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Casca and the War of Shadows

Discussion in 'The Baja Roleplaying & Event Alliance' started by WarderDragon, Jun 20, 2010.

  1. WarderDragon

    WarderDragon Babbling Loonie
    Stratics Veteran Alumni BRPA

    Oct 9, 2008
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    I have been contemplating sending these links to a couple folks who have asked me about the events of the past year: Casca, Trubo Saius, the Nystad Twins, the Shadowlords, the Scythian League, Operation Royal Flush, the Widow, the War of the Independent States, and so fourth.

    But with so many folks asking, I decided it would be better to make a thread to discuss the topic and help people who weren't around learn. This is naturally the tip of the iceberg. It doesn't account for the Third War of Darkness (Exodus War), the discovery of the Land of Feudal Lords and the Heartwood, the Ophidian War, the Return of the Followers of Armageddon and the Destruction of Haven (an interesting tale that might help folks explain their extended departures), the Blackrock Detector and the release of the Shadowlords, the Vanguard War, the Assassination of the Royal Council, and the Imprisonment of Avery and Ricardo. But we'll get to that.

    Lord Casca Speaks Before the Kingdom by Oriana

    This is the moment where Lord Casca of Heartwood announces to the people that the Royal Council has elected him King Pro Tempore of Britannia.

    Now keep in mind that there is no Royal Council. The Council had been assassinated the summer before, leaving the Kingdom leaderless and in a state of disarray. Casca was ('miraculously') the only survivor.

    Casca would here announce his intention to force those realms that did not consider themselves Britannian (Dawn and Avalon) into submission. This set the stage for the later War of Independent States.

    Negotiating for a Kings Grace or Britannian Hegemony? by WarderDragon

    Lord Emissary Trubo Saius summons representatives of several Independent States to argue their right to sovereignty and self-governance. In attendance are representatives from the Kingdom of Dawn and Avalon, Horseshoe Island, the Queendom of Shieba, Balsall Monestary, Ravenshire, Heaven's Forge, the Village of Scythe, and the Barony of Darkmor. The Kingdom of Lumaria, Hearthfire Haven, and others were missing from the proceedings.

    Dawn and Avalon Invaded by Mercenaries by WarderDragon

    The first major attack.

    The Battle for the Ivory Throne by WarderDragon

    This is one of those "...only on Baja" moments.

    This is where the "Knights & Dames of the Royal Flush" originated; which would later develop into "Operation Royal Flush."

    These Boots Were Made For Conquest by WarderDragon

    The origin of taking the boots of slain Scouts and Sargeants and placing them on our doorsteps as a sign of protest.

    Mercenary Captains Launch Devestating Attacks Upon Rebels by Cymidei Fier

    The War of Independent States begins to escalate with the introduction of the Mercenary Captains. At this point it becomes clear that the Independents are loosing an uphill battle with Casca's near limitless horde and must do something drastic if they are to survive.

    The Revenge of the Scythians Part 1 & 2 by WarderDragon

    The Scythian League and Operation Royal Flush strike back against Lord Casca. This is also where the rift between the Rebellion and the Cartel begins to emerge.

    I've traditionally made a distinction between the Scythian League and Operation Royal Flush in these stories and tales. Vasco Renor of the L'Renor Shuk (Pirate Crew) had gathered leaders from the Independent States to discuss the counterstrike against Casca. This included a naval blockade of Brittany Bay (which was tragically deleted by a GM). The Scythian League also chose the Widow as their figurehead.

    A week later, Kullervo Nystad (EM Character) holds a similar meeting that attracts a more diverse and non-roleplayer crowd. We decided to hold a vote and chose the name Operation Royal Flush.

    Why the distinction? While both often worked together; Operation Royal Flush was primarily directed by the Event Moderators (Kullervo Nystad and later Dawn) and was implied to be a Partisan Rebellion of Britannian Citizens aimed at overthrowing Casca. The Scythian League on the other hand was led primarily by the Widow, the Duchess of Dawn, and the Mistress of the Dark Tower; whose aims were more or less to force Casca and his mercenary horde from their lands.

    The Revenge of the Scythians Part 3 by WarderDragon

    This was one of the major events of the War of Shadows. It was also my favorite to later write about as I was able to showcase several of the major characters involved.

    Proserpina lost connection during the last few minutes of the battle resulting in Nicholas' and Asimov's attempts to defend her against the second wave; as detailed in the above story.

    Fayaxion, Dawn, and Operation Royal Flush Team Up! by Cymidei Fier

    This is the meeting where Dawn finally comes out of the woodwork to fight alongside the Rebels. Fayaxion of the Platinum Dragonflight also offers her assistance to the Britannian cause.

    The End Game Prologue: Freedom Fighters

    This was the final meeting of Operation Royal Flush before we struck back against Lord Casca.

    I enjoyed penning this tale. It was meant to be the first part of a series describing the events of the last few days; but I bit off far more than I could chew (I tried covering all four final events over the course of three days) and never completed the full report.

    The End Game Part 1: Watching the World Burn by WarderDragon

    This is Part 2. Part 3 was to describe the slaughter of the Platinum Dragonflight at the end of the event. Part 4 would have detailed the final confrontation with the Shadowlords beneath the Demon Temple on Fire Isle and the subsequent rupture. And Part 5 would have detailed the death of Casca at the hands of Royal Knight Dawn.

    Matters of the Throne by EMSeppo

    You remember that Knight who showed up during the last two weeks of the War? She was declared the Queen for her heroic bravery and service to the people.

    Shocking Assassination at the Coronation by Mystic Rose

    ...and failed to lock up the Lord Emissary before he had the chance to escape; resulting in the death of Captain Aino Nystad of the Royal Guard.