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Can you finish this?

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Ugly Wrinkleflip, Jul 28, 2008.

  1. Let's have some fun.

    Can you finish this joke?

    3 toons walk into a gag shop..........

    I want to see how fun, sick or twisted all of my Stratics friends are.

    There are RULES. YES RULES.

    This is a public forum and it is a family game so lets keep it clean. I don't want to see any "Is that a (insert gag here)" jokes. I want to see someone come up with actual humor. The top 5 I will put in a poll and we will vote on the funniest one.

    Break out those thinking bubbles. Let's have fun.
  2. 3 toons walk into a gag shop, buy their gags, and leave. The End
    I would like to see anyone top that.
  3. Three toons walk into a gag shop. One has 15 laff, with cupcake and squirting flower. The other two are 70 laffers with unmaxed gags.
    "I think this is too risky for you," says one of the 70 laffers.
    "Yes" says the other. "You stink!"
    They buy their gags and leave the shop.
    The 15 laff mutters to himself, "whats too risky, buyin gags? *snort* n i took a shower this morn, too" He purchases 10 cupcakes and 10 squirting flowers and leaves the shop. He catches sight of the two toons running into one of the streets leading off the playground.
    "well wouldja look at that" says the 15 laff. "nice, i was just about to tell them to go play in traffic!"
    :thumbsup: Now THERE'S a joke...rolleyes:
  4. Flippers

    Flippers Guest

    What a coincidence...

  5. Flippers,

    I love how you do that. I need to learn how to make photos like that myself one day. I can't even post pictures lol.
  6. Electroflap

    Electroflap Guest

    Me too! Those pics are awesome! The closest I got was making a funny pic of me and Braid! Which took me half the day today to figure out how to pm it to her..lol..
  7. LOL the pic is so funny!
  8. ok where is it? Fork it over. This I gotta see.
  9. Electroflap

    Electroflap Guest

    ok here it is .. I also pmed it to you before I read this thread![​IMG]