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Can the Gladiator's Collar be repaired?

Discussion in 'UHall' started by Aristillus, Jul 6, 2009.

  1. Aristillus

    Aristillus Guest

    Just wondering if the Gladiator's Collar replica can be repaired, and if you can use Powder of Fortifying on it?

  2. MalagAste

    MalagAste Belaern d'Zhaunil
    Governor Stratics Veteran Alumni Stratics Legend Campaign Supporter Royal Knight

    Aug 21, 2000
    Likes Received:
    I'm sure it can be repaired but I believe that Powder of Fort was NOT usable on any of the replica's.
  3. Ender

    Ender Crazed Zealot
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    Jun 12, 2008
    Likes Received:
    Yes, then no.
  4. Aristillus

    Aristillus Guest

    Thanks for the info,
    I was thinking of trying to acquire one, but for how hard they are to get I would want it to last longer.
  5. SevenFaith

    SevenFaith Lore Master
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    Aug 30, 2004
    Likes Received:
    You can have it last for months... Just repair it as soon as you get to 0/xxx
  6. Pinco

    Pinco UOEC Modder
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    Jul 25, 2005
    Likes Received:
    I think that metal armor can resist a bit longer than leather armor, I have a gladiator and I have repaired it only 1 times in 2 weeks when fighting all days.

    but if they remove the powder we have to spend a lot for remake the equipment every few months :(
  7. If you leave it to 0/xxx it is harder to repair.

    I would do it at 10 or so, and ONLY use an actual legendary smithy, not a repair deed and not any lower in skill.
  8. When did they change the chance to repair? Any skill GM or above has the same chance to repair. A Legendary repair deed works just as well as a GM repair deed.
  9. Cloak&Dagger

    Cloak&Dagger Guest

    Are you sure about that? But I think what he meant was that your chance to lose dura was greater with a gm repair deed. Also it might be possible that at 0 your chance to repair is less, but that part I do not know.
  10. Yes, the closer to zero durability the harder it is to repair. And yes, all repairs at GM or better have the same success rate. He said Legendary, not GM or greater.
  11. Gowron

    Gowron Guest

    Yes, GM and above can repair. However, if you're waiting to repair something that gets to 0/XXX durability, well Legendary has a better chance than GM to repair it to full. Having said that, it's still likely to lose a point in durability during the repair.

    The safe thing to do is to repair early and repair often with the best skill available. Repairs have a higher success rate if the amount of damage is low.
  12. Eman Resu

    Eman Resu Guest

    Gosh, people unwilling to drop millions on gear that will be reduced to garbage or deco in a few months tops? Say it ain't so!

    I'm going to laugh when the expansion hits and "Not imbued!!!" is something you see proudly listed on Luna vendor items that cost ten times as much as their imbued equals.
  13. This is wrong. It's the same for GM smith and Legendary smith.
  14. Setnaffa

    Setnaffa Certifiable
    Stratics Veteran

    Sep 13, 2004
    Likes Received:
    At 0/xxx, it doesn't matter much whether it's a GM or Legendary Smith. You'll repar it and lose a point of durability.

    On the other hand if you repair it with a Legendary Smith when it only has a little damage (maybe 10 or 25 points of damage), you'll actually have a chance of repairing it without losing any durability. I don't know the exact number, but using a Legendary smith on a weapon with just a little damage can keep a weapon at maximum durability forever.
  15. My point is, your chance to repair without losing durability has nothing to do with being Legendary... that chance is the same from GM through 120 skill.

    As far as repairing, I am trying to remember the success chance... something like 20% or less damage gives you a 20% chance to repair without losing durability. It was covered in an FOF, but I don't remember that detail.
  16. Cloak&Dagger

    Cloak&Dagger Guest

    I think I am still misunderstanding what you are saying, or you are confusing the two systems.

    At 100 your chance to repair an item and lose a point of dura is higher than at 120. It is a mathematical calculation based on the current dura/ max dura and then factoring in your blacksmithy skill level. I do not have the exact math right now. But your chance to fail a repair is the same at 100 and at 120, I am not sure who is saying what but there you have it.

    Also repair deeds have a greater chance to lose dura than an actual smith does. Maybe Basara could chime in here and tell us the details. >.<
  17. This is what is not correct. It is NOT a mathematical calculation factoring in blacksmithy skill above 100. It's always been based on GM skill only.

    However, if you do have a link with that information, I am willing to admit that I am wrong.
  18. Cloak&Dagger

    Cloak&Dagger Guest

    As you wish.


    "I'm a Legendary Smith - why do I lose durability points so often when I try to repair things?"
    "Because there's a pretty high base chance to lose a point of durability" seems to be the simple answer. The formula is as follows:

    Chance to lose Durability = ((40 + Max Durability) - Current Durability) - (repairSkill / 100) (where repair skill is Test Center-style, i.e. GM = 1000, not 100.0)

    Example: Blacksmithing of 1100 (110.0), 50 current and max durability, yields a 29% chance that max durability will be reduced by 1. If an item has taken more than 71 points of damage, the chance for it to lose a point of durability reaches 100% even for a Legendary smith. So there's a definite choice to be made - do you repair early and often, and risk failure, or late and seldom, and guarantee it?
  19. I prefer late and seldom.

    For example, if I have an item that is 100/100, and I repair it everytime it gets to 80/100, then lets say 1 out of 4 times I lose a durability point. That means it is the same as repairing it at 20/100 and losing a point. So if I take it down to almost 1/100 and then repair it then I am actually GAINING longevity over repairing it at 80/100.
  20. Cloak&Dagger

    Cloak&Dagger Guest

    I probably should have quoted that thing, But you are right. I dunno I repair when the game says "your stuff is about to break" and I go "oh crap I cant leave in the middle of this fight"

    Oh well, really is a personal issue I have, Do not really value any items in the game...just replace them if needed.
  21. Ahh... you are right. Thanks for the link.

    Now, run the numbers. This is the part I had forgot... there is only a 2% difference in the chance between GM (100 skill) and Legendary (120 skill).
  22. Cloak&Dagger

    Cloak&Dagger Guest

    Yea, not really worth all the effort everyone is putting into this thread....but meh, still could not tell who was saying what.
  23. Heh... I got a good laugh out of that. Thanks!

    I was just pointing out, not much difference in the repairs, GM or Legendary.