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Cap'n Crunch and the shoe bombs

Discussion in 'UO Siege Perilous' started by UncleSham, Nov 5, 2013.

  1. UncleSham

    UncleSham Certifiable
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    Feb 26, 2004
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    i was telling an old story to a fellow guild member last night of my days as a fisher back in the day . he made me promise to post the story here or he'd publicly call me out . so ... here is the tale of Cap'n Crunch and the shoe bombs.

    Way back when , before trammel even existed , i was playing on napa . i decided i wanted to try out fishing . the MIBs had just been introduced and i was curious to see how it all would go . fearing a total catastrophe i decided to do it on a new shard and headed to Chesapeake . with nothing but the clothes on my back , not knowing a soul , i made a fisher and tossed my hook in the bay off of britain's west bank pier.

    being a bit of a role player (and somewhat touched in the head) i named my guy Cap'n Crunch . i actually got a cereal box and made him look as close as i could . (white pony tail, blue fancy shirt and tricorn hat etc.)

    i stood at the bank selling "crunchy" fish steaks until i could afford a small dragon ship. from then on i lived on that boat. this was before item decay so i just piled all my worldly possessions on the deck and kept the boat refreshed. one had to be very careful with the key but i learned to make it work.

    there were plenty of people around so you actually met folks on the seas . some of them as you can imagine were not so friendly. with little to no fighting ability i learned the steering macros quickly and learned how to run.

    i spent many days at the back end of the boat chatting with my tilllerman (they spoke much more then and as i said , im a bit touched in the head) hehe . really tho the main reason i stood next to him was if you "whisper" the boat commands he would still obey and a would-be pk couldn't hear what you were saying.

    one day i set my bag of goodies next to me on the deck and to my dismay it trailed off the back of the boat behind me. i quickly backed up to see if it was still there and discovered it indeed was somehow floating on the water , but when my boat hit it i stopped like id slammed into a pier.

    after much experimenting i discovered if you placed something on the last tile on the outer edges while moving it would float and trail off behind you . bandages, fish, even piles of gold floated on the water. (the uo gods surely must be crazy)

    now one thing for sure , as any fisher will tell you , you get a ton of footwear from failed fishing attempts .
    they used to say "give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. teach a man to fish and he'll never need to buy shoes again"

    so ... one day i see a ship approaching rapidly. on board were a few men with red names shouting all manner of threats . i whisper "forward right" and begin my escape run for the nearest guard zone. but their pilot is skilled and keeps up with me . arrows splash in the water next to me and i begin to panic.

    having nothing on me but a bunch of shoes i drop one on that back right tile . it flows out behind me like a small torpedo . the pilot deftly doges it.

    i drop one on the left tile and it flows back. this time it impacts on my pursuer's bow and stops him in his tracks .

    and... the shoe bomb was born . from then on any time i needed to escape i'd drop shoes left and right till one hit and bought me the time i needed. :p

    this still works by the way, but only on the old fashioned boats . i cant make that work on the galleons . i guess they were made more soundly. but *shrugs* there ya have it . hope y'all enjoyed my little tale .

    see you "out there"
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