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(Player Event) Candidacy for Governor, and an invitation [Elections] [Event]

Discussion in 'UO Europa' started by Shakkara, Jun 4, 2013.

  1. Shakkara

    Shakkara Slightly Crazed
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    Jul 27, 2003
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    Greetings fellow Britannians, and those from faraway lands,

    As you might have gathered, quite a few of our fair cities have sent out a call for the citizens to elect a new governor, to represent the city in the court of our sovereign. I can say I am a strong supporter of this initiative, as I believe that the local needs of cities and their citizens must be in balance with the needs of the realm. All too often in the past, we've seen laws and decrees drafted up within the cold walls of some far-away palace which appeared to lack any knowledge or consideration of the people whom they may affect. Thus it is essential to have well-informed representatives within those palace walls to provide those lawmakers, in these times his majesty king Blackthorn, with valuable information so that the proper decissions can me made.

    I believe I am one of those people, and for that reason I decided to put forth my candidacy for the post of Governor of Trinsic. I believe I can really relate to the needs of the community within the walls of our fair city, and am quick to act when necessary. Recently, when the soulstone graveyard south of the city collapsed, it was I that rallied the local citizens to reclaim the crystals and have laboured to the best of my ability to give the stones a safe and honourable place within my house, directly south of the city. Last year, when the need was dire, and Trinsic was held in the grip of unrest and riots, I have put out fires, fed the poor and arrested troublemakers for many months. I have given away the lion's share of my family fortune to finance the recovery of the city, and since that day a large part of the Trinsic populance has adopted me as their duchess.

    Therefore I give you my pledge, that I will use whatever influence I have, and use all the talents I have at my disposal, to make our city grow and prosper. And above all, to ensure that our shared virtue of Honour is upheld, should times of tribulation descend upon us once more.



    If you wonder about my background, I'll elaborate a bit more on that. Currently I maintain the Mottecreek estates, on the south bank of the little creek south of Trinsic. The Shakkara family has been known as House Mottecreek in the past, although the lands were abandoned over a decade ago. The motte, or fortified mound that held the old tower where my family once occupied is now nothing more than a little overgrown hill on the south bank of the river, the tower ruined during the siege of Trinsic and the stones of the tower carted off in the aftermath to rebuild the city walls. A large (and influential) part of the family died during the siege, and with their lands in ruin, the survivors loaded their posessions into wagons and set off north. They became wanderers and lived in the desert for years, until their camp was attacked by brigands. I was away to gather provisions when it happened, and returned to find my family slaughtered or missing. I signed up with mercenary caravan guards at first, and later became a duellist; as I belonged to a noble line, custom dicates that I could represent other houses in honourable combat after all. I still had access to the family funds kept safe in the banks and the duels gave me a nice income to sustain myself, so at least I could always afford the more comfortable rooms in the local inns.

    But my family's blood also gave me another gift, the gift of magic, as aptitude in the arcane arts is something that has been strong in my family for generations. Unfortunately I never had much time to practise it, as I spent days on the road traveling and the rough weather is not kind to spellbooks and magical tomes, so the ones that used to belong to my family remained safe in a vault in Vesper. Eventually I made friends with a local of Fellucan Skara Brae who held a small house on the outskirts of the city that I could live in. I stayed there for nearly half a year and finally had time to gather a pile of reagents and study some books. Later on, I purchased my first own property in the south of Yew. When the moongates to Malas opened, I managed to claim a piece of land to the east of Luna and lived there, until a year ago. Fortune had that land that used to be part of my family estate had become available. I immediately drafted plans for a manor to be constructed there and moved in later that year. Later on, a bastion was erected as well, to defend Trinsic from attacks from the south should it be necessary in the future. This is the bastion that later became the new soulstone graveyard.


    In short, my plans are as follows: First, represent the needs of our community as best as possible and be a listening ear for everyone. Second, make sure that our city thrives and protect it from threats. Third, pursue lucrative contracts with third parties to make sure that we can use their expertise to better ourselves. I have quite a few fellow magical students that are now in influential positions, so a boon to spellcasters prowess for all of the citizens is something I'll try to arrange as soon as I have the opportunity.

    If there are any questions, I'll be more than happy to answer them.


    Since I am not the only candidate and Trinsic is not the only city to have an election, I also want to use this opportunity to extend an invitation. My estate will host a gathering the day the elections officially commence (Saturday 19.00 hours GMT). Candidates will get an opportunity to introduce themselves and present their campaign issues and citizens will have an opportunity to ask questions and voice their issues and concerns. Food and drinks will be provided. If you wish to have speaking time, please send me a personal note with your name and the city you wish to represent, so I can make an appropriate schedule.

    Directions here:


    Thank you all for your time!

    Yours truly,

    Hotep Shakkara
    Candidate for Trinsic
    Reeve of Mottecreek
    Duchess of Trinsic
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