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Discussion in 'UO Fishing and Treasure Hunting' started by Trollmaker, Dec 6, 2009.

  1. Trollmaker

    Trollmaker Guest

    Hi i recently came back to uo and decided to make a T-Hunter bard i got to gm lockpicking and am now going to raise cartography . My question is whats the best way to raise cartography nowadays ?
  2. Today you can make maps using blank scrolls you buy off the Mages shops. No more needs to buy blanks maps at the Maps shops.

    Just get a ton of blank scrolls and mapmaking pens and start making maps, you can do this and turn around and sell the maps. Just about break even doing this. If you are in 2d and using UOA just set up a hot sell bag to make your maps in.

    Start out local maps and work up to world maps, you can do this all the way up to 99.5, here you will need to start decoding level 3 and level 4 maps for gains. There is also the Twisted Weald trick, see the thread above for more on that, I believe you can do this with cartography as well as Lock Picking training.

    Good Luck with your training.
  3. Trollmaker

    Trollmaker Guest

    Thank you for the quick reply am going to start right away! I did the satyr trick for lockpiking when i got to 90..good to know it will work also for cartography:D

    As a side note what do you think of this template:
    100 cartography
    100 lockpiking
    100 magery
    100 music
    100 med
    100 peace
    120 provo
  4. I believe if you are power scrolled on other skills and wear jewerly to push that skill you can go over the 720 cap, don't quote me there as I have to check it myself to be sure. But if you can, you could carry a spell book to boost magery, and ring and bracelet to boost music and peace.

    Here my Tamer t hunter skills

    Animal Lore 115.0 100.0 +( 10.0)
    Animal Taming 115.0 105.0 +( 5.0)
    Magery 110.0 105.0 +( 5.0)
    Veterinary 110.0 110.0
    Cartography 100.0 100.0
    Lockpicking 100.0 100.0
    Meditation 100.0 100.0

    Str 118 118
    Dex 31 31
    Int 127 127

    If you add up my skills up you see 720, but where I have power scrolls its 750. Jewerly and others pieces of equipment are pushing it over the 720 cap.
  5. Trollmaker

    Trollmaker Guest

    Yeah i was planning to use jewerly to boost magery music and peace but not at this time due to not having much gold but it is something to do on the long run. But with the template i just showed think i can do lvl 5's ?
  6. ya you should be able to, cast couple summons, dig up the chest, precasting invis, and hide as the chest pops. Then go to town on the Prov.
  7. Trollmaker

    Trollmaker Guest

    Cool can't wait to start doing lvl 5's and 6's .. But i still have to train my skills so it will be a couple days till i can start doing them:D
  8. Trollmaker

    Trollmaker Guest

    Woot just reached 100 cartography and that makes me 4x GM
    current skills :
    cart 100
    lock 100
    magery 97
    med 100
    music 100
    peace 92
    provo 66.5

    Is it just me or is it much easier to raise skills nowadays? and a little help from a satyr:p
  9. Congrats on the cart. If you had been doing begging, taming or alchemy you be crying like many of us were for the long hours of training. Good luck with the T chests and your music training.