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Catskills historical books

Discussion in 'UO Catskills' started by FisherNap, Oct 10, 2010.

  1. FisherNap

    FisherNap Seasoned Veteran
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    Mar 11, 2003
    Likes Received:
    I was digging through my chests and found some old player-written books. Since the enhanced client allows one to copy and paste, I figured I would share some of them for those interested.

    These books I obtained at a fallen house no later than 2000 or perhaps even earlier, the stories written are that old or older. I don't believe I knew any of the authors. Enjoy!

    On a side note, some of the books have been screwed with, probably due to localization changes over the year. Where there appears to be missing text I wrote (destroyed by fire)

    Wyatt of Catskills, retired
  2. FisherNap

    FisherNap Seasoned Veteran
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    Mar 11, 2003
    Likes Received:
    Blood Elementals: A Study
    by Tyre the Arcane

    The blood elemental
    of Shame has long
    been a creature
    inspiring dread and a
    strange fascination in
    the hearts of many
    Britannians. Unlike
    the other elementals
    of Shame's depths, the
    blood elemental is
    found only solitarily
    - which can be taken
    as a blessing since the
    creature is so
    powerful a foe!
    With the aid of my
    guildmates and a few
    allies, I descended into
    Shame to find the
    halls rumored to be
    home to blood
    elementals. Our
    purpose was to
    observe the beast and
    ruined the ancient city
    whose ruins now
    make up the Shame
    dungeon (see A
    History of Dungeon
    Shame). The mages
    slain as their city
    collapsed around them
    left many pools of
    blood, and uncontrolled
    magics could have
    shaped those pools into
    the first blood
    While I will not go
    into the exhaustive ...

    (Fire has damaged some of the pages)

    ... to dry the material by
    heating it, which I had
    suspected would work
    in any case as spells
    of fire have proven
    effective against blood
    elementals in combat.
    I was able to find
    that the blood is
    highly charged with
    magical energy.
    Truly this is not too
    considering the
    elemental is defined
    as elemental matter ...

    (Here fire too has damaged some of the pages)

    ... way, the strength and
    total chaos of the
    magics released in the
    ancient mage city was
    able to shape the blood
    of the slain into these
    elemental beasts. The
    sheer strength of the
    magic is still evident
    today in the power of
    the spells a blood
    elemental can release
    on its target.
    Again, it is
    comforting to know
    that these creatures
    appear naturally only
    in solitude. Within
    Shame's halls, a single
    blood elemental is a
    frightening thing to
    encounter if one is not
    I would like to note
    that blood elementals
    have been reported to
    appear at the sites of
    truly valuable
    treasure chests. I
    would warn all
    treasure hunters to
    remember the
    ferocity of a blood
    elemental found alone.
    But at these sites,
    reports have indicated
    that several
    elementals can appear
    at one time. I do not
    fully understand the
    power of the spells
    needed to summon so
    many of these
    creatures as
    defenders, but it
    certainly should make
    all men give pause and
    truly think about the
    value of one's life over
    the possible treasures
    to be obtained.
  3. FisherNap

    FisherNap Seasoned Veteran
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    Mar 11, 2003
    Likes Received:
    The Three Tennants of the Black Sun
    by Draxyn Black Oak

    One fine eve, in the
    month called april, on
    a friday called 'good'
    Tarrant didst speak
    about the main beliefs
    of his Church of the
    Black Sun. This is a
    summary, using
    his exact words
    whenever possible.
    Please consult
    Tarrant himself if
    anything seems
    unclear, or if you
    question these words.
    "As a young man, I
    sought to learn all I
    could concerning
    magic. I spent most of
    my days in the
    libraries throughout
    the land, and when I
    finally did find a
    master who could
    teach me, I was
    overjoyed. and my joy
    in magic lasted for
    many a year after
    that. But as the years
    past, I grew more
    disenchanted with
    and belittled by fellow
    mages, and non-mages
    alike. Such has been
    the way of man for
    centuries, and i cannot
    hope to change that. So
    i have setled on a goal
    which i feel can be
    achieved and is
    worthy. "
    " Man's suffering is
    greatly amplified by
    magic. One man can
    reek tremendous
    amounts of damage
    today with magic ...

    (Here the book has been damaged by the fire)

    ... second can be helped.
    If but others would
    join together.
    The pursuit of wealth
    leads nowhere. Tis an
    unending path wiht
    only hardship in its
  4. FisherNap

    FisherNap Seasoned Veteran
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    Mar 11, 2003
    Likes Received:
    Visions of the Past
    by Azieef

    I feel that is time I put
    down in paper the
    sordid nightmares I
    have had in hopes that
    it may be confirmed
    that either the visions
    are true, or are
    merely madness.....
    I find myself floating
    over a large jungle....
    the place seems
    familiar, but can't
    place it. I go down
    closer, the plants are
    unlike anything I have
    seen, and while that
    some of the creatures
    are familiar, others
    were not.
    My attention is drawn
    to a rather thin apelike
    creature scrounging
    around for food.
    Something about it
    made me uneasy.
    Suddenly it was
    pounced on by a
    cat-like creaturte,
    dark as night. I only
    got a glimpse of it's odd
    face as it tore into the
    ape. It picked up the
    remains and walked
    into the woods. I was
    compelled to follow as
    it went through the
    dense jungle and
    towards what looked
    like a abandoned city. I
    floated down the
    streets, watching
    several of the
    cat-beasts walk down
    the streets and into
    the odd buildings
    almost like they were
    the townfolk of one of
    our cities. It was then
    that I heard a voice
    In other visions, I saw
    that these creatures
    were indeed the
    masters of the city,
    using what looked like
    ancestors of the lizard
    men as labor and the
    ape things as food and
    I shudder to write
    this. I found myself
    inside the largest
    building, inside a large
    chamber. Several of
    the beast, or Baagh-tu
    as I now know they
    were called, were
    shoving several of the
    apes towards a ghastly
    mound of flesh
    covered with waving
    tentacles and gibbering
    maws, while others
    were chanting in a
    unclean language and
    worshipping the
    monster as it took the
    screaming apes and
    devoured them.
    I noticed there were
    several statues in the
    chamber. One of them
    resembled that
    monster, another a
    beast with a tentacle
    instead of face
    howling at the moon.
    And there was a
    cloaked figure
    represented as one of
    the idols, as well as
    what can only be
    described as a
    whirling mass of
    chaos. The final one,
    though somewhat
    smaller than the rest,
    was the form of a
    daemon. As I looked at
    this statue, a cold
    wave of familarity
    went through me.
    As the visions wore
    on, I heard several
    names in reverant
    whispers. Azathoth,
    Gothukh. These were
    the gods that these
    beasts worshipped, or
    were they really
    I felt that time has
    went forward, and I
    was on top of thier
    dread temple. I looked
    up and saw several
    large rocks falling
    from the heavens.
    They have noticed too,
    and there was much
    confusion. Then the
    rocks struck, and
    there were many
    great catylclysms,
    which conspired to
    wipe out these
    monsters and thier
    cities. Somehow the
    apes survived, and
    were crawling among
    the ruins. I was
    suddenly yanked up
    into the heavens,
    where I looked down
    and saw the familiar
    outlines ofBritannia.
    The Baagh-tu city in
    my dreams was now
    in what looked like
    I must be mad, but I
    now realize that it
    was Sosaria's past that
    I saw, long before the
    Armaggeddon spell
    was cast. The
    apes were our
    ancestors, and one
    thier foul gods is still
    alive and even now
    seeks worship.
    The only light I see is
    that the Baagh-tu are
    dead. Let us hope we
    never find them if
    they are alive.
  5. FisherNap

    FisherNap Seasoned Veteran
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    Mar 11, 2003
    Likes Received:
    On the Study of Nanoriens, vol I
    by Yenith Scaithe

    In this, the first of
    our series dealing
    with nanoriens, we
    shall endeavor to
    explain thier origins.
    That is, where they
    can most readily be
    found, if one can use
    the word "readily
    found" and nanorien in
    the same phrase. Our
    later works, perhaps
    several volumes
    worth, will focus on
    other topics relavant to
    this most illusive of
    magical aids.

    Chapter 1:
    Finding the Heart

    Certainly, the thought
    of doing combat with a
    daemon, let alone
    purposefully tracking
    them down for an
    encounter, is not
    among the pass times
    of even the most
    seasoned adventurers.
    However, the
    daemons oft
    summoned by magical
    conjuration are
    wise enough to leave
    thier hearts in safer
    places. One must seek
    these creatures out
    where they dwell, so
    as to gain the treasure
    of thier existance
    more readily.

    The harvesting of the
    gem, these being
    either green or red
    depending on the social
    staus of the daemon
    (to be covered in our
    next volume,
    perhaps), is simple
    enough. Found in the
    chest cavity, more to
    the center than one
    might expect to
    discover the human
    organ, it is
    approxiamtely fist
    sized and rather small
    proportionately for its
    great stature. Several
    reports describe it
    being heart shaped,
    even pulsing, though
    other accounts have
    described it as rather
    undecernable from an
    ordinary, though
    admittedly large, gem
    of quality.

    Though there have
    been claims of at least
    one intrepid group
    actually finding a
    portal to hell iteslf, or
    some plane akin to it,
    and discovering a
    nanorien suspended in
    a pillar of dark light
    as if for safe keeping,
    whether placed there
    by the daemon or
    another, the accounter
    was not certain. For
    all our years of study
    and first hand
    experience, we have
    never uncovered the
    hiding place of such a
    stone. Certainly, a
    daemon hiding the
    very vessel of its life
    force would take the
    utmost care in the
    doing of it.

    Chapter 2:
    The Life Vessle

    As most learned
    scholars of the arcane
    are aware, when a
    daemon is slain on the
    material plane, its
    essance is not
    destroyed. Daemons
    are, after all,
    creatures of several

    If thier material form
    is destroyed, thier
    "spirit", if you will, is
    sent back to thier own
    plane of origin (be that
    hell, a dungeon, or
    some other). There,
    they recuperate and,
    in time, may
    rematerialize on our
    plane. This material
    form seems to be a
    combination of thier
    own will power and
    the aid of the mage
    and/or daemon lord
    who wishes them to
    appear. But we
    digress with a tangent
    that could spawn a
    whole 'nother
    However, if the
    daemon's heart is not
    within its own grasp,
    it may be bent to
    another's will and
    made to serve the
    master of the
    nanorien. Luckily,
    few know the
    intricate and often
    self destructive
    rituals for binding a
    daemon in this
    manner. Thus, most
    mages make do with a
    temporary sevant.

    However, if the
    nanorien is itself
    destroyed, the
    creature is eternally
    slain. Several
    accounts outlining the
    destruction of
    nanoriens (though the
    waste of such potent
    items is beyond the
    conception of this
    author) state that the
    deed often is
    accompanied by a
    rather deadly
    explosion, as the
    life force burtst forth
    from its crystaline
    shell. I assume
    several overzealous
    daemon slayers have
    joined thier victims in
    oblivion with this
    killing stroke.

    Chapter 3 :
    Variations on the

    One last thought that
    might come to the
    reader's mind before
    we end this first
    work, is what of the
    halfbreed? Those
    rare but pitable souls
    who are the offsrping
    of a human and
    daemon union.

    These creatures are
    even more rare than
    thier sires, for many
    are killed as children
    by superstitious, or
    perhaps well
    thinking, parents and
    neighbors. Though
    most are undecernable
    from the rest of
    humanity, the real
    question as it pertains
    to this work, must
    certainly be whether
    they too bear

    The answer seems
    like all others of
    genetics. Some do and
    some do not. In the
    legend of The Merlin,
    born of a scorceress
    and Incubus, there is
    no accounting of such
    a stone. Neither with
    the shape shifter
    Sylrusea of

    However, several of
    our peers have
    compiled credible
    claims of halfbreeds
    without out even
    having been aware of
    the fact.

    In all cases of
    nanorien bearing
    halfbreeds, the facts
    seem conveniently
    regular. The
    creatures do not have
    pulses, but rather the
    steady rushing of
    blood through thier
    veins. If cut open,
    they do not die, even if
    the nanorien is
    extracted, which
    might prove rather
    beneficial in certain
    However, besides the
    threat of enslavement
    as detailed earlier,
    halfbreeds must
    contend with another

    Unlike daemon childer
    born from an
    incubi/succubi who
    are then solely evil,
    true halfbreeds
    are like any human
    babe, to be molded by
    thier environment.
    However, there
    seems to be a hidden
    bond to the daemon
    parent (and we
    suspect such is the
    intent of the daemon
    when choosing to

    From the two cases
    we have personally
    researched, it seems
    the child has one score
    years to find its
    deamonic sire and
    destroy that sire's
    nanorien. If not, the
    sire will attempt to
    slay its child and bind
    the nanorien of the
    child to its own, thus
    gaining a slave on our
    plane. The
    unfortunate offspring
    would then be a puppet
    to the will of its
    diabolical parent.

    Why the span of 20
    years is crutial to this
    unwritten contract,
    none have been able to
    uncover. Enough to
    say that it had been so
    for both cases. Of
    course, for this
    binding of nanoriens
    to take place, both
    must be in the same
    locale, perhaps even
    touch physically.

    So ends our first
    volume of this most
    auspicious series. It
    is our hope that
    future volumes will
    be found equally
    enlightening on the
    harvesting and use of
    these magnificent, if
    somewhat dubious,
    treasures arcana.
  6. FisherNap

    FisherNap Seasoned Veteran
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    Mar 11, 2003
    Likes Received:
    On the Study of Nanoriens, vol II
    by Yeenith Scaithe

    Introduction :

    In this, the second of
    our writings on the
    nature and use of
    nanoriens, we shall be
    focusing on
    precautions and
    protections one might
    be well to employ
    when attempting to
    manipulate the forces
    that these stones do
    hold within thier
    crystaline forms.

    In that Volume 1 of
    this work spends
    ample time outlining
    the nature, origins,
    and procurement of
    said stones, and not
    wishing to belabor the
    points so elequently
    made therein, we
    shall obstain from
    revisiting those topics
    within these pages.
    And certainly, those
    who wish to ply thier
    trade with the
    benefits garnered
    from these notorious
    trinkets, should know
    well thier natures and
    origins by now.

    This tome will consist
    of two chapters. The
    first will hilight
    those precautions in
    the handling of these
    stones. The second
    will outline the
    protections that one
    might utilize, and
    thereby reduce the
    experienced by those
    who would call
    themselves a
    nanorien's master.

    Chapter One :
    The Precautions

    Given the Nafarious
    origins of these
    stones, one can not but
    enter in to their use
    without the
    expectation of
    possible, shall we
    say, side effects.

    However, there are a
    number of
    amassed from
    writings and first
    hand accounts as
    dictated to this author,
    that have seemed (and
    we do emphasize
    "seemed") to lessen the
    chance of ill effects.

    Handling the Stone

    From the time it is
    harvested, a nanorien
    should never be
    touched with the
    flesh. Gloves or
    gauntlets, preferably
    dweomered, should be
    utilized. If placed in a
    piece of jewelry,
    such as a medallion,
    the metal must be of a
    suitable thickness and
    purity, be it silver,
    gold, or electrum.
    Storage of the Stone

    When not in use, that
    is, more to the point,
    when you are not
    conscious but still in
    proximity to the stone,
    it must be placed in a
    container, preferably
    locked, and ofsome
    nonsentient material
    such as wood, stone or
    metal. There are
    several account of
    nanoriens unsecured
    for the night that had
    mysteriously moved
    from where they had
    been deposited.
    Likewise, one account
    comes to mind of a
    stone placed in a
    leather bag that did
    begin to inch and
    crawl its way across
    the table on which it
    was resting idly just
    a moment before.

    Of more concern than
    these instances of
    nanoriens gone a
    stray, it seems
    commonly agreed that
    closing it up,
    especially in a lead
    and silver lined box,
    even cealed
    with a wizard's
    locking spell, has
    resulted in fewer
    accounts of the side
    effects that we shall
    endeavor to enumerate
    in our next volume.

    Actions of the Master

    Lastly, it seems
    evident apon
    having sufficiently
    studied the available
    writings on the use of
    these stones, that the
    actions, more be it the
    thoughts and
    intentions, of the user
    may open one's self to
    the malignly sentient
    influence of these
    tools. We have read
    several accounts of
    mages, too often
    themselves to rage or
    greed, becoming
    obsessed with the use
    of their stone for the
    obtaining of greater
    power, wealth, and a
    meglomaniacal desire
    to be worshipped by
    others. Certainly, the
    will of the master
    must be more than
    that of the slave.
    Such fits of
    anger and avorice are
    tools of the stone by
    which means it might
    gain control and

    Chapter Two :
    The Protections

    It can not be more
    evident than to say
    that use of such
    stones exposes the
    mage to a degree of
    personal danger that
    he would otherwise
    not experience. No
    endeavor into the outer
    circles of our craft
    are without a modicum
    of risk. However,
    there are a few
    protections to one's
    person, more than
    just the precautions
    listed before, that
    may make said use a
    bit safer.


    In that one of the two
    types of nanoriens is
    of benefit to the
    casting of spells,
    those spells or rituals
    performed with the
    aid of a nanorien will
    be done to a safer
    degree in the confines
    of a penetagram.

    Protective Spells

    It has also come to our
    attention, that a
    Reflect Magic spell,
    cast apon the user at
    the beginning of the
    day while holding the
    nanorien will
    seemingly weaken the
    stone's negative
    effects upon the user.
    The duration seems to
    be a good portion of the
    day, though this is of
    course influenced by
    a number of variables
    that we have drawn
    your attention to

    Another spell that
    seems of some
    assistance is Reveal.
    When cast on the stone
    and the skill of spirit
    speak invoked, the
    true name of the
    stone, or shall we say
    its previous owner,
    shall be known. This
    is a dubious benefit at
    best. We have had at
    least one mage, well
    versed with the use of
    these stones, that
    swore this
    information allowed
    him a greater degree
    of control over the
    stones, thus
    minimizing its ill
    effects and, in his
    words, allowed him to
    "convince the stone to
    cooperate more fully."
    It should also be noted
    that said mage had
    gone missing two
    nights after our

    It is our hope that the
    information which
    you have enjoyed in
    this tome will lead to a
    more professional
    handling of the
    forces that you may
    find under your
    control. We can not
    stress enough that you
    do not underestimate
    the purposefullness
    with which these
    stones may strive to
    work their own
    agendas and though we
    shall make their
    benefits known in the
    next and final volume
    of this trilogy, we
    hope that it is this
    volume, this that begs
    your attention to your
    own safety, that you
    will read over several
    times more before
    continuing on along
    this seldom trod path.
  7. FisherNap

    FisherNap Seasoned Veteran
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    Mar 11, 2003
    Likes Received:
    On the Study of Nanoriens, vol III
    by Yeenith Scaithe

    Introduction :

    As stated in our first
    two volumes, the
    study, and most
    assuredly the use of,
    nanoriens is not to be
    lightly. Their
    origin alone, the
    sentience that lingers
    in them, can be most
    distressing to the
    unwarry mind. We
    have, since completing
    the second volume
    of this series, heard
    of one mage who
    sought to bend one of
    these stones to his
    will, and taking not
    the necessary
    precautions, found his
    will bent instead to it.
    Be warned then, that
    such endeavors are
    for not only a mage of
    experience, but one of
    substantial will and
    stalwart mental
    discipline. For the
    illprepared seeker of
    power lies madness at
    least, oblivion only if

    Our last volume
    did deal primarily
    with the protections
    and precautions one
    might undertake
    before attempting
    to use these stones.
    Like a mason laying
    down the footings of a
    large tower, the
    ground work must be
    in place, certainly,
    before the remaining
    structure can
    be properly errected.
    So too, as those of the
    arcane will attest,
    must spells of the
    outer circles and
    rituals within which
    they are plied, be
    crafted one step to the
    next, for a mistep in
    these matters
    will have the gravest
    ramifications to the
    caster. However,
    hoping that we did lay
    down a goodly
    numbner of details
    within that previous
    tome, I shall not tax
    the reader with a
    recounting of those
    logistics. It is our
    intent to end this
    series, rather, with
    the uses of said
    stones, should my
    fellow manipulators
    of the ether desire to
    emulate my practices.

    Chapter One :
    General Properties

    Though it is difficult
    to make
    generalizations about
    the innate attributes
    of such unique
    items, due in part to
    their individuality as
    well as their rareity,
    I have accumulated
    sufficient sources to
    do so with some
    It seems that all
    accounts of nanoriens
    include a mention of
    their continued
    sentience. Some
    mages have even
    claimed to
    communicate with
    this nebulous
    consciousness and
    even to gain knowledge
    from it. However, I
    suggest this garnered
    knowldge be taken as
    fact with a sceptical
    eye. Given the nature
    of the thing, it would
    not surprise us if
    several unwarry
    mages did fall prey to
    the wiles of the
    stone, guiding their
    path on a road
    seemingly well
    advised but leading not
    wither the mage had
    There are also
    numerous accounts of
    nanorien users being
    the recipient of
    dreams and even
    visions. Again,
    though some
    may be well intended
    proficies, glimpses of
    courses the deamer
    might do well to take
    or signs that they
    would otherwise
    have overlooked but
    for the dream's
    tutoring, we would be
    most conservative in
    the degree to which
    we would trust such
    nightly visitations.
    The sentience of the
    stone might use such
    for its own purpose
    and not to the best
    interest of the master.

    The last "general"
    property we have
    heard is from two
    separate accounts.
    That the stone was
    ground like a reagent
    and powdered, then
    placed in a liquid (in
    one account, water, in
    the other, wine). In
    the first, the mixture
    was used by a healer
    of some reknown
    who's name is not of
    importance to this
    author, for the
    awakening of a young
    child who had been
    afflicted by some
    means not descernable
    and would not wake,
    regardless of the
    other arcane curatives
    brought to bear. In the
    later, the drink did
    cause a woman, dead
    beyond resurrection,
    to rejoin the world of
    the living. We
    must state that we
    have no verifiable
    facts to either account
    save their retelling to
    us. Nor can we say if
    these properties are
    shared with all
    nanoriens, or only
    these two. But that
    they seem to possess
    some curative nature
    when ground in this
    manner and used by
    those with skill in
    that art, seems
    worthy of noting. We
    must also add that we
    have no knowledge of
    possible side effect
    suffered by either
    the child or woman
    that might have
    resulted from
    imbibing so dubious a

    The remaining two
    chapters will be
    devoted to the two
    types of stones as one
    does most readily
    find, if readily found
    is a phrase that can
    even be accurately
    used with these most
    illusive of items.

    Chapter Two :
    The Warrior's Stone

    The accounts that we
    have collected through
    the years, seem to
    suggest two distinctly
    different stones,
    though their
    procurement and
    origins seem

    The first type we
    shall call, henceforth,
    the warrior's stone, as
    it originates from the
    warrior caste.

    From all accounts,
    said stones are red
    in color and near
    undescernable from a
    large ruby in color
    and quality. We
    should think it even
    highly possible that
    several such stones
    have unknowingly
    been traded into any
    number of local
    lapidary's for the
    triffling sum of
    sixty five coin. What
    fortunes they barter
    for so little gold.

    The primary function
    of these stones seems
    to be one of protection.
    That is, that the
    bearer, holding the
    stone on their person
    or having incorporated
    it into a piece of
    jewelry as we do
    often with our's, will
    find their person
    much less effected by
    the arts mystic.

    Perhaps due to the
    strength of the caste,
    it is also common for
    this stone to increase
    one's physical
    prowess and

    However, if the user
    is not, shall we say,
    well centered in his
    mental capacity, the
    warrior's rage can
    often take him as
    well, creating within
    him a berserkerlike
    fit, which no doubt,
    further exposes the
    user to the stone's
    Chapter Three :
    The Sorcerer's Stone

    More often sought by
    those of our
    profession for obvious
    reasons, this green
    gem can be much
    mistaken for a sizable
    emerald, as the other
    might for a ruby.
    When kept apon the
    person, all accounts
    agree that this stone
    does enhance the
    capacities of a mage.
    The wellspring of
    one's mana is
    replenished more
    readily and the depth
    of it deepened.

    There are accounts of
    stones contributing to
    the ability of the mage
    in matters of
    telepathy as well. But
    again, these voices
    may be nafariously
    from within, not
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    The Nature of Creatures and OSI
    by Inkmul Pendragon

    It seems that today's
    schools just don't
    seem to impart the
    knowledge that
    answers the question
    people REALLY ask:

    Who are we? Why are
    we here? HOW did we
    get here?

    The shards were
    crafted by OSI the
    Many (named such
    because it is said this
    maker of worlds is
    actually MANY
    intelligences, yet all
    are OSI from strands
    of the Net). Upon the
    strands of this Net
    our very existence, at
    least in this life,
    depends. When one of
    these strands breaks,
    it causes narcolepsy
    sending us into a
    deep sleep, until the
    spider respins the
    gossamer thread.

    Maker of worlds

    OSI the Many may
    be, but he is no
    master of the Net,
    this being beyond even
    great OSI's power.
    (But then, we have
    seen OSI baffled by
    such demons as Lag ;
    watched as OSI works
    to repair flaws in the
    pattern of the
    universe while
    the perverse, foul
    magicians use these
    same flaws to weave
    their black magics,
    outside of and
    contrary to Nature,
    most of which are
    murderous in both
    intent and effect, or to
    rob Sosarians of their
    properties; and heard
    in the words of
    (which some say are
    actually a part of OSI
    the Many)
    admissions of OSI's
    impotence : "I'm sorry,
    but I can't do
    anything." Creatures
    of Sosaria are of two
    different types, with
    one essential
    difference : their
    Source of Ultimate
    Life. There are some
    that have no lifeforce
    beyond that which
    they draw from the
    Net : Non-Permanere
    Corpus, or NPCs for
    short ; and there are
    the Permanere
    Corpus, PCs, that do
    exist on a higher
    plane than we see and
    feel in waking ; one
    that we may indeed
    touch in our dreams.
    It is said of PCs, that
    there are fewer
    Sources of Ultimate
    Life's extant than
    PC citizens of Sosaria,
    and that some PCs
    actually SHARE a
    S.o.U.L with other
    Sosarians, and that
    THIS is the source of
    our need for sleep :
    our S.o.U.L. is needed
    to animate another
    Sosarian ! How
    strange ! And sad : as
    it requires forbidden
    black magics to meet a
    "soulmate" face to
    face, if at all
    possible, and even
    then, one PC will be
    rendered unconcious,
    making conversation
    with a soulmate

    Another big question
    is about childhood
    and children. All
    creatures in Sosaria
    spawn in the same
    manner--and the
    mechanics of
    fertilization need not
    be covered here. Once
    conceived, the
    child--be it of wolf
    pancake, woman or
    orcess--shifts ever
    so slightly out of
    phase, becoming
    invisible and
    way of protecting the
    young from would-be
    predators. Each
    species has its own
    "frequency" for its
    young, preventing any
    physical contact until
    important for NPCs,
    as they seem unable to
    ressurect like PCs are
    able to do. It is in fact
    this residual trait
    from childhood that
    allows "hiding". I have
    found that if one
    practices and
    concentrates one can
    actually shift out of
    phase in adulthood
    far enough to be
    invisible. However,
    in this "hiding" state
    we are still tangible ,
    unlike our

    It is said by some that
    it is sick and twisted
    S.o.U.L.s that are the
    wellspring of the
    Peekay Madness that
    plagues good S.o.U.L.s
    across Sosaria and
    indeed across the
    shards. Others
    say the S.o.U.L.s
    animating Peekays
    are just young, and
    unwittingly cruel.
    Then there are
    those who blame OSI
    the Many, for this is
    OSI's world.

    2nd Edition,

    3rd Edition
    Pendragon Press Ltd.
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    A History of Dungeon Shame
    by Tyre the Arcane

    While many
    adventurers care for
    nothing more than the
    wealth obtained from
    the cavern known as
    Shame, scholars have
    long sought to discern
    the reasons why so ...

    (Here the pages have been burned)

    ... alignment, the fabric
    of our plane was rent
    assunder, to open such
    a gate.

    Alas for the folly of
    wizards who forget
    the limitations of the
    human soul! For the
    magics realeased were
    beyond the skill of
    any sorcerer to
    control. A great
    cataclysm shook the
    city to its core, and the
    earth beneath it
    crumbled, dropping
    the ruins into a
    labrynth of caverns.
    The mages who
    survived the event
    found that the gate
    truly led to the
    elemental planes - but
    only as a door INTO
    our plane! Elementals
    of all types flooded
    through the tear. And
    to the horror of all,
    some elementals were
    mutated when they
    contacted the spilled
    blood and alchemical
    ingredients found
    throughout the central
    laboratory. Thus the
    dread Blood and Poison
    elementals were

    In despair, all but a
    few dark souls fled
    the ruined city or
    perished to the new
    inhabitants. The dark
    magi who remained
    holed themselves up
    in the only remaining
    structure intact after
    the cataclysm. They
    turned all their
    energy toward
    harnessing the flow
    of elementals for
    their own purposes.

    To this day, the
    dungeon Shame is
    infested by
    elementals born of
    other planes and
    brought to ours by
    magic gone awry. And
    as any adventurer can
    tell you, the
    descendants of those
    dark mages still haunt
    the old tower,
    attacking any outsider
    to protect their evil
    plans of domination
    and conquest.
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    I still can't believe you are back bro. I hope you decide to stick around.

    Sure, I'll take a copy of the books.

    ICQ me!

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    I would love to have a copy too please.
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    I may have in-tact copies of A History of Dungeon Shame and The Three Tennants of the Black Sun...
    *makes a note to check when he has time*