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[Trading] Casca rescue on your shard

Discussion in 'UO Trader's Hall' started by Lord Drakelord, Jul 21, 2008.

  1. I am willing to run to Casca for his rescue if you are willing to do the same on Sonoma. I will run six would be rescuers to the room as long as you can res us and let us hit a recall out, in exchange you get the 25k ticket on your shard and a chance to help me on Sonoma with 25k ticket.

    On Sonoma I will loan you a fully charged rune book with runes to Skara gate, the stables, Capt Ulrich, and the sweet dreams inn where I will meet you to collect the ticket and rune book, I will also give you 1k gold to purchase a horse at the stables, if you think you need a horse let me know in advance. In Casca I have a mage ready to res you, and remind you to say "help".

    My icq is in the profile here, feel free to contact me with the shard you are on so I can set up passwords on the six I will be using to run down there. And if you can give me a horse on your shard even better.

    Runs I done so far; And pls note I just doing two of my five accounts to try and keep track of where I been as I been forgetful in my old age and did not write names and shards down.

    Pacfic shard TorAnn [6]
    Pacfic shard DJ Loki [6]
    Lake Superior shard Pandorn [6]
    Lake Superior shard Tia LS reporter [6]
    Legends shard Mal [12]
    Legend shard Ander [12]
    Catskills shard Aang [12]
    Catskills shard Wolfy [11]
    Catskills shard Notahing [6]

    Baja shard zorrah [6]
    Baja Shard Sara of Baja [6]
    Baja shard peacecraft [12]
    Europa shard TopPlotter [12]
    Europa shard K [103-318-343] [12]
    Formosa shard ESC - Formosa [12]
    Great Lakes shard Electra [12]
    Oceania shard birdinforest-12]
    Chessy shard [forgot who] [12]
    Chessy shard {Sold to Future Guy for 1.5 million}[6]
    Atlantic Shard Lord Kynd [18]
    Origin Shard CassieDarksong [18]
    Lake Austin Shard Mark [24]

    A shard in bold means all accounts have made runs and we cannot delete charactors
  2. zorrah

    zorrah Guest

    Tried to send you a message, you're offline. I'm interested in swapping if you still need a partner on Baja.
  3. I am online just not seen any message come thru.
  4. Lilweezybaby

    Lilweezybaby Guest

    ill do sonoma if you're interested in some runs on atlantic?
  5. Heimi

    Heimi Babbling Loonie
    Stratics Veteran

    May 15, 2008
    Likes Received:
    I need Europa - added you to ICQ :)
  6. well just icq me Lilweezybaby.

  7. I can do your shard, TOP and I did just one, [six runs], so icq me when is good for you.
  8. I been on all day, not a single icq or PM for a trade, I have a guild event tonight so will not be on till tomorrow.
  9. Finally finished up a run on Cats that was started this morning, but due to real life was on hold till both parties could return to UO.

    I am going to take a break and a nap before I get on again. I will try to be back before it gets to late, being its Friday night I will not be on after 7pm CDT
  10. Good morning folks, some friends of my are getting married in game tomorrow. I understand there is a "Female" only party tonight so will not be around much this evening.




    So I will not be able to trade this evening or tomorrow evening. Feel free to contact me today as I could use the pts I get from you to get them a wedding gift.
  11. been on all day waiting for trades, no one icq or PM so that it tonight see you all tomorrow.
  12. man I love the Formosa runs, no passwords, no rooms, just run straight north pass where the secret word scroll should be till there is no more room to run, Casca is at the very end. I even had two Neebs make it alive, so that is great.
  13. ok new rule for Casca's runs, if you cannot meet me and pass me rune books for the runs then don't PM or icq me. I just went thru a hell of a time on Great Lakes and I am not repeating that ever again!
  14. Good morning fellow Traders, I am up, working on my first cup of coffee and will be lurking around the forums here and there. ICQ will be turn on in a few and I look forward to trading some more Casca's Rescue.
  15. I am flat worn out, I want to thank those folks that traded today, but I need a long break after that last few runs, my mouse hand is still hurting me and I am going to quit and go relax for the rest of the day, I will be back tomorrow bright and early with my morning cup of coffee, so till then see you all later.
  16. So if you want to trade you better hurry as they are turning this off Friday.
  17. Shamus Turlough

    Shamus Turlough Lore Master
    Stratics Veteran Alumni

    May 19, 2008
    Likes Received:
    I have 41 characters available on any shard except catskills to trade, with me recieving my tickets on LS. ICQ me or PM me here.
  18. TonySonoma

    TonySonoma Guest

    Hello guys trying to finish up fast before friday.

    I have 7 tickets on the following shards available or soon to be:

    Lake Austin


    Lake Superior

    Great Lakes


    Would want mine on Sonoma and can help rez and get you out.

    Please ICQ 223796758
  19. well icq is in the profile yell at me for LS-sonoma trades.
  20. Anyone on that I have not done a run on their shard?
  21. Last Day folks, tomorrow Casca will be rescue for good and Melissa will be carted off to jail to server a long prison term, or worse. So if I have not made a run on your shard, or only did one or two, then I still have folks that can run it. I am not deleted charactors to make new as some of my have been on those shards for ages and have some nice stuff packed away in the bank, [from the days when you had more then one house per shard].

    So let get the ball rolling folks, this is the last day, and I will not be on tonight.
  22. ok I need a break, no lunch and my tummy is going on strike
  23. Nice of them to extent this to Tuesday!

    Morning I'll be on most of the day, icq is turned on and I still can do alot of runs on most shards. Just remember my little rule, I want a charged rune book in my pack for that run.
  24. Man its Saturday and I have shards where I can trade or still have charactors that will run. But are they beating at the door? No, where are you all at? Fire sale next door??
  25. ok I am done for tonight
  26. good morning

    icq is on
  27. I have 6 on LS and 6 on chessy to trade for Sonoma.