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Can we FIX the TEXT in 2D... GOODLORD

Discussion in 'UHall' started by StaticOnAtlantic, Nov 7, 2009.

  1. Im sorry Im using 2d but work with me EA. Fix the text so it doesnt overlap. for Christ's sake.
  2. BadManiac

    BadManiac Guest

    Agreed. Typing a line of text, then another and having them overlap into a garbled mess on screen is seriously annoying, and ugly.

    Why was this changed anyway? It wasn't broken for 12 years, why break it now?
  3. It happend a few weeks ago with the huge patch. Now its broken, and no fix..... Im just bumed, I play EC and half the map doesnt load so I cant move and in 2d text is screwed...
  4. Flutter

    Flutter Always Present
    Stratics Veteran Alumni Stratics Legend

    May 12, 2004
    Likes Received:
    Yea! Who broke it anyway?
  5. Smokin

    Smokin Guest

    It also doesn't center on your head like it use to, type a longer sentence then a short one letter one and you will see. Its from the client they used for 2d beta and when they put in SA we got that problem with it.
  6. Harlequin

    Harlequin Babbling Loonie
    Stratics Veteran

    Jun 11, 2008
    Likes Received:
    I noticed this too, what I say gets offset to the side and doesn't appear above my character.

    I kept wondering if I had typed in extra spaces somehow.
  7. Cear Dallben Dragon

    Cear Dallben Dragon Babbling Loonie
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    Feb 17, 2005
    Likes Received:
    this does suck. in both clients. sucks in the EC cause you cant mouse over text to bring it forward and hi-light
  8. Xalan Dementia

    Xalan Dementia Slightly Crazed
    Stratics Veteran

    Jul 1, 2008
    Likes Received:
    i think the overlap was added for flying gargs, thier text is way high so they did this i guess. its laaaame if a garg wants to talk they should put thier crusty feet on the ground first.
  9. Stigmatas

    Stigmatas Babbling Loonie
    Stratics Veteran

    Nov 23, 2002
    Likes Received:


    For Chrissake!
  10. Norther

    Norther Guest

    I'll also get text that lingers on for really long time. for example I'll type something. Type something else. And long after the second thing I typed disappeared the first thing I typed is still there. Kind of annoying when I'm trying to clear my macro garble before talking to someone.
  11. Chad Sexington

    Chad Sexington Lore Master
    Stratics Veteran Barter Town

    Jul 3, 2008
    Likes Received:
    It's ruining my screenshots.

  12. Sevin0oo0

    Sevin0oo0 Guest

    My text moves up & disappears, I tried to spam it and it stilled worked correctly.
    The text seemed to stay on a short time, just a couple seconds before it disappeared. This is in 2D.
  13. Bombastic Fail

    Bombastic Fail Certifiable
    Stratics Veteran

    Aug 1, 2008
    Likes Received:
    This got changed with SA. It was in the SA beta bugs, but was never fixed. :(