k from doing spawns, and a little justice from the GOD who raided 3 of us whom ive never seen before, i know that may seem like nothing to you but remembering where to throw fields and to spam mini spells and poisons(even if my fireballs where only foing 5! especially when with the suit im running i die in 2hits!!! Gave me the thrill ive mised for 6+years!!!

    So, Can an individual or guild help me???

    I am a little slow on learning(stubborn) but have a little base knowledge to work on. I would even appreciate help building a cheap suit, currently i have 70 fire resist and the rest are below my 110 magic resist base resists(nice change btw!!!)

    Just to clarify, i dont want freebies. I would be happy if someone could just show me where to hunt to get these pieces and if possible a little dueling training/1v1 dexxer training.

    If it matters i run a wrestle/mage wih ninjitsu at the moment as im running solo and i read there is a spell giving mounted speed when dismounted!!! WTF!!! NICE!!!

    Any help would be appreciated, i dont plan on making many chars, i like to play one template until i am great at it!!

    Anyways...Sorry for the ramble, lil drunk :p

    Also, ive noticed the Europa boards ar a little quiet. Is there another forums i could make my plea for help???

    P.P.S...GO ENGLAND 3-0!!!!How can you not play beckham and crouch!!!
  2. A Rev

    A Rev Guest

    I have jus found a website...not sure if im allowed to mention it. Anyways, Blazing of GOD does seem to be hated bad! I can only assume(from my old days of playing) that means he is a very good mage!

    So...How about a mage duel, lanterns and books...no armour?? No protection, like the old skool???

    (i have to make these requests because i have as i said no resist and 2faster casting 3 faster cast recovery)
  3. IceCast[AI]

    IceCast[AI] Guest

    Howdy. ill take that on iwould prefer 2/4 or 2/5 casting But how about real old school? 0/0 lantern/spellbook ?
  4. As far as I know (and I've only recently returned myself) the ninjitsu spell giving mounted speed is only nice when stealthing because you can't cast while in animal form... however it is nice to run around in animal form, then change to normal and dismount then change back again but other than that...
  5. A Rev

    A Rev Guest

    Well...i wouldn't mind some casting but as i have none save the newb ring and a fcr2 brace i found...thats my cap of casting recovery!!!

    What times are you on normally??I work from 5am - 8or 9 pm(UK time) but some time after that, or the weekend?
  6. IceCast[AI]

    IceCast[AI] Guest

    ask anyone on europa for icecast. theyll lead you to me. im usually on during the week days around 8pm - 1 am
  7. Cool, more enemies.

    Icecast was nice fights yesterday except you all gods were speedhacking.