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Casting spawn & Rikktor

Discussion in 'UO Warrior' started by [JD], Oct 4, 2010.

  1. [JD]

    [JD] Guest

    Ok so 2 main questions...

    1. imp spawn
    I was fighting a imp spawn the other day and stoned off anat for GM resist. I was still getting debuffed and mana vamped like crazy. I felt like GM resist was pretty much a total waste and I would have done better with anat in its place so I could leech more. Anyone have this experience or thoughts with resist and the IMP spawn?

    2. Rikktor

    I did Rikktor with some friends and my sampy got spanked HARDCORE. Batted away like a bacterium upon a fly. I was humbled and surprised. I thought I would have a better chance. I tried my reptile slayer double axe with consecrate. Also tried my HLA Daisho with consecrate. I had honor and EOO, however I kept getting spanked so many times I could never build perfection up.

    -With bosses like Navery I leave the slayer off so I can fit on HLA. But I'm almost thinking I need a slayer on Rikktor because it can be so hard to build on perfection, not to mention there is any guarantee I'll be the one to get it.

    -His EQ attack was spanking me. One melee round and one EQ in 80% of cases spelled death. I think this is due to my low hp (118?). I think I need to rebuild a special high hp suit for him. Thoughts?

    -I did manage to land feint and HLA (heard the effects going off), but like I said, I was just getting batted around and EQ'd... is there any way to resist or lower the damage the EQ does?

    -Stratics hunting guide says his lowest resist is cold (40% resistance). I have seen people posting he is energy vuln. Is stratics hunting guide wrong?
    Rikktor - Hunter's Guide - UO Stratics

    -I found consecrate inadequate for the job. Maybe if I was able to stand toe to toe long enough to get the rhythem going it would have been ok, but I'm sure I missed a lot of dmg due to consecrate not being on all the time.

    -I did get my rhythem going with him for around 30 sec and started tanking. He quit running around and chasing people. Only nobody remembered to throw a heal my way LOL so I died again and he resumed running around chasing people... it was kind of ******** :/

    -I'm running a SS casting sampire. Even with 70% leeches it honestly didn't seem to be helping me much. I think this was compounded by people running all over the place and me being unable to keep hitting him to replace health lost by EQ's... I'd have to run off and confidence/cleanse wounds/spirit speak to re-heal...

    My experience lead to the following ideas for "next time":
    * Higher HP suit
    * elemental dmg weap instead of rely on consecrate
    * Dragon slayer on the weap instead of rely on EOO and perfection
    * Please suggest anything!
  2. Lynk

    Lynk Grand Poobah
    Stratics Veteran

    May 13, 2008
    Likes Received:
    It took me a few tries to really be able to do Rikktor without worrying.

    The hard part about Rikki is his resists are so high. Normal swings don't hit for much so it's tough to keep the leeches up.

    Definitely get more HP. I've seen EQ hit me for 75 and regular hits for as much as 60 (after all 70s and an except. swampy armor). His EQ and regular hit will go off at the same time quite a bit. 150 HP is ideal, but getting over 130 is the minimum (imo).

    I think HLA and Slayer are equally important for this champ. I use a hatchet with Slayer, HLA, HSL, HML, SSI.

    You'll definitely want to use a weapon with armor ignore. The best way is to chain AI, but if you're not set up like that do lightning strike like you normally would, except use AI every time you get hit to leech back your life.

    As much as I hate to say it, unless you have someone crosshealing you with magery or mystic, sometimes you have to run. My general rule of thumb is if I'm below 130 HP and I hear his earthquake attack coming, I run off the corner of my screen so I don't get 2 shotted.

    Hope that helps a bit.
  3. [JD]

    [JD] Guest

    I think him running around chasing people as well as my inability to "get going" and have perfection provide the damage I needed was a major factor in how this went down. Think about it, the curse weap, consecrate are all on mostly short timers, inability to leech enough life back, having to offscreen and it taking a long time to heal...

    I'm almost thinking that my ABC archer - or archery - would be better suited as I could eliminate the physical attacks from him that way.

    I am not setup for Chain AI unless I am doing insane (200+) dmg. I have 35 LMC and 1st mana discount, so maybe this is a function of my low mana pool (low 40s). If I was to go Elf I would fix that, but I'm not ready to do that just yet

    You got rid of LJ right? What build are you running Lynk? Would swapping SS for Parry be better for evade for Rikky? Or is it better to have 70% leeches?

    I'm certainly not going to give up with the Sampire.

    Also I didn't know about hearing the eQ attack coming... I'll try to listen more closely next time. also I'll try to Joust more.

  4. Macrophage

    Macrophage Journeyman
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    May 13, 2008
    Likes Received:
    1. I didnt try imp spawn but was having same problem with abyssal inferno spawn. 100 resist is not very effective on that spawn. Maybe you'd rather soulstone 120 parry for 120 resist, and keeping anat for max duration evasion[I have never tried evasion without parry, though accordingly to the description, you shouldnt need parry to get the ability to block spells].
    Also use a one handed weapon (radiant scimitar), so that you can use pots, you need to keep max stam at all cost to survive. Heal pot can be helpful also.
    My main problem with abyssal spawn (which is in my opinion harder than imps) is actually being able to get new targets fast enough. I use the built in macro (select closest, attack selected) but many of a time it doesnt work or lags and I end up as a ghost. Fast retargetting is a key.
    I mentioned evasion earlier, you can jump in with evasion and curse weapon up, kill as much as you can and run away. It s of course not as fast as always being inside but it s better than dieing. Then wait till you can use evasion again and repeat.
    You don't want to use consecrate armus, as a casting sampire (ie bad karma) it doesnt last long enough and you already have many things to cast. You need a weapon with elemental resists well suited for the spawn you re doing. You may even want to have a different weapon for each level of the spawn, with suited hit area effect (gargoyles are weak to energy, while lev3 monsters are weak to cold).
    You need to watch out of the side effects of EOO. While you ll make 50% damage to one type of monsters, every others will make double damage to you. When you change of level, if you were using EOO for gargoyles then all those remaining small imps, that already have pack instincts, will suddenly start to make insane amount of damage to you.

    2. I ve stopped Rikktor with melee since it got buffed up but my friend is quite effective using the hit and run method. IE use evasion, AI/Lightning spam (pot if needed) and run away. You can easily avoid his EQ if you have sound up. Of course if you play in group it will be VERY hard to be effective, because of rikktor retargeting and thus not standing toe to toe with you. I wouldnt trust people saying rikktor is weak to energy. Go with dragon slayer and mana leech and you should hit for 150-180 with AI/HL spam, that should be enough for around 500-1K damage per run, one run every 20 secs ie in 10/20 minutes max the job is done. Another way would be to soulstone swords and get archery instead, and then it ll be an easy job.
  5. Picus at the office

    Picus at the office Certifiable
    Stratics Veteran Supporter

    Nov 24, 2009
    Likes Received:
    100% Cold Dashio is the answer to solo dexxing a Rikki, or so I believe. It took me a week or so to make this weapon but now I just stand there and take it like a man. My hits are steady at 70-78 and 150 for a crit. Feint one second after I hear the EQ sound and I only get hit for 20's from it. This said I also bring my protector account who is a disco char which makes a huge difference but even without its not bad with this specific weapon. I had built others but this is the cat's meow.

    Rikki and having to chase it when my guild mates are around is the only time that champ stands a chance at whacking me. Toe to toe if every one has a dashio or stands the right distance back its a breeze.

    My only temp on my main samp is 110 resist and 70 something parry(you could search for my posting if you want). Evasion works fine for the moment or two I need. My rad scimmy's all have hit area with all being cold plus slayer for the spawn.