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Casca's Sunday Speech.

Discussion in 'UO Catskills' started by Norrar, Jan 19, 2009.

  1. Norrar

    Norrar Lore Master
    Governor Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    May 25, 2008
    Likes Received:
    Just wondering if anyone got a copy of it.
  2. Moreeg

    Moreeg Guest

    I would like to see that as well, it was hard to keep up with while I was there, with so much nonsense talk going on...

    I want to see the full transcript of the part where he says he will attack Trinsic if the Council doesnt do as he wishes. I think I missed part of the conversation.
  3. Gildar

    Gildar Babbling Loonie
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    Apr 22, 2004
    Likes Received:
    There's a full transcript in Vallend's report: http://vboards.stratics.com/showthread.php?t=121411

    As far as attacking Trinsic... I'm guessing that was an embellishment of this -
    Lord Casca: Lastly I must relinquish the independence given to some cities under Lord British, such cities
    Lord Casca: will hail the crown, or be outlawed!
  4. Norrar

    Norrar Lore Master
    Governor Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    May 25, 2008
    Likes Received:
    Ahh that is the saturday. I just want the sunday one because he said my name. Hehe.
  5. Vallend

    Vallend Sage
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    Feb 16, 2005
    Likes Received:
    Sorry Norrar I goit sidetracked and showed up to late to catch that one. However if you do want to start recording events I suggest you down load this program. UO Journal Converter (UOJC) That way you can see every word said later on.
  6. Gildar

    Gildar Babbling Loonie
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    Apr 22, 2004
    Likes Received:
    Ah. You want the sunday speech! Why didn't you just say so ;)

    *quietly walks away, continuing to ignoring the second word in the title of the thread*
  7. Norrar

    Norrar Lore Master
    Governor Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    May 25, 2008
    Likes Received:
    *winks at him*
  8. The threats against Trinsic were in the Sunday speech at 3 PM, when the Purple Guardians of Honor reminded him that Lord British gave us the deed to the city of Trinsic. His response was that we would be repossessed. When we said he would have to do so by force, his response was very succinct...
    Lord Casca: So be it.
  9. Thom

    Thom Lore Keeper
    Stratics Veteran

    May 30, 2008
    Likes Received:
    I have a copy of the sunday speech. I have to edit it still to take out guild chat and stuff but I can post it here once I finish with that.
  10. Thom

    Thom Lore Keeper
    Stratics Veteran

    May 30, 2008
    Likes Received:
    Alright, I have it edited and ready to post. I left most of the actual text in it so that you could see how he responded to specific questions and requests.

    Lord Casca: *looks about, seeing many familiar faces*

    Va'lis Razele: Casca you are false!

    Lord Casca: Hail, citizens of Britannia, nobles, and warriors!

    Va'lis Razele: Come down to us!

    Va'lis Razele: Show us you fear us not.

    James: He appeared out of no where! He's a witch!

    Skwisgaar: Hail

    Haljous: Hail LORD CASCA!

    Lord Casca: I come to you this day under grievous circumstances.

    Lord Casca: Never did I think such tragedy could befall the Britannian Council, my brethren!

    Va'lis Razele: Come down you king of falsehood!

    Val-Shah-Ri Lura: All HAIL LORD VAL

    Lord Casca: *eyes Corvak*

    Scarst: *throws an acron at casca's head*

    Lord Casca: As you all know, their lives have been taken by the legions of the Followers of Armageddon.

    Clive Dauthi: *looks up his eyes observing the man*

    Scarst: *acorn

    Whisper: his loot drops would SUCK

    Clive Dauthi: intresting.

    Elaint Eltanor: *flames Casca*

    Lord Casca: It is only for the councils sake, and the sake of Britannia, that I stand before you all this day.

    Va'lis Razele: *reaches into a pouch on his belt slowly*

    Lord Casca: I apologize that we must meet here,

    Bryghton: where is recardo

    Va'lis Razele: Come down I say!

    Lord Casca: but Castle British still evokes horrible emotions when I gaze upon it.

    Lord Casca: **Closes eyes for a moment**

    Lord Casca: Ricardo? Imprisoned, as he has been!

    Clive Dauthi: A intresting trick you have there, but have you any words

    Lord Casca: and as I was..

    Lord Casca: I have been through unimaginable tortures whilst in the clutches of my captors.

    Clive Dauthi: Or did we come to only gaze upon you?

    Katherine Elle: Show us the scars, Casca.

    Va'lis Razele: *reaches up to him with the Glass Dagger*

    Katherine Elle: If you don't protest Falsehood.

    Lord Casca: I still feel the clasp of their manacles upon my wrists

    Va'lis Razele: COME DOWN!

    Lord Casca: **Shudders slightly**

    Bryghton: no taxes

    Kang: *shifts*

    Val-Shah-Ri Lura: the least he could have done was brought us all mongbat pizza

    Lord Casca: Perhaps I will never escape the feeling.

    Lord Casca: **Looks over the gathered crowd, motioning his hands toward them**

    Lord Casca: Yet you all were my saviors, and for that I am forever in debt as the peoples servant.

    Va'lis Razele: Casca speak if you are King!

    Solomon Wright: It is interesting you compare your government's imprisonment of Ricardo to your own torture...

    Va'lis Razele: Otherwise leave our lands!

    Lord Casca: Through your quick and noble deeds, I am the only member of the council who yet survived

    Lord Casca: and was not tainted by evil and corruption.

    Haljous: Wise you are King Casca

    Katherine Elle: An Ambassador of the Council is not a member of the council

    Katherine Elle: There is a difference.

    Foxie: i thought they were hiding

    Lord Casca: Thus, out of need for structure, a new council formed of Lords and Nobles.

    Thom: Which ones?

    Lord Casca: They hail from all over the land and are both magnanimous and valorous.

    Lord Casca: Yet I am afraid I cannot reveal their identities at this time, for we cannot

    Clive Dauthi: He stands tall: sighs

    Clive Dauthi: *sighs*

    Lord Casca: risk suffering another defeat at the hands of the Followers of Armageddon.

    Haljous: True, true

    Haljous: *nods sadly*

    Va'lis Razele: *rubs his head*

    Lord Casca: In safety we took council, and they said unto me

    Va'lis Razele: Anh Mi Sah Ko

    Lord Casca: Casca, you have been through much.

    Clive Dauthi: *smirks softly*

    Va'lis Razele: Where is the proof!

    Lord Casca: Casca, you are wise and experienced.

    Lord Casca: Casca, we know you desire only justice.

    Whisper: you would think Cacsa would have abit more uber gear

    Lord Casca: I replied that they all exhibit such traits, or we would not be meeting together.

    Bryghton: show us pruff

    Lord Casca: Proof? You will have to be patient!

    Va'lis Razele: *pushes past a guard*

    Lord Casca: Yet they continued to echo my praises

    Lord Casca: Casca, rise up, for you have our vote, ascend the throne!

    Bryghton: no now pruff

    Haljous: That you would so noble a character. Disgusting

    Scarst: why should we except you if you don't have proof


    Clive Dauthi: word's only, does not make one king.

    Lord Casca: But I responded to them resoundingly,

    Val-Shah-Ri Lura: what will u do about the pirate problem in new haven?

    James: I still say he's a witch..

    Tidas: Down with casca

    Lord Casca: Nay!

    Lord Casca: I cannot!

    Lord Casca: I am not worthy!

    Lord Casca: Still they insisted, and spoke to me of the good I could do,

    Va'lis Razele: No!

    Friendon: problem?

    Lord Casca: and I began to feel the potential and sooth in their words.

    Va'lis Razele: Give us proof now!

    Haljous: You ARE worthy!

    Va'lis Razele: Or die!

    Scarst: James is right let's burn him

    Lord Casca: The more I listened, the more their words rang true in my ears.

    Lord Casca: For if not I to raise up Britannia and stand proudly beside her,

    Va'lis Razele: *points the dagger at Casca*

    Foxie: he is a fake

    Val-Shah-Ri Lura: OFF WIT HIS HEAD!!!!

    Lord Casca: if not I to heal her wounds and protect her land, then WHO???

    Va'lis Razele: I would!

    Achilles: ME

    Thom: The same people who have been doing it.

    Clive Dauthi: *eyes Vali's*

    Tidas: Leave the Ophidians alone

    Haljous: Not lickely Valis

    Jean Smithe: Umm, the people that were already doing it?

    Lord Casca: Those who have been doing it are dead!

    Va'lis Razele: Long have we been without a king!

    Tidas: no more war

    Skwisgaar: A NEW GUARD

    Va'lis Razele: We need one not!

    Lord Casca: or missing

    Val-Shah-Ri Lura: ophidians aren't so bad once you get to know them

    Tidas: Free Ricardo

    Lord Casca: or bed ridden in Haven..

    Clive Dauthi: Then a new council

    Whisper: Now aceppting donations to the " Make Whisper Richer Then You Fund "

    Va'lis Razele: Leave while you still can false one!

    Lord Casca: and I sympathized with them all

    Jean Smithe: The people who actually were accomplishing some good are not dead

    Lord Casca: So I took their votes and I am proud to come unto you now, as King of Britannia!

    Va'lis Razele: You are false!

    Lord Casca: **Looks down upon the people, hands wide up in the air embracing them, smiling**

    Haljous: Council members? I haven?

    Haljous: HAIL CASCA!

    Bryghton: i didnt vote for you

    Friendon: har

    Foxie: go away


    Jean Smithe: Well, I hope you can expand your knowledge of this kingdom now that you are king, and work with

    Scarst: no they arn't were here you idiot

    Clive Dauthi: *studies the man*

    Jean Smithe: those who have been doing the councils job over the years

    Lord Casca: Aye, Calin, my good friend, is bed ridden in Haven!

    Va'lis Razele: FIGHT ME YOU COWARD!

    Azura Bleu: Hello Casca

    Jean Smithe: appearently unbeknownst to the council

    Lord Casca: Could he speak, he would tell you all of my good nature and trustworthyness

    Clive Dauthi: How convient he can not.

    Lord Casca: s! Now I must act upon their faith, I must do this good of which they speak!

    Va'lis Razele: Listen not to him!

    Tidas: Rebellion i say stop CASCA

    Lord Casca: **Clenches his fist and shakes it toward the people**

    Va'lis Razele: Give us democracy!

    Haljous: What more proof need we!?! HAILCASCA!

    Lord Casca: More so, it must be done swiftly.

    Lord Casca: **looks slowly into the eyes of everyone gathered below him**

    Clive Dauthi: *studies the man eyebrows raised*

    Va'lis Razele: You are after personal gain!

    Val-Shah-Ri Lura: here it comes

    Lord Casca: I promise now, before the people of Britannia,

    Eban : Ya are nofin' more den a liar mate.

    Lord Casca: to rid the lands of the vile, rancorous, malicious Ophidians!

    Va'lis Razele: How are they vile!

    Val-Shah-Ri Lura: here it comes

    Va'lis Razele: Explain to us!

    James: They already left!

    Clive Dauthi: A war.


    Clive Dauthi: *smirks*

    Lord Casca: they slay our women, our children!


    Lord Casca: How are they not vile?

    Va'lis Razele: If provoked!

    Friendon: ophidians are people too

    Clive Dauthi: At least I will have some work.

    Skwisgaar: no the corrupt do

    Lord Casca: To end the invasions once and for all, bringing peace back to Britannia!

    Val-Shah-Ri Lura: ah ophids aren't so bad once u get to know them

    Va'lis Razele: Step down falseone!

    Va'lis Razele: The invasions are your doing!

    Skwisgaar: teh coruppt kill

    Friendon: invasions be fun

    Clive Dauthi: And with what army do you intent to do this?

    Lord Casca: To bring strength back to the Royal Guard and protect our borders from another invasion!

    Lord Casca: And to protect Britannia from the rancor of the Shadow Lords, while exterminating their minions.

    Va'lis Razele: I will fight you until one of us lies dead!

    Haljous: DIE MINIONS!

    Va'lis Razele: *brandishes the dagger at him*

    Clive Dauthi: The Shadow Lords, will not be stopped by slaying their minions

    Thom: *takes the book*

    Lord Casca: All I need to do such good is for you, the people, to bow to me, and we will reign forever


    Clive Dauthi: More direct action is needed

    Val-Shah-Ri Lura: BOOOOOO!!!!!

    Va'lis Razele: I will not bow!

    Haljous: *bows*

    Va'lis Razele: I bow to no man!

    Katherine Elle: We will never do such a thing

    Katherine Elle: We are not your minions.

    Lord Casca: in peace and prosperity.

    Val-Shah-Ri Lura: i will not bow to you!!!

    Clive Dauthi: bow

    Clive Dauthi: *smirks*

    Haljous: Hail King!

    Achilles: i bow to no man

    Clive Dauthi: to a boy?

    Va'lis Razele: Rise against him!

    Lord Casca: I put my faith in you, citizens of Britannia, to help us remain the prestigious

    Va'lis Razele: Rise now!

    Bryghton: your no king

    Monte: aye

    Lord Casca: and respected land that we have been for so long, to help me carry on in the name

    Tidas: STOP CASCA


    Va'lis Razele: Casca come down!

    Monte: an elf as our king?

    Lord Casca: of the great and noble kings who came before me.

    Va'lis Razele: All more noble than thou!

    Jean Smithe: How can we help you end the invasions of our cities?

    Lord Casca: Without the love and universal goodwill of the people, though, I can accomplish none of this.

    Tidas: STOP CASCA

    Bryghton: burn him

    Va'lis Razele: You are a thief!

    Monte: answer us

    Tidas: NO NEW TAXES

    Haljous: DO you hear him not?

    Clive Dauthi: goodwill...

    Val-Shah-Ri Lura: we demand truth!!

    Monte: aye

    Tidas: STOP CASCA

    Lord Casca: So this day, I demand

    Haljous: We must be united!

    Lord Casca: *coughs*

    Va'lis Razele: Demand?!?

    Lord Casca: I beseech all of you to lend me your hands and hearts so that together we can thrive!

    Va'lis Razele: Kings do not demand!

    James: He's a witch!


    Clive Dauthi: *draws axe*

    Va'lis Razele: I will give you nothing!

    Scarst: Burn Him James

    Skwisgaar: call to a new guard then

    Darian: Never

    Va'lis Razele: Kill him!

    Scarst: Burn Him James

    Clive Dauthi: demand...

    Lord Casca: I understand you do not trust me..

    Haljous: TREASON!

    Va'lis Razele: Nor shall we ever!

    Val-Shah-Ri Lura: and why should we!!

    Lord Casca: and from your words, you would have my head!

    Va'lis Razele: I am more trusted than you!

    Haljous: BOW BEFORE CASCA!

    Clive Dauthi: *smirks*

    Va'lis Razele: I will!

    Val-Shah-Ri Lura: OFF WITH HIS HEAD!!!

    Scarst: james arn't you the one that says fire solves everything prove it

    Lord Casca: and I would be the same, in your position, Va'lis

    Va'lis Razele: On a platter in my home!

    Katherine Elle: The Purple Guardians of Honor wish to speak with you, Casca. Not slay you.

    Va'lis Razele: Silence!

    Clive Dauthi: *smirks again*

    Lord Casca: So in time, you shall also see my good nature!

    Lord Casca: I also ask, in your great intelligence, that you all see through the guise of false prophets!

    Va'lis Razele: Casca, i will never bow to you!

    Skwisgaar: we do not have time

    Katherine Elle: And as the rightful owners of Trinsic and holding a seat on the true council, the Great Council...

    Clive Dauthi: Prove your good nature Casca by actions

    Val-Shah-Ri Lura: OWAIN FOR KIN!!!!

    Val-Shah-Ri Lura: KING

    Katherine Elle: We require your audience, which you are forced to give due to your position, just as Lord...

    Va'lis Razele: Friends! Kill him!

    Lord Casca: This Owain Surrey, who the people whisper about on the street, is no prophet.

    Katherine Elle: British before you was.

    Lord Casca: Trinsic belongs to the king, and so it shall be!

    Bryghton: where is he

    Va'lis Razele: *jumps up to stab him!*

    Haljous: DEATH TO OWAIN!

    Katherine Elle: The King gave it to us

    Katherine Elle: If you want Trinsic

    Katherine Elle: you will march an army against us

    Clive Dauthi: The Empress of Tokuno does not settle lightly with this turn of events

    Scarst: Wrong casca borg has the deed haha

    Katherine Elle: That is your only option.

    Lord Casca: So be it.

    Kang: *nods*

    Katherine Elle: We will resist you to the last man woman and child

    Clive Dauthi: *studies the man*

    Friendon: har

    Lord Casca: But as for the False Prophet..


    Lord Casca: He works for a witch, for the Lady Melissa, and for the Shadowlords.

    Katherine Elle: And any who truly believe in the land will not let you attack Trinsic

    Cutter: he speaks loudly and carries a lil stick!

    Va'lis Razele: *jumps up to stab him again!*

    Lord Casca: Do not heed him!

    Skwisgaar: PROOF we want PROOF

    Lord Casca: Long ago he was cast by Lord Blackthorn,

    Scarst: hey i'll fight for the hell of it

    Friendon: we want mondain

    Lord Casca: out onto the streets for the falsehood he spewed at council.

    Va'lis Razele: *throws blackrock at him*

    Lord Casca: I implore, do not heed his words!


    Lord Casca: *dodges*

    Lord Casca: Lastly I must relinquish the independence given to some cities under Lord British, such cities

    Lord Casca: will hail the crown, or be outlawed!

    Katherine Elle: That is not in your power!

    Val-Shah-Ri Lura: here it comes

    Thom: You'll have to take our independence.

    Clive Dauthi: Then let it be war.

    Lord Casca: We must all hail the same flag together, lest we all fall separate!

    Achilles: Bah

    Bryghton: what

    Haljous: Ae!

    Katherine Elle: Then you will fall, Casca.

    Va'lis Razele: *throws blackrock at him again screaming*


    James: You have a flag now?

    Lord Casca: A tax collector will be around to collect your long-standing debts.

    Skwisgaar: unite under different flags maybe

    Val-Shah-Ri Lura: BOOOOO!!!!!!

    Clive Dauthi: *smirks*

    Achilles: Bah

    Thom: He'll get nothing from us.

    Achilles: Nay

    Friendon: bah

    Foxie: never

    Clive Dauthi: And if we do not pay?

    Lord Casca: I leave you all this day hoping to have left a lasting impression of hope and virtue,

    Haljous: Aye! Wait... what?

    Bryghton: what dos that mean for tokuno islands

    Friendon: arrrr

    Achilles: BOOOOO

    Keiko: no shiny

    Skwisgaar: TAxes!!!!!!!!

    Va'lis Razele: You have no rights!

    Va'lis Razele: None for this!

    Clive Dauthi: Tokuno will bow to no forign king

    Lord Casca: that we may protect Britannia side by side, with sword and shield!

    Corvak: He'll get nothing, and especially not before these invasions have ended!

    Katherine Elle: You have left an impression of Avarice, Falsehood, and Hatred.

    Skwisgaar: NO RIGHTTO TAX

    Jean Smithe: Let none question the wisdom of Blackthorn, his judegment proved sooo sound in the end.

    Lord Casca: I wish safe travels to all, and when we meet again I shall be sitting on the throne in this Castle.

    Foxie: no taxes

    Achilles: no taxation without representation

    Lord Casca: **Salutes the people**

    Skwisgaar: Y THIS CASTLE?

    Va'lis Razele: REMOVE YOURSELF OR DIE!

    Devin Ashley: double tax the rich

    Clive Dauthi: *eyes him coldly*

    Clive Dauthi: you play an unwise game.

    Bryghton: ok kool burn the casle wit him in it

    Lord Casca: and if trinsic wants protection, they must pay the same taxes as the rest of Britannia!

    Foxie: we will fight for trinsic

    Skwisgaar: u r no king

    Va'lis Razele: The Guardians have more honor than that!

    Thom: We don't need your protection.

    Darian: Trinsic is already protected

    Eban : Weh don' need yer protection

    Katherine Elle: We do not need your protection

    Achilles: Boo

    Achilles: hiss

    Skwisgaar: you are an extortionest

    Achilles: hiss

    Friendon: arrr

    Achilles: boo

    Foxie: boo

    Morganea: he's gone